List of New Holidays in 2022

653 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2022.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1Big and Tall Month 
Jan 1International Day of the Child 
Jan 1National Rib Day 
Jan 3Anchovy Day 
Jan 6Ashli Babbitt Remembrance DaySocial Media
Jan 6Fedsurrection Day / Entrapment DaySocial Media
Jan 6Jan. 6 Anniversary / Insurrection Day 
Jan 6National Standard Poodle Day 
Jan 6Ray Epps Awareness Day 
Jan 9National Australian Shepherd Day 
Jan 10Indian Tea Day (UK) 
Jan 10International Take the High Road DayNational Day Archives
Jan 11Less Survivable Cancers Awareness Day 
Jan 12National Kettlebell DayNational Day Archives
Jan 13UBI Day 
Jan 14National Dolls Doing Business DayNational Day Archives
Jan 15National Go and Do Good DayNational Day Archives
Jan 15National Pothole Day 
Jan 16Global Word Search Day 
Jan 16National Startup Day (India) 
Jan 17Betty White Challenge Day 
Jan 17National Classy DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 17National Rye Whiskey Day 
Jan 17World Scotch Pie Day 
Jan 20Joe B. Hall Day (Kentucky) 
Jan 21National Hyaluronic Acid Day 
Jan 22National Law Enforcement Spouse Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Jan 25International Day of Women in MultilateralismUnited Nations
Jan 25KStews DaySocial Media
Jan 27Kids and Vaccines Day (Canada) 
Jan 27Parent Mental Health Day (UK) 
Jan 28Great Mental Health Day (London) 
Jan 28Great Mental Health Day (UK) 
Jan 28National Gift of the Ladybug DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 31World Vegan Chocolate Day 
Feb 1National Energy Assistance Day 
Feb 2World 2FA Day 
Feb 4Pi Mod Appreciation Day 
Feb 6World Concertina Day 
Feb 7Global Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier 
Feb 7National Black Grandmothers DayNational Day Archives
Feb 10Arabian Leopard Day (Saudi Arabia) 
Feb 10International Ski Patrol Day 
Feb 10TBL1XR1 - Related Disorder DayNational Day Archives
Feb 14National Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKD) Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Feb 15National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day 
Feb 16International Black Aviation Day 
Feb 19National Arabian Horse DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 19National Red Sock Day 
Feb 20International Day Commemorating Air Crash Victims and Their Families 
Feb 20National Leadership DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 22National Breastfeeding In Public DayNational Day Archives
Feb 22National Defibrillator Awareness Day (Israel) 
Feb 22National School Governors' Awareness Day (UK) 
Feb 22National Second Amendment Day 
Feb 22National TWOodles' DayNational Day Archives
Feb 23HCM Awareness Day 
Feb 23National Hospitality Workers Appreciation DayNational Today
Feb 24Day of Stripes and Dots 
Feb 24Emotional Health Awareness Day (UK) 
Feb 24National Day of Hiring 
Feb 24World Chutney Day 
Feb 25Deinonychus DaySocial Media
Feb 25Russian Warship GFY Day 
Feb 26Black Nurses Week 
Feb 26National Set A Good Example DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 28HIV is Not a Crime Awareness Day 
Mar 1National School Horse DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1National Stop Food Waste Day (Ireland) 
Mar 1Sensitive Skin Awareness MonthNational Day Archives
Mar 2Stick Salute Day 
Mar 3Hockey History Day 
Mar 3International Tripawd Awareness Day 
Mar 3Mocha / Yemeni Coffee Day (Yemen) 
Mar 3National Henry L. Hooks Day 
Mar 5National R&B Music DayNational Day Archives
Mar 6Marion Barry Day (Washington, D.C.) 
