List of New Holidays in 2021

588 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2021.

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Jan 1Genuary 
Jan 1National Women's Empowerment Month 
Jan 1Receding Gums Awareness MonthNational Day Archives
Jan 3International Mind-Body Wellness DayNational Today
Jan 3National Crypto Currency DayNational Day Archives
Jan 4National CanDo DayNational Day Archives
Jan 4National Emotional Eating Awareness Day 
Jan 4National Ribbon Skirt Day (Canada) 
Jan 5International Declutter DaySocial Media
Jan 10Champagne and French Fries Day 
Jan 10Dawn Appreciation DaySocial Media
Jan 11National Fourth Graders DayNational Today
Jan 13National Bhakka Day (Nepal) 
Jan 14Stroke Prevention Day (UK) 
Jan 15International Vote from Abroad Day 
Jan 21National Bakers-Crafters-Makers DayNational Day Archives
Jan 21National Conscious Uncoupling DayNational Day Archives
Jan 21Sushant Day (India) 
Jan 22International Stilton Day 
Jan 22Nuclear Ban Treaty Day 
Jan 23Maternal Health Awareness Day 
Jan 23Ranked Choice Voting Day 
Jan 25International Day of Action on Yemen 
Jan 25National Videography DayNational Day Archives
Jan 29National Day of Remembrance for the Quebec City Mosque Attack (Canada) 
Jan 31National Backyard Cricket Day (Australia) 
Jan 31National Music Therapy Day (Mexico) 
Feb 1Conservatorship and Guardianship Abuse Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Feb 1Fit February 
Feb 1Holiday Hugs Day - Celebrating Dedicated Platelet DonorsNational Day Archives
Feb 1National Unclaimed Property Day 
Feb 2HarryStrong DayNational Day Archives
Feb 2International CHD2 Awareness Day 
Feb 3World Free Love Day 
Feb 4International Day of Human FraternityUnited Nations
Feb 4National Wicker DayNational Day Archives
Feb 6National Valentine Shopping Reminder DayNational Day Archives
Feb 7Hug an Addict or Alcoholic DayNational Day Archives
Feb 7International Bluff Day 
Feb 7National Homegating DayNational Day Archives
Feb 7National Tinnitus Awareness Day 
Feb 7Star Wars Podcast Day 
Feb 7The Weeknd Day (Canada) 
Feb 8National Black Women Physicians Day 
Feb 10Good Grief Umbrella Day (UK) 
Feb 10Voltammetry Day 
Feb 12National Follow the Union Day (UK) 
Feb 14National Black Literacy Day 
Feb 15International Green Wall Day 
Feb 17National Tennis Pro DayNational Day Archives
Feb 19Friday Fish Fry DayCheckiday
Feb 19National Airboat DayNational Day Archives
Feb 19World Eat For Good Day 
Feb 20National Comfy DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 22FFA National Day of Service 
Feb 22Supermarket Employee Day 
Feb 23ENA Day 
Feb 23International Day of Action against US and NATO Military Bases 
Feb 25Gray Day (Scotland) 
Feb 25Ireland Reads Day (Ireland) 
Feb 25National Skin Check Day (Australia) 
Feb 26Day of Resistance to Occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol (Ukraine) 
Feb 26Thanaka Day (Myanmar) 
Feb 26World Leisure Day 
Feb 27National She's The B.O.S.S. DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1COVID-19 Memorial Day (Arizona) 
Mar 1National COVID-19 Victims and Survivors Memorial Day 
Mar 1National March First DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1National Mountain Hare Day (Scotland) 
Mar 1National Texas Stress DayNational Day Archives
Mar 2National Usher Syndrome Awareness Day (UK) 
Mar 2Welsh Venison Day 
Mar 3International TAPS Day 
Mar 4Weird Pride Day 
Mar 5Overseas NHS Workers Day (UK) 
Mar 7World Oneness Day 
Mar 9Made In UK Day (UK) 
Mar 10Libyan Couscous Day 
Mar 11Canadian Women Physicians Day (Canada) 
Mar 11National COVID-19 DayNational Day Archives
