Holidays Beginning With A

African American Coaches DayFeb 1st Tue
National African American Hepatitis C Action DayJul 25
African American History MonthFeb
National African American Parent Involvement DayFeb 2nd Mon
International African Diaspora DayOct 1st Sun
African Heritage and Health WeekFeb 1-7
World African Heritage DayMay 5
National African Immigrant and Refugee HIV and Hepatitis Awareness DaySep 9
African Industrialization DayNov 20
African Languages DayMay 25
African Liberation DayMay 25
African Penguin Awareness DayOct 2nd Sat
African Women's DayJul 31
African-American Music Appreciation MonthJun
National African-American Women's Fitness MonthApr
World Afro DaySep 15
Afro-Colombian Day (Colombia)May 21
International AfroLatinx, AfroCaribbean and Diaspora Women's DayJul 25
Afternoon Tea Week (UK)Aug Mon of Wk. 2
Age Is Just A Number DayMar 22
National Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Awareness MonthFeb
Aged Care Employee Day (Australia)Aug 7
Agender Pride DayMay 19
Agent Orange Awareness DayAug 10
Agent Orange Awareness MonthOct
World Agnihotra DayMar 12
Agony of Defeat AnniversaryMar 21
Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) WeekMar 1st Sun
Agricultural Worker Health Center DayAug
World Agriculture DayJun 11
National Agriculture DayMar
National Agriculture Day (Australia)Nov
Agriculture Literacy Day (Florida)
National Agriculture Week
International Agunah Day
International AHC DayJan 18
aHUS Awareness DaySep 24
Aicardi Syndrome Awareness DayNov 8
Aicardi Syndrome Awareness MonthAug
World AIDS Awareness MonthDec

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