Mar 6World Japanese Spitz Day 
Mar 8Exceed Medical Microneedling DayNational Day Archives
Mar 8False Case Day 
Mar 9National CBDC Day 
Mar 9National Girls Football Day (UK) 
Mar 10International Day of Women Judges 
Mar 10International Lime Day 
Mar 10Joyce Buckhout National DayNational Day Archives
Mar 10The Joyce Buckhout National DayNational Day Archives
Mar 11National No-Code Day 
Mar 14National BROTOX Cosmetic DayNational Day Archives
Mar 15International Day to Combat Islamophobia 
Mar 15National Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Day (UK) 
Mar 16National Driving Instructors Day 
Mar 16National Vaccination DayNational Today
Mar 17MASD Awareness Day 
Mar 17Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection (UK) 
Mar 20Crawfish Cravers Awareness Day 
Mar 21National Indigenous Water Operator Day (Canada) 
Mar 21Save Soil Day 
Mar 21Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ Awareness to Celebration Day (Canada) 
Mar 21World Sustainable Procurement Day 
Mar 24Lipoprotein(a) Awareness Day 
Mar 24National Confidence Day (Ireland) 
Mar 25National Newfoundland Dog Day 
Mar 25National Peacock DaySocial Media
Mar 26National Science Appreciation Day 
Mar 30World Own Nothing Day 
Apr 1LGBT History Month (Italy) 
Apr 1National TAR Syndrome Awareness MonthNational Day Calendar
Apr 1Nickelodeon Anniversary Celebration Day 
Apr 1Vaccination Exemption Awareness Month 
Apr 2National Elevate Your Sprinkler DayNational Day Archives
Apr 2National Ride Your Horse to a Bar DayNational Day Archives
Apr 3Independent Artist Day 
Apr 4Antitrust Day 
Apr 7Hello How Are You? Day (Ireland) 
Apr 7World CBT Day 
Apr 8National Best In The World DayNational Day Archives
Apr 9National Mature Women's DayNational Day Archives
Apr 11Chenna Poda Day 
Apr 11National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day 
Apr 12Pan Day (Japan) 
Apr 13International Campus and Community Day 
Apr 13National Hippy DayNational Day Archives
Apr 13National Pathology Day (India) 
Apr 13National PhiliShui DayNational Day Archives
Apr 14Laverbread DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 14National Not Ashamed of Jesus Day 
Apr 14Peregrine Falcon Appreciation Day 
Apr 15World Tiny Art Gallery Day 
Apr 19National Paw Parent Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Apr 20Global CRSwNP Awareness Day 
Apr 20National Erection Day (South Africa) 
Apr 21Global Traction DayNational Day Archives
Apr 21National Cornstarch DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 21National Day of Service for Veterans 
Apr 21National Vulva Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Apr 22National Baseball Day 
Apr 22National Robe DaySocial Media
Apr 23National Email DayNational Today
Apr 23National Grief-in-Public Day 
Apr 23National Take A Hike With Nick DayNational Day Archives
Apr 24Help Animals Day (UK) 
Apr 24International Day of the Dandelion (Netherlands) 
Apr 27National Back Office Heroes DayNational Day Archives
Apr 27National Gummi Bear Day 
Apr 27World Bath Bomb Day 
Apr 28International Automation Professionals Day 
Apr 29National Rugelach DayNational Day Archives
May 1Louisiana Breakfast Dressing Day 
May 2National Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome Awareness DayNational Day Archives
May 3Fox Day (UK) 
May 3Write a Review DayDays of the Year
May 445 Day 
May 4Journalistic Discrimination Awareness Day 
May 4TFMR Awareness Day (UK) 
May 6Mark A. Groh Cardiothoracic Surgeon Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
May 7National Brain Donation Awareness DayNational Day Archives
May 8National Volunteer Host Family WeekNational Day Calendar
May 9A Day Without Child Care 
May 9National Alphabet Magnet DayNational Today
May 9National Home Front Heroes DayNational Day Calendar
May 9Webcomic Day 
May 10Fight Day (Japan) 
May 10National Fentanyl Awareness Day 
May 11National Deer Association Giving Day 
May 12Plant Health Day 
May 13National MED13L DayNational Day Archives
May 14IgA Nephropathy Awareness Day 
May 14National Metaverse Day 
May 16National Check Your Wipers DayNational Day Calendar