Mar 11National Day of Observance for COVID-19 (Canada) 
Mar 11National Payton Slaymaker DayNational Day Archives
Mar 11National Sofrito DayNational Day Archives
Mar 12Detransition Awareness Day 
Mar 12International Yes Day 
Mar 13World Erica Day (Nigeria) 
Mar 15Espresso Martini Day 
Mar 15International Redefining Wealth DayNational Day Archives
Mar 15Voice Over Day 
Mar 15World Essential Workers DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1615 Days to Slow the Spread Anniversary 
Mar 16National Curl Crush DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 16The Lord's DayNational Day Archives
Mar 17Buy Women Owned Day 
Mar 17Caru Cymru (Wales) 
Mar 17World Shale Energy Day 
Mar 18National Day of Remembrance for COVID-19 Victims (Italy) 
Mar 19National Automatic Door DayNational Day Archives
Mar 19National Backyard Day 
Mar 20All for Alex Day 
Mar 20Dogs In Yellow Day 
Mar 20LFS Awareness Day 
Mar 20World Behavior Analysis DayNational Day Archives
Mar 20World Rewilding Day 
Mar 21World Vermouth Day 
Mar 22World Coma Day 
Mar 23Asian Corpsetwt DaySocial Media
Mar 23International Expat Day 
Mar 23National Day of Reflection (UK) 
Mar 24International Passover Joke Day 
Mar 24National Adverse Drug Event Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Mar 24National Day of WIL (Canada) 
Mar 24National Each Person is A Person of Worth DayNational Day Archives
Mar 24World Freedom of Thought DayNational Day Archives
Mar 25National OmazingYou Day 
Mar 25National Women in Wine Day 
Mar 26Leonard Nimoy Day (Boston) 
Mar 26National Day of Action and Healing / Asian American Day of Action 
Mar 26National Underwriter Appreciation Day (Canada) 
Mar 27National Acoustic Soul DayNational Day Archives
Mar 27National Terrier Day (UK) 
Mar 27World Railway Workers' Day 
Mar 28National Choking Awareness Day 
Mar 29International Day of Solidarity with Haiti 
Mar 30Cheshire Day (UK) 
Mar 30National Fitness Recovery DayNational Day Archives
Mar 31Chucks and Pearls Day 
Mar 31National Jefa Day 
Apr 1Care Experienced History Month (UK) 
Apr 1National GOOS Paper Day (Canada) 
Apr 1Soy Foods Day 
Apr 1World Art Deco Month 
Apr 5National Self Care Day 
Apr 6International Asexuality Day 
Apr 6National Food Faces DayNational Day Archives
Apr 6National Viognier Day 
Apr 7Donate Life Living Donor Day 
Apr 7National Guitar Pick Day 
Apr 8National Pygmy Hippo Day 
Apr 8World Day for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Healing and Justice 
Apr 9International Twitter Men's DaySocial Media
Apr 9National Pancit Day 
Apr 10Donate Life Blue and Green Spirit Week 
Apr 10Donate Life Volunteer Appreciation Day 
Apr 10National Femboy Day 
Apr 10National Transplant Financial Coordinator DayNational Day Archives
Apr 11National Bone Cancer Day (Indonesia) 
Apr 11National Ranch Water DayNational Day Archives
Apr 12Donate Life Flag Raising Day 
Apr 13Identity Management Day 
Apr 13International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day 
Apr 13National Borinqueneers Day 
Apr 13National Japanese Spitz Day 
Apr 13National Silly Earring DayNational Day Archives
Apr 13World Microscope Day 
Apr 14World Quantum Day 
Apr 15National Security Education Day (Hong Kong) 
Apr 16Vadai Day (India)Social Media
Apr 16World Shoes By Flora Day (Nigeria) 
Apr 17No Limits for Deaf Children DayNational Day Archives
Apr 17World Drum and Bass Day 
Apr 18International No Declaw Day 
Apr 18World Artisan Day 
Apr 19Dog Parent Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Apr 20Doge Day 
Apr 21National ICU Rehabilitation Day (UK) 
Apr 21National Scream Day 
Apr 22International Lubricant Day 
Apr 22Kurdish Journalism Day 
