Holidays Beginning With I

National Independent Beer Run DayJul 3
Independent Bookstore DayApr
Independent Czechoslovak State Day (Czech Republic)Oct 28
World Independent Living DayJul 11
Independent Retailer MonthJul
National Independent Retailers Week
International Independent Video Store DayOct 3rd Sat
National Independent Worker DayAug 16
Independents' Day (UK)Jul 4
India Pale Ale DayAug 1st Thu
Indian Arrival Day (Trinidad and Tobago)May 30
Indian Foreign Service Day (India)Oct 9
National Indian Pudding Day 3X
National Indiana DayNov 16
Indianapolis 500 Day (rescheduled)
Indie AprilApr
National Indigenous History Month (Canada)Jun
Indigenous Literacy Day (Australia)Sep 1st Wed
Indigenous Peoples DayOct 2nd Mon
National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada)Jun 21
Indigenous Peoples Day (Los Angeles)Oct 2nd Mon
Indigenous Resistance Day (Venezuela)Oct 12
World Indigenous Rights DaySep 13
International Indigenous Rising DayAug 3
International Indigenous Women's DaySep 5
Individual Rights DayAug 29
Indivisible Day (Minnesota)Jul 4
Indoor Air Quality MonthOct
National Indoor Mold Awareness MonthSep
National Indoor Plant WeekSep 3rd Sun
National Industrial Design DayMar 5
World Industrial Design DayJun 29
Industrial Workers Of The World DayJun 27
National Infant Immunization Week
National Infant Mortality Awareness MonthSep
Infantry Day (India)Oct 27
International Infection Prevention WeekOct Sun of Wk. 2
World Infertility Awareness MonthJun
National Infertility Awareness WeekApr Last Wk
National Infertility Survival Day

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