May 16Plastic Free Lunch Day (New York) 
May 18International Day for Women in Maritime 
May 18National Kids Ignite Good! DayNational Day Archives
May 18National Parent Peer Support Provider Appreciation Day 
May 18World Eosinophilic Diseases Day 
May 18World Homocystinurias Awareness Day 
May 19Abdominal Cancer Day 
May 20National Women In Aerospace DayNational Day Archives
May 20Native Nonprofit Day 
May 21International Baga Day 
May 23Caracal Day 
May 23International GM1 Gangliosidosis Awareness Day 
May 23National Canine Cancer Awareness DayNational Day Archives
May 24Endless Breakfast DayNational Today
May 24National Caterers Appreciation DayNational Today
May 24National DevOps DayNational Day Archives
May 25Global Change Leadership DayNational Day Archives
May 25National Hometown Area Local DayNational Day Archives
Jun 1AWS Smart Business Day 
Jun 1National Cloud Database DayNational Day Archives
Jun 1National Rum Punch Month 
Jun 1WHORS Day 
Jun 4National Corn Hole Day 
Jun 4National Mexicue Day 
Jun 6National Naloxone Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Jun 6World Caribou Day 
Jun 7International Supply Chain Professionals DayNational Today
Jun 7World Caring DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 9International Trespass Awareness Day 
Jun 9National Long COVID Awareness Day (Canada) 
Jun 10Equal Research Day 
Jun 10National Drink Ohio Wines DayNational Day Archives
Jun 10National Flair Bartenders DayNational Day Archives
Jun 10National Movie NightNational Day Calendar
Jun 10Positive Role Model DayHoliday Smart
Jun 11Kodak Black Day 
Jun 11National Go RVing Day 
Jun 11National Hot Rod DayNational Day Archives
Jun 11National Outlet Shopping DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 13Eat Flexitarian DayNational Today
Jun 13International Community Association Managers DayNational Today
Jun 13National Day of Abortion Storytelling 
Jun 13National Elderflower DayNational Day Archives
Jun 14National YWCA Greater Los Angeles Unsung Sheroes DayNational Day Archives
Jun 15International FrontRunners DaySocial Media
Jun 15International Women in Mining Day 
Jun 15National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day (UK) 
Jun 15National Knish Day 
Jun 16Jewish Trans Poetry DaySocial Media
Jun 16Mr. Sack DaySocial Media
Jun 16Social Mobility Awareness Day (UK) 
Jun 18Drone Safety Day 
Jun 18International Day for Countering Hate Speech 
Jun 20National Celluma Light Therapy DayNational Day Archives
Jun 21International Stereoscopy Day 
Jun 21National Wagyu DayDays of the Year
Jun 24International Day of Women in DiplomacyUnited Nations
Jun 24Life Month 
Jun 24Surfside Remembrance Day (Florida) 
Jun 25Switch 625 Day 
Jun 27Parosmia Awareness Day 
Jun 29BFOA Radio Giving Day 
Jun 30KidLitPit Day 
Jul 1American Pride Month 
Jul 1National Rodeo Month 
Jul 1National T!LTed Thinkers DayNational Day Archives
Jul 1World Bronchiectasis Day 
Jul 2National Wildland Firefighter DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 3National Bikini Contest Week 
Jul 3World Biryani Day 
Jul 5World Badminton Day 
Jul 6National Property Managers' Day (New Zealand) 
Jul 7National Manufacturing Day (UK) 
Jul 7World Kiswahili Language Day 
Jul 8Child Honouring Day 
Jul 8International Paramedics Day 
Jul 9National Dimples DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 9World Pakora Day 
Jul 11International Richard Cheese Day 
Jul 11National State Fair Food DayNational Today
Jul 12National Rodeo Day 
Jul 13Femboy Breeding DayUrban Dictionary
Jul 14National La Chancla DayNational Day Archives
Jul 14National Psychologist Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Jul 15International Stamp Out Spiking Day 
Jul 15National Captain's Hill DayNational Day Archives
Jul 19World Peter Obi Day (Nigeria) 
Jul 20National Dental Biller's DayNational Day Archives
Jul 21Protect Swimmers Day (Illinois) 
Jul 21Zero HIV Stigma Day 
Jul 22Climate Emergency Day 
Jul 22National Be A Good Teammate Day (UK) 
Jul 22Thulsa Doom Appreciation Day 
Jul 23National Russell DayNational Today
Jul 24National Madison DayHey What Day
Jul 25CTNNB1 Awareness Day 