Apr 22National IT Service Provider DayNational Day Archives
Apr 23International Creator DayNational Day Archives
Apr 23National Go Purple Day (Ireland) 
Apr 23National Lugaw Day (Philippines) 
Apr 24National R@pe Day 
Apr 24World Blind Sports Day 
Apr 27Battenburg Day 
Apr 27International Donor Conception Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Apr 27National Pneumatics DayNational Day Archives
Apr 28Flat White Day 
Apr 28International Consanguinamory Day 
Apr 28World Art Deco Day 
Apr 30Goblinization Day 
Apr 30International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance (UK) 
Apr 30International Day to End Corporal Punishment 
Apr 30International Orchard Day 
Apr 30International Viognier Day 
Apr 30Magic Friendship Rock DayNational Day Archives
Apr 30National Historic Marker DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 30World Women's Wellness DayNational Day Archives
May 1Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Awareness Month 
May 1National Black Barber Shop Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
May 1National Heatstroke Prevention Day 
May 2National Matcha Day 
May 2National Ride A Bike Day 
May 3Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Awareness Day 
May 5World Carnivorous Plant Day 
May 8Black Fae Day 
May 8International Blue Iguana Day 
May 8John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day 
May 8World PICU Awareness Week 
May 10International Day of Argania 
May 10National Day Of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism (Canada) 
May 10National Ship Via Rail DayNational Day Archives
May 11Mixed Race Irish DaySocial Media
May 11Victoria Sponge Day 
May 12National "YA DIG!" DayNational Day Archives
May 12World Topiary Day 
May 13SLC13A5 Epilepsy International Awareness Day 
May 14Bond With Your Dog Day 
May 14World PICU Awareness Day 
May 15National Clean Drain Dry Day 
May 15World Thrombectomy Day 
May 15Xenogender Visibility Day 
May 18ACS Giving Day 
May 18National CASA/GAL Volunteer's Day 
May 18World Hollandia Dairy Day (Nigeria) 
May 19International Day of Action Against Bullying in Nursing and Midwifery 
May 19National Barber Mental Health Awareness DayNational Today
May 19Overshoot Day (UK) 
May 19Retired Greyhound Day 
May 20International Williams Syndrome Day 
May 20Mental Health Action Day 
May 20National Band Director's DayNational Day Archives
May 20National High Heels DayNational Day Archives
May 21International Tennessee Whiskey Day 
May 21National Mamey DayNational Day Archives
May 21National Mourvedre Day 
May 22International Being You DayNational Day Calendar
May 22International Coco Mom DayNational Day Archives
May 22National Boss Babes DayNational Day Archives
May 23National Tea Cosy Day 
May 24International Clown Day 
May 24National DILF DayUrban Dictionary
May 25George Floyd Remembrance Day 
May 25International Day of Skin Pigmentation 
May 25International Plastic Free Day 
May 25National Ahmad "Captain Poodaman" Butler DayNational Day Archives
May 25National Bath Bomb DayNational Day Archives
May 25National VTuber DayNational Day Archives
May 27National Day of Black Joy 
May 27National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness DayNational Today
May 27Swiss National Climate Day (Switzerland) 
May 28World Dhole Day 
May 28World Passion Fruit Martini DayNational Day Archives
May 29National Alligator DayNational Day Archives
May 29National Dog Friendly Day 
May 29National Hydroxyapatite Day 
May 30FakesgivingNational Day Archives
Jun 1Christianity Month 
Jun 1National Billboard DayNational Day Archives
Jun 1National Skincare Education DayNational Day Archives
