Holidays Beginning With T

Take Back Your Time DayOct 24
National Take Back Your Time WeekJan Last Wk
National Take Charge of Change WeekJul 2nd Sun
Take Charge of Your TV WeekOct Sun of Wk. 3
National Take Down the Christmas Tree DayJan 6
Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action
Take it in the Ear DayDec 8
Take Me Outside Day (Canada)Oct
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work DayApr 4th Thu
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day (Australia)Jan 5
Take Our Kids to Work Day (Canada)Nov 1st Wed
National Take the Stairs DayJan 2nd Wed
Take Your Cat To The Vet DayAug 22
Take Your Cat to Work DayJun Mon of Wk. 3
Take Your Child to the Library DayFeb 1st Sat
Take Your Dog to Work Day
Take Your Family to School Week
Take Your Medicine, Americans WeekOct 10-17
Take Your Pants for a Walk DayJul 27
National Take Your Parents to Lunch DayOct Wed of Wk. 2
Take your Parents to the Playground Day 2X
Take Your Pet To Work WeekJun Mon of Wk. 3
Take Your Poet to School WeekMar Wk. 1
Take Your Poet to Work DayJul 3rd Wed
National Takeout Day (Canada)Apr 15
Global Talent Acquisition DaySep 1st Wed
Talk About Prescriptions MonthOct
Talk In An Elevator DayJul Last Fri
Talk in Third Person DayMar 3
Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector DayJan 24
Talk Like A Pirate DaySep 19
National Talk Like a Trucker DayOct 4
International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks DayAug 19
Talk Like Shakespeare DayApr 23
Talk Like William Shatner DayMar 22
National Talk Like Yoda DayMay 21
Tall Girl Appreciation Day
National Tamale DayMar 23
Tamandua Day (Brazil)Nov
Tamil Tigers DayMay 5

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