Jul 26National BOOP Your Pet DayNational Day Archives
Jul 27Feast of Saint Titus Brandsma 
Jul 27Remembrance Day of the Children-Victims of War in Donbass (Donetsk People's Republic) 
Jul 28Day of Ukrainian Statehood (Ukraine) 
Jul 28International Digital Adoption Professionals (DAP) DayNational Today
Jul 29Odesza Day (Washington) 
Jul 31George Jetson Birthday 
Jul 31National Mom Bod DayNational Day Archives
Aug 1Ectopic Pregnancy Awareness Day 
Aug 1National Cowgirl Month 
Aug 1World Commerce Day 
Aug 1World Stress Management MonthNational Day Archives
Aug 2National Blockchain Day 
Aug 2National Hugh DayNational Today
Aug 2World Feed The Poor DayNational Day Archives
Aug 2World Find a Four Leaf Clover Day 
Aug 3National COVID Survivor Day 
Aug 3National Hair Gloss DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 3National Sales and Marketing Collaboration DayNational Day Archives
Aug 3National Senior Pet DayNational Day Archives
Aug 4National OliviaStrong DayNational Day Archives
Aug 4National Trump DaySocial Media
Aug 540 DaySocial Media
Aug 6National Carolyn DayNational Today
Aug 6Nuclear Prayer Day 
Aug 6Tax the Robots Day 
Aug 7National Javelin Day (India) 
Aug 7National NFT Day 
Aug 7World Naked Kitchen Day 
Aug 8ARDS Awareness Day 
Aug 8International War Folly Day 
Aug 8Mar-A-Lago Search and Seizure Day 
Aug 8National Africa-US Rising Cashew DayNational Day Archives
Aug 8National Boundaries Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Aug 8National Liam Day 
Aug 8National Pickleball Day 
Aug 9National Rebecca Day 
Aug 10LEGO World Play Day 
Aug 10National Mary DayNational Today
Aug 11World Krill Day 
Aug 12Grey Cat DaySocial Media
Aug 13National Sarah DayNational Today
Aug 15National Jean DayNational Today
Aug 15National Philip DayNational Today
Aug 15World Child Abuse And Neglect Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Aug 16Help America Vote Day 
Aug 16INXS Day 
Aug 16National Fasting Day 
Aug 16Pine Crest Boys Varsity Tennis Team Day (Florida) 
Aug 17National Abel DayNational Today
Aug 17National Marilyn DayNational Today
Aug 18National Angela DayNational Today
Aug 18National Jaden DayNational Today
Aug 19National Old Man Young Woman Day 
Aug 20National 820 DayNational Day Archives
Aug 20World Anthotype Day 
Aug 21National Dreams Are Possible DayNational Day Archives
Aug 21National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Aug 22National Pamela DayNational Today
Aug 23Find Your Inner Nerd DayNational Today
Aug 23National Levi DayNational Today
Aug 24National Danny DayNational Today
Aug 24National Emory DayNational Today
Aug 24National Kobe Bryant DayNational Today
Aug 24Public Service Loan Forgiveness Day of Action 
Aug 26National Kelly DayNational Today
Aug 26National Logan DayNational Today
Aug 28Makaton International Awareness Day 
Aug 30National Forestry Day (Australia) 
Aug 30National Harper DayNational Today
Aug 30National Press Freedom Day (Philippines) 
Aug 31National Dan DayNational Today
Aug 31National Leslie DaySocial Media
Sep 1Alberta Day (Canada) 
Sep 1International Trade Union Action Day for Peace 
Sep 1National Hotel Employee DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 1National Oatloaf Day 
Sep 1National Taco Month 
Sep 1Respect the Drive DayNational Day Archives
Sep 2National Beer and Wings Day 
Sep 3National Cinema Day 
Sep 3National Cinema Day (UK) 
Sep 3National Stephen DayNational Today
Sep 4National Pastor's Spouses DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 6National Sabrina DayNational Today
Sep 7National Regina DayNational Today
Sep 7National Tatiana DayNational Today
Sep 8National David DayNational Today
Sep 8National Double Merle Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 9National Himalayan Mountain DaySocial Media
Sep 10Borscht Day (Ukraine) 
Sep 10International Vegan Butterbeer Day 
Sep 12National Taylor DayHey What Day
Sep 12World Dolphin Day 
Sep 13Firearm Suicide Prevention Day 
Sep 13National Jose DayNational Today
Sep 13National Juan DayNational Today
Sep 14National Noel DayNational Today
Sep 14National Rosa Tequila Day 