Jun 1PriWriMoSocial Media
Jun 1World Brahmin Day 
Jun 2Detroit Day (Michigan) 
Jun 2Lou Gehrig Day 
Jun 2National First Ladies DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 3Kid Lit Art Postcard Day 
Jun 3National Simp DayNational Day Archives
Jun 4Gies A Scots Phrase Day (UK) 
Jun 5National Lincoln Loud DayNational Day Archives
Jun 6National Neuro-Disabilities Day (UK) 
Jun 7National CAPHPACH Day 
Jun 8International Day of the Housewife 
Jun 9Loeys-Dietz Day of Giving 
Jun 9National Meal Prep DayNational Day Archives
Jun 9No Apologies Period DayNational Day Archives
Jun 10World Anxiety Day 
Jun 11National School Business Leaders Day (UK) 
Jun 11Say Hi DayNational Day Archives
Jun 12International Cava Day 
Jun 12International DDX3X Day 
Jun 12National Button Battery Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Jun 12National Cancer Thriver DayNational Day Archives
Jun 13International Shiatsu Day 
Jun 13National Day of Productive Business CivilityNational Day Archives
Jun 15National Megalodon DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 16International Waterfall DayHoliday Insights
Jun 16Mature Moggies Day (UK) 
Jun 16World Refill Day 
Jun 17Essential Worker Appreciation Day (Michigan) 
Jun 18Juneteenth National Independence Day 
Jun 18National Black America's Day of RepentanceNational Day Archives
Jun 18National Wanna Get Away DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 19National Dog Dad DayNational Day Archives
Jun 20National Yard Games DayNational Day Archives
Jun 20World Psychedelics Day 
Jun 21Child Tax Credit Awareness Day 
Jun 21Shades for Migraine Day 
Jun 21World Fly Fishing Day 
Jun 23National Detroit-Style Pizza DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 23National Family Owned and Operated Businesses DayNational Day Archives
Jun 23National Porridge DayNational Today
Jun 23World Female Ranger Day 
Jun 24International Holocaust Survivor Day 
Jun 24National Ageless DayNational Day Archives
Jun 24National Pegging Day 
Jun 24Rare Chromo Day 
Jun 25National Croatian Wine DayNational Day Archives
Jun 25World Sand Dune Day 
Jun 26National Aerobatics Day 
Jun 27Celebrate Joy Day 
Jun 27Kent Flew the Coop DayNational Day Archives
Jun 27National Fatherless Children's DayNational Day Archives
Jun 27World ATM Day 
Jun 28Climate-Smart Skin Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Jun 28International Neonatal Screening Day 
Jun 28International TCK Day 
Jun 28National Rottweiler Day 
Jun 28Right to Food Day (UK) 
Jun 29Eva Day (UK)Social Media
Jun 30International Sperm Count Decline Awareness Day 
Jun 30World Pneumothorax Day 
Jul 1Bidoof Day 
Jul 1Hindu Persecution Awareness Month 
Jul 1National Baby-Led Weaning DayNational Day Archives
Jul 1National Day of Recognition for Registrars (UK) 
Jul 1National POPIA Day (South Africa) 
Jul 1National Pet Safety and Protection DayNational Day Archives
Jul 1National Wear White Day 
Jul 1Thirsty ThursdayNational Day Archives
Jul 3Lady Gaga Day (Taiwan) 
Jul 4National Thank You Day (UK) 
Jul 5Rehydration Day 
Jul 5Social Care and Frontline Workers' Day (UK) 
Jul 7International Peace and Love DayNational Day Archives
Jul 7National Day of Rock 'n' Roll 
Jul 7National Greshun Day 
Jul 7World Bioproduct Day 
Jul 8Oneofusismissing DayNational Day Archives
Jul 10International Glut1 Awareness Day 
Jul 11National Polyphenol DayNational Day Archives
Jul 12National Hair Creator's DayNational Day Archives
Jul 14National Be Nice to Bugs DayNational Day Archives
Jul 14National Break Free From the Big Three DayNational Today
Jul 15Black Currant Day 
