Holidays Beginning With D

World Day of Action in Solidarity with VenezuelaApr 19
International Day of Action on Forest BiomassNov 24
National Day of Action on Syringe ExchangeMar 21
International Day of Action on YemenJan 25
Global Day of Action to Climate and Employment Proof our WorkJun 24
Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality
World Day of AllergiesJul 8
World Day of AmblyopiaOct 15
World Day of Andrade DiseaseJun 10
National Day of Appreciation for Abortion ProvidersMar 10
Day of Aragon (Spain)Apr 23
International Day of ArganiaMay 10
National Day of Arts in Care Homes (UK)Sep 24
Day of Ashura
Day of Asturias (Spain)Sep 8
Day of Atonement (Nation of Islam)Oct 16
World Day of Aunts and UnclesOct 2nd Sun
National Day of Awareness and Unity against Child Pornography (Philippines)Sep 28
National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native WomenMay 5
International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and WasteSep 29
International Day of Awareness of the Dolphins of Taiji
International Day of AwesomenessMar 10
International Day of BanksDec 4
World Day of Birth RightsJun 7
National Day of Black JoyMay
International Day of Black Women in the ArtsFeb 1
World Day of Bullying PreventionOct 1st Mon
World Day of CaregiversNov 5
World Day of Casi Angeles (Argentina)Mar 21
National Day of Catalonia (Spain)Sep 11
International Day of CatsNov 26
National Day of Celebration of Greek and American DemocracyMar 25
International Day of Celtic ArtJun 9
World Day of Cervical Cancer PreventionMar 26
International Day of CharitySep 5
National Day of Childhood Cancer (Spain)Dec 21
National Day of Civic Hacking
Global Day of ClayOct
International Day of Clean Air for Blue SkiesSep 7
International Day of Climate ActionOct 24

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