Sep 15Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Appreciation Day 
Sep 15National Brain Health Day 
Sep 15National Malcolm DayNational Today
Sep 15National Ruben DayNational Today
Sep 15Zombie in the Machine Day 
Sep 16Band Shirt Day 
Sep 16International Day for Interventional Cardiology 
Sep 16National "Clink" and Drink Champagne in Your Kitchen DayNational Day Archives
Sep 17National Bobby DayNational Today
Sep 18National Colton DayNational Today
Sep 19National Jude Day 
Sep 19National Stillbirth Prevention Day 
Sep 20International NFT DayNational Today
Sep 20National Silk Day (India) 
Sep 21National Brittany DayNational Today
Sep 21National Cat and Dog Gut Health Awareness DayNational Today
Sep 21National Hannah DayNational Today
Sep 21National Kristina DayNational Today
Sep 22International Athletic Training and Therapy Day 
Sep 22International Athletic Training and Therapy Day 
Sep 22International Happiness at Work Day 
Sep 22National Dante DayNational Today
Sep 22National Flaunt Your Favorite Beach Towel DayNational Day Archives
Sep 22National Khalid DayNational Today
Sep 22National States and Capitals DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 23National Baker DayNational Today
Sep 23National High School Colors Day 
Sep 23National Property Manager's DayNational Day Archives
Sep 24National Collagen DayNational Day Archives
Sep 24National Firefighter Suicide Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25National 9to5 DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25National Emergency Medical Services Suicide Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25National John DayNational Today
Sep 25National Wade DayNational Today
Sep 26National Amanda DayNational Today
Sep 26National Hari DayNational Today
Sep 27European Myeloma Day 
Sep 27International SEO Day 
Sep 27National 911 Telecommunications Suicide Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 27World Freight Train Day 
Sep 28National Chris DayNational Today
Sep 28National Self Awareness DayNational Today
Sep 28National Traffic Door DayNational Day Archives
Sep 28World Dense Breast DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 29National Carson DayNational Today
Sep 29National Day of AccountabilityNational Day Archives
Sep 29National Day of BelongingnessNational Day Archives
Sep 29National Playlist Day (UK) 
Sep 30National Nonspeaking / Nonverbal Awareness Day (UK) 
Oct 1Abuse By a Politician Awareness Month 
Oct 1Bad Bunny Day (California) 
Oct 1National Bookshop DayNational Today
Oct 1National Cryptocurrency Month 
Oct 1National Green City DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 1National Latino Physician Day 
Oct 1National eSport Month 
Oct 2National Disabled Author's DayNational Day Archives
Oct 2National Michelle DayNational Today
Oct 2National Smarties DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 3Dysgraphia Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 3National No Sugar DayNational Day Archives
Oct 4International Wound Hygiene Day 
Oct 5National Hackney DayNational Day Archives
Oct 5National Hypertrophic Olivary Degeneration Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 5National Scissoring Day 
Oct 6International Geodiversity Day 
Oct 6National Isabella DayNational Today
Oct 6National Women-Owned Business DayNational Day Archives
Oct 7National Jonathan DayNational Today
Oct 7National Propane Day 
Oct 8National Justin DayNational Today
Oct 8National Lance DayNational Today
Oct 9International Subscription DayNational Day Archives
Oct 9National Women's Motorcycle Week 
Oct 10National Porter DayNational Today
Oct 11Give to Women and Girls Day 
Oct 12National Know Your Lemons DayNational Day Archives
Oct 12National Loggers Day 
Oct 12National Martin DayNational Today
Oct 12National Monogram DayNational Day Archives
Oct 12Shop Iowa Day (Iowa) 
Oct 12World Sloth Bear Day 
Oct 13National No Excuse DayNational Day Archives
Oct 14International Squalane DayNational Day Archives
Oct 14National Life Teammates DayNational Day Archives
Oct 14National Real Sugar DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 14National Ryan DayNational Today
