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California Sea Lion FeedingCome to the Fred Carroll Family Sea Lion Pool to watch the rescued, blind, Sea Lions train via verbal commands. San Francisco ZooOngoing
Giraffe FeedingVisit the Osher Giraffe Lodge to watch the giraffes eat. San Francisco ZooOngoing
Grizzly Bear FeedingHead to Hearst Grizzly Gulch to watch the grizzly sisters, Kachina and Kiona, enjoy some treats. San Francisco ZooOngoing
Penguin FeedingMagellanic penguins are fed by hand on Penguin Island. San Francisco ZooOngoing
What Makes Us Human?Fun activities help reveal the origins of who we are. Compare the adaptations the human body has made throughout the milestones of human evolution. California Academy of Sciences, San FranciscoOngoing
Penquin FeedingsWatch the members of the African Penguin colony being feed by the Academy marine biologists, who will also answer your questions. California Academy of Sciences, San FranciscoOngoing