Holidays Beginning With S

SB19 Day (California)Jul 28
SB19 Day (Vancouver)Aug 18
National SBDC DayMar 3rd Wed
Scanderbeg Commemoration DayOct 27
National Scar Appreciation DayOct 22
Scare a Friend DayOct 31
National Scarf DaySep 27
Scary Movie MonthOct
National Scavenger Hunt DayMay 24
International Scented Candle DayNov 1
Schicksalstag (Germany)Nov 9
International Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome Awareness DayNov 13
Schizencephaly Awareness DayMay 19
National Schizophrenia and Psychosis Awareness Day (Canada)May 24
World Schizophrenia Awareness DayMay 24
National Schizophrenia Awareness Day (UK)Jul 25
Schizophrenia Awareness Week (Australia)
National Schlumpia DayMay 24
Schmaltz DayMay 27
National Schnauzer DaySep 25
National Scholarship MonthNov
National School Backpack Awareness DaySep 3rd Wed
School Board Member Day (Illinois)Nov 15
National School Breakfast WeekMar Wk. 1
National School Bus Driver Appreciation DayApr 4th Tue
National School Bus Driver Appreciation DayOct Mon of Wk. 3
School Bus Driver Appreciation Day (Minnesota)Feb
School Bus Drivers Appreciation DayMay 1st Mon
School Bus Drivers' Day (California)Apr 4th Tue
National School Bus Safety WeekOct Mon of Wk. 3
National School Business Leaders Day (UK)Jun 2nd Fri
National School Choice WeekJan Last Wk
National School Communicators DayMay 2nd Fri
National School Counseling WeekFeb Wk. 1
School Counsellor and School Psychologist Recognition Day (Australia)Nov 10
School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (Florida)Feb 1st Fri
School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (Ontario)Mar
School Day of Non-violence and PeaceJan 30
National School Governors' Awareness Day (UK)Feb
National School Horse DayMar 1

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