Oct 14National Veronica DayNational Today
Oct 14National Women in Franchising Appreciation Day 
Oct 15National Cherish Black Women DayNational Day Archives
Oct 15National Riley DayNational Today
Oct 15National Whole Hog Barbecue DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 15Pynkalycious DayNational Day Archives
Oct 16National Eddie DayNational Today
Oct 16National Elaine DayNational Today
Oct 16National Trey DayNational Today
Oct 17Geoffrey's Birthday 
Oct 17National Light DayNational Day Archives
Oct 18National Ken DayNational Today
Oct 18National Louie DayNational Today
Oct 18National Mark DayNational Today
Oct 18National Zane DayNational Today
Oct 19International Freelancer Day 
Oct 19National Jared DayNational Today
Oct 19National Payton Summons DayNational Day Archives
Oct 20National Do Not Disturb While Driving Day 
Oct 20National Jeff DayNational Today
Oct 20National Lane DayNational Today
Oct 21GTA DaySocial Media
Oct 21National Alexander DayNational Today
Oct 21National Honey Day (UK) 
Oct 21National Jameson DayNational Today
Oct 21National Raymond DayNational Today
Oct 22National Anna DayNational Today
Oct 22National Diego DayNational Today
Oct 22National Lauren DayNational Today
Oct 22National Tex Mex Day 
Oct 22Respect the Referee Day 
Oct 22World Gaming Day 
Oct 24National Elizabeth DayNational Today
Oct 24National Forensic Accounting Day 
Oct 25International Crisp Sandwich Day (UK) 
Oct 25National Danielle DayNational Today
Oct 25National Merri Music Day 
Oct 25National Yasmin DayNational Today
Oct 26Heat Pump Water Heater Day 
Oct 26National Noah DayNational Today
Oct 28National Caroline DayNational Today
Oct 28National William DayNational Today
Oct 28Twitter Emancipation DaySocial Media
Oct 29National Martina DayNational Today
Oct 29National Snowmobile Day 
Oct 31National Prince DayNational Today
Nov 1National Jayden DayNational Today
Nov 1National Learning Disability Nurses Day (UK) 
Nov 1National Mia DayNational Today
Nov 1National Policing Police Day 
Nov 1Roevember 
Nov 2Plastic Free Lunch Day 
Nov 2Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Day (UK) 
Nov 3International Day for Biosphere Reserves 
Nov 3World Basking Shark Day 
Nov 4National Community Service DayNational Today
Nov 4National Melanie DayNational Today
Nov 5International Prosthetics and Orthotics Day 
Nov 5National Erik DayNational Today
Nov 5National Luke DayNational Today
Nov 5National Men's Hair Color Confidence DayNational Day Archives
Nov 6National Michele DayNational Today
Nov 7National Keith DayNational Today
Nov 7National Lori DayNational Today
Nov 7Victims of Communism Day (Florida) 
Nov 8National Adam DayNational Today
Nov 8National Ashley DayNational Today
Nov 8National Christopher DayNational Today
Nov 8National Irene DayNational Today
Nov 8National Kyle DayNational Today
Nov 8National Leon DayNational Today
Nov 8Talk Money DayNational Today
Nov 8World Ventil8 Day 
Nov 9National Alejandro Day 
Nov 9National Grace Day 
Nov 9National Hunter DayNational Today
Nov 10Millet Day (India) 
Nov 10National Boilermaker DayNational Day Archives
Nov 10National Civic Pride DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 11Cuppy Day (Nigeria) 
Nov 11National Chase DayNational Today
Nov 11National Isabelle DayNational Today
Nov 11National Lei DayNational Today
Nov 11National Timothy DayNational Today
Nov 12National Football Day 
Nov 12National Lung Cancer Screening Day 
Nov 12National Nathaniel DayNational Today
Nov 13National Cider Week 
Nov 13National Out Ally Day 
Nov 14National Marie DayNational Today
Nov 15Day of Eight BillionUnited Nations
Nov 15National Dylan DayNational Today
Nov 15National Survivors' Day (Australia) 
Nov 16National Andy DayNational Today
Nov 16National Charles DayNational Today
Nov 17National Alex Scott Lawson DayNational Day Archives
Nov 17National Jaden DayNational Today
Nov 17National Reuben DayNational Today
Nov 18International Cult Awareness Day 
Nov 18International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Men 
Nov 18National Goodness Pays DayNational Day Archives