Jul 16Artificial Intelligence Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Jul 16Dixie Cup Day 
Jul 16National D.R.E.S.S. Syndrome DayNational Day Archives
Jul 16World PR Day 
Jul 17Indie Beer Shop Day (UK) 
Jul 18National Dapper Your Data DayNational Day Archives
Jul 18Pyramids Day 
Jul 19ASB Awareness Week (UK) 
Jul 19Dole Whip Day 
Jul 19Grocery Heroes Day (Canada) 
Jul 19International Retainer DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 19National Words With Friends Day 
Jul 20Deepfake Awareness Day 
Jul 21National Race Photos DayNational Day Archives
Jul 22ASB Victims' Day (UK) 
Jul 22National Water Coaster Day 
Jul 23National Care for Your Coworker DayNational Day Archives
Jul 23National Sprout DayNational Day Archives
Jul 23National Touch Grass DayUrban Dictionary
Jul 23National Women Touched by Addiction DayNational Day Archives
Jul 24International Myotonic Dystrophy Family Day 
Jul 24National Day of MotoringNational Day Archives
Jul 24World Ivermectin Day 
Jul 25National Schizophrenia Awareness Day (UK) 
Jul 25World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly 
Jul 25World Drowning Prevention Day 
Jul 29Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) Equal Pay Day 
Jul 30I Love My Credit Union Day 
Jul 30Sunisa Lee Day (Minnesota) 
Jul 31Gryphon Appreciation DaySocial Media
Jul 31International Decora DayCheckiday
Jul 31National Self Storage Day 
Aug 1Gold Star Children's Day 
Aug 1International Marine Protected Areas Day 
Aug 1International Sri Lankan Leopard Day 
Aug 1National Nutritional Yeast DayNational Day Archives
Aug 2National Rap Music Day 
Aug 3El Paso Massacre Anniversary 
Aug 3National Booba DaySocial Media
Aug 4Beirut Explosion Anniversary 
Aug 4Great American Outdoors Day 
Aug 5National Dash Cam Day (UK)Awareness Days
Aug 6International MHOFU Day (Zimbabwe) 
Aug 7807 Giving Day 
Aug 7National Day of Recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Practitioners (Australia) 
Aug 8808 Day 
Aug 8National Mochi DayNational Day Archives
Aug 8National SPAM Musubi Day 
Aug 9International Linen and Uniform Service Day 
Aug 10National SKI Citrus Soda DayNational Day Archives
Aug 11National Align Your Teeth DayNational Day Archives
Aug 11World Cycling Day 
Aug 13Reinstatement Day 
Aug 14Love Your Bookshop DayNational Today
Aug 14Partition Horrors Remembrance Day (India) 
Aug 14World Prediabetes Day 
Aug 16National Authenticity DayNational Day Archives
Aug 16National Backflow Prevention DayNational Day Archives
Aug 16Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Awareness Day 
Aug 17National Workers' Comp Adjuster DayNational Day Archives
Aug 18Defund Hate National Day of Advocacy 
Aug 18National Aspin Day (Philippines) 
Aug 18World Breast Cancer Research DayNational Day Archives
Aug 19International VPN Day 
Aug 19Tesla AI Day 
Aug 20GME Professionals Day 
Aug 20National Accessible Air Travel Day 
Aug 21Argonian DaySocial Media
Aug 21Bitcoin Infinity Day 
Aug 21National Shiraz Day (South Africa) 
Aug 26National Got Checked DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 26National MINI Wave To Friends / WTF Day 
Aug 27International Day of Boobs (Italy) 
Aug 27National Take a Beer to Work Day (South Africa)Social Media
Aug 28Manifest 828 Day 
Aug 28National Coastwatch Day 
Aug 29International Peppercorn Day 
Aug 31International Day for Peoples of African Descent 
Sep 1National Burnt Ends DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 1Respect the Drive Month 
Sep 1Sparkstember 
Sep 1World CLL Day 
Sep 2International Actuaries Day 
Sep 4National Spice Blend Day 
Sep 4World Day of PFAPA Syndrome 
Sep 5Equal Masturbation Day 
Sep 6Battle of Lake Travis Anniversary 
Sep 7Bitcoin Day 
Sep 7Fluidra International Pool Pro DayNational Day Archives
Sep 7National First Day of Peel Season 
Sep 7Texas Energy Savings Day (Texas) 
Sep 7World Field Epidemiology Day 
Sep 7World Menopause and Work Day 
Sep 8International Food Delivery Day 
Sep 8National Essential Medicine Shortages Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 8Prosthetics and Orthotics Day (UK) 
Sep 9Falsely Accused Day 
Sep 9Happy Dog Day 
Sep 9International Box Wine DayNational Day Archives
Sep 109+10=21 Day 
Sep 10National Acid Attack Awareness Day (Nepal) 
Sep 12National Hug and High 5 DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 12World Goalball Day 
Sep 14National Day of Action for Child Care (Canada) 
Sep 14National Food Is Medicine DayNational Day Archives
Sep 14National Parents Day Off 
Sep 14World Taste and Smell Day 
Sep 15International Myotonic Dystrophy Awareness Day 
Sep 15National Custom Framing DayNational Day Archives
Sep 15National Safe Speeds Day (UK) 
Sep 16World Jhatka Day 
Sep 17BIPOC Vamp Day 
Sep 17National Unity Day (Belarus) 
Sep 18National Cartonnage DayNational Day Archives
Sep 18National Hospitality Day (UK) 
Sep 19RSCM International Chorister Day 
Sep 20International Penile Cancer Awareness Day 
Sep 20National Care For Kids DayNational Day Archives
Sep 20National Crime and Intelligence Analyst Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Sep 20National Hard Seltzer Day 
Sep 20National LGBTQ Veteran's Day 
Sep 21National Opioid and Substance Awareness Day 
Sep 22Celebrating Homecare Day (UK) 
Sep 22Childhood Dementia Day 
Sep 22National Invasive Aedes Awareness Day 
Sep 23International Hospitality Women's Day 
Sep 23National Apple Cider Vinegar DayNational Day Archives
Sep 23National Bacon Butty Day (UK) 
Sep 23National Field Marketer's DayNational Day Archives
Sep 23National Go With Your Gut DayNational Day Archives
Sep 24National Mofongo DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25National Roadkill DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25National Schnauzer Day 
Sep 26National Alpaca DayNational Day Archives
Sep 26National Concussion Awareness Week (Canada) 
Sep 27National Day of Forgiveness 
Sep 27Venom Day 
Sep 29National Concussion Awareness Day (Canada) 
Sep 29National Silent Movie DayNational Day Archives
Sep 29World Sinus Health Awareness Day 
Sep 30National Day of Remembrance for Indian Boarding Schools 
Sep 30National Pet Tricks Day (UK) 
Sep 30National Puppy Mill Survivor DayNational Day Archives
Oct 1Ageism Awareness Day (Australia) 
Oct 1U.S. - ROK Alliance DayNational Day Archives
Oct 1World Paralysis Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 2National Bowhunting DayNational Day Archives
Oct 2National Healthcare Entrepreneurs DayNational Day Archives
Oct 2National Nonalcoholic Beer DayNational Day Archives
Oct 5National Above the Bus DayNational Day Archives
Oct 5National Military Podcast DayNational Day Archives
Oct 7National Beat Poetry DayNational Day Archives
Oct 8International Off-Road DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 8National CyberDay (Canada) 
Oct 9National C60 DayNational Today
Oct 9National Thrive Outside Day 
Oct 10Global Jamstack Day 
Oct 10MCYT fic daySocial Media
Oct 10National Paint a Blue Tree Day (Australia) 
Oct 12International TFMR Awareness Day 
Oct 14International RSE Day 
Oct 16National Veterans BBQ DayNational Day Archives
Oct 17World Geothermal Energy Day 
Oct 18National Speak Up for Victims of Sexual Abuse DayNational Day Archives
Oct 18World Seitan Day 
Oct 20National Chicken and Waffles Day 