Nov 18World Sustainable Toy Day 
Nov 19National Alina DayNational Today
Nov 19National Carla DayNational Today
Nov 19National Lewis DayNational Today
Nov 19National Morgan DayNational Today
Nov 20National Gary DayNational Today
Nov 20National Lucia DayNational Today
Nov 20National Oscar DayNational Today
Nov 21Marie Tharp DayGoogle Doodles
Nov 21National Dennis DayNational Today
Nov 21Tweety Bird's Birthday 
Nov 22National Amelia DayNational Today
Nov 22National Aron DayNational Today
Nov 22National Nathan DayNational Today
Nov 23Madison Beer Day (New York) 
Nov 23National Margaret DayNational Today
Nov 24National 16 Inch Softball DayNational Day Archives
Nov 24National Oliver DayNational Today
Nov 25National Natural Fibers DayNational Day Archives
Nov 26International Bananagrams DayNational Day Archives
Nov 26National Alexis DayNational Today
Nov 26National Eric DayNational Today
Nov 26National Heath DayNational Today
Nov 27International Shift Worker SundayNational Today
Nov 27National Lawrence DayNational Today
Nov 27National Secondhand SundayNational Day Calendar
Nov 28National Alan DayNational Today
Nov 28National Cole DayNational Today
Nov 28National Madison DayNational Today
Nov 28National Patrick DayNational Today
Nov 29Inostrancevia BirthdaySocial Media
Nov 29National Evan DayNational Today
Nov 29World Movement Disorders Day 
Nov 30Food Bank Day (UK) 
Nov 30International Moebius Syndrome Angel Day 
Nov 30John McCrae Day (Canada) 
Dec 1International Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency Day 
Dec 1National Online Risk and Compliance DayNational Day Archives
Dec 2National Katherine DayNational Today
Dec 2World Star Weaving Day 
Dec 3National Dorothy DayNational Today
Dec 3National Harley DayNational Today
Dec 3National Heather DayNational Today
Dec 3National Isaac DayNational Today
Dec 3National Lisa DayNational Today
Dec 3National Ronald DayNational Today
Dec 4National Francis DayNational Today
Dec 4World Ice Skating Day 
Dec 5National Devon DayNational Today
Dec 5National Johnny DayNational Today
Dec 6International Memecoin DayDays of the Year
Dec 6National Travis DayNational Today
Dec 7International FAFO DaySocial Media
Dec 7National Joy DayNational Today
Dec 7National Judith DayNational Today
Dec 7National Prosciutto Day 
Dec 7National Rina DayNational Today
Dec 8National Crossword Solvers Day 
Dec 8National Simon DayNational Today
Dec 9National Blake DayNational Today
Dec 9National Opal Apples DayNational Today
Dec 9World Brandy Day 
Dec 10National Corey DayNational Today
Dec 10National Derek DayNational Today
Dec 10National Pancetta Day 
Dec 11Bird Art Week 
Dec 11National Caesar DayNational Today
Dec 11National Jon DayNational Today
Dec 11National Stretching DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 12National Clayton DayNational Today
Dec 12National Dirty Dozen DayNational Day Archives
Dec 14National Restaurant Workers Day 
Dec 15Birds of Prey Day 
Dec 18National Crime Junkie DayNational Today
Dec 18National Deborah DayNational Today
Dec 18National Jeremy DayNational Today
Dec 19Bantha Appreciation Day 
Dec 19National Harry DayNational Today
Dec 20National Gregory DayNational Today
Dec 20National Steven DayNational Today
Dec 21National Lee DayNational Today
Dec 22International Sound Engineers DaySocial Media
Dec 22National Ashton DayNational Today
Dec 22National Betty DayNational Today
Dec 23National Falon Marie Morris "Be Kind" DayNational Day Archives
Dec 23National Forest DayNational Today
Dec 23National Laura DayNational Today
Dec 23National Nicole DayNational Today
Dec 25National Colby DayNational Today
Dec 25National Eva DayNational Today
Dec 25National Joshua DayNational Today
Dec 26Veer Bal Diwas (India) 
Dec 27National Abigail DayNational Today
Dec 27National Case DayNational Today
Dec 27National Martha DayNational Today
Dec 27National Samuel DayNational Today
Dec 28National Tim DayNational Today
Dec 29National Ha DayNational Today
Dec 29National Paula DayNational Today
Dec 30National Cheryl DayNational Today
Dec 31National Andrea Day 

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