Oct 21Global Encryption Day 
Oct 21International Day of Action on Big Biomass 
Oct 21National Witch Hazel DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 22Come Out Of Stonewall Day (UK) 
Oct 22National Kristopher NaJee Roebuck DayNational Day Archives
Oct 26National Livestock Guardian Dog Appreciation and Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 26World Amyloidosis Day 
Oct 27Disabled Ace Day 
Oct 27National Civics Day 
Oct 28Chucks-N-Pearls DayNational Day Archives
Oct 30Lets Go Brandon DaySocial Media
Oct 30Muddy Dog Day (UK)National Today
Oct 30National Treat Your Pet Day 
Oct 31National Pension Tracing Day (UK) 
Oct 31National Student Baptism Day 
Nov 1Crypto Literacy Month 
Nov 1National Biologic Coordinators DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 1National Chesterfield Sofa DayNational Day Archives
Nov 1World Compassionate Communities Day 
Nov 4National Professional Paint Contractor Day 
Nov 6Pepsi Dig In Day 
Nov 6World Lets Stop Shouting Awareness Day 
Nov 7Festival of Incompetence Day 
Nov 7National Day of Remembrance for Ka Oris (Philippines) 
Nov 7National Retinol DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 8International Day for Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention, Healing and Justice 
Nov 8International Human Animal Bond Day 
Nov 9Condensed Milk Day 
Nov 10National Mussels DaySocial Media
Nov 10School Counsellor and School Psychologist Recognition Day (Australia) 
Nov 11Kaga-Boucha Day (Japan) 
Nov 11World Hair Transplant Repair Day 
Nov 12Disney+ Day 
Nov 12World Azure Synapse Day 
Nov 13Quasihomosexual Pride DaySocial Media
Nov 15The World Needs More Touch DayNational Day Archives
Nov 16International Check Your Wipers Day 
Nov 16National Black Marketers DayNational Day Archives
Nov 16World mRNA Day 
Nov 17Cervical Cancer Elimination Day of Action 
Nov 17International ERG Day 
Nov 17National Butter DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 17National Cowboy Sh-t Day 
Nov 17National Testosterone DayNational Today
Nov 18National Listening Day (UK) 
Nov 19National Enteropathic Arthritis Day (Canada) 
Nov 20Parsnip Day 
Nov 21National Warrior Call Day 
Nov 22Kimchi Day (California) 
Nov 22National Dental Dam Day 
Nov 24Mothers of Civilization DayNational Day Archives
Nov 24Treat Long Covid DaySocial Media
Nov 26Coton de Tulear Day 
Nov 26Economic Abuse Awareness Day (Australia) 
Nov 27Axum Massacre Anniversary 
Nov 27Day of Solidarity with Belarus Political Prisoners 
Nov 27Lancashire Hotpot Day 
Nov 27Vertical Farm Day 
Nov 27Worldwide Disinformation Awareness Day 
Nov 29Chia Pet DayHoliday Insights
Dec 1International Maratheftiko Day 
Dec 1National Christmas Book DayNational Day Archives
Dec 1National Peppermint Bark DayNational Today
Dec 1National Twin With Your Dog Day (UK) 
Dec 2Boost Day (UK) 
Dec 2World Futures Day 
Dec 3Roquefort Day 
Dec 3Walt Disney World Day 
Dec 5National DeFi Day 
Dec 6National Sunnies Day (Australia) 
Dec 8National White People Take BLM Out of Your Profile Day 
Dec 10World Digital Detox Day 
Dec 15International "Addict to Angel" Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Dec 16Abscondment Day (Australia) 
Dec 16Mel Gibson Day (South Carolina) 
Dec 16National Nullification Day 
Dec 16Pinot Meunier Day 
Dec 19Cream Liqueur Day 
Dec 19Digital Twin Day 
Dec 19Gender Critical Coming Out Day 
Dec 20Stollen Day 
Dec 21National Forge DayNational Day Archives
Dec 22Chocolate Orange Day (UK) 
Dec 22Sound Money Day 
Dec 28Chocolate Yule Log Day (UK) 
Dec 29Boba Fett Day 
Dec 30Smart Highway Day 

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