List of New Holidays in 2020

645 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2020.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1Bulbasaur DaySocial Media
Jan 1National CBD MonthNational Day Calendar
Jan 2International Stop Spam DayHoliday Insights
Jan 3National Be Yourself DayUrban Dictionary
Jan 3National Florence Pugh Day 
Jan 6International Jewish and Proud Day 
Jan 6National Share a DAG DaySocial Media
Jan 7National Alaskan Malamute Day 
Jan 8Mercenaries Day (Nigeria)Social Media
Jan 8National Labrador Retriever Day 
Jan 8Sussex Independence DaySocial Media
Jan 11Martha Hughes Cannon Day (Utah) 
Jan 13National French Bulldog Day 
Jan 15Commemoration Day of the Genocide against Albanians in Kosovo 
Jan 15National Eskimo Dog Day 
Jan 16National Bouvier de Flandres Day 
Jan 16Quit Lying Day 
Jan 17National Boxer Day 
Jan 18National Use Your Gift Card DayChase's
Jan 19International Chourico Day 
Jan 21National Cheesy Socks Day 
Jan 21National Hug Your Puppy Day 
Jan 22National Yorkshire Terrier Day 
Jan 23BPDCN Awareness Day 
Jan 24International ALGS Awareness Day 
Jan 24World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture 
Jan 26National #24 DayNational Day Archives
Jan 28Youth Climate Action Day (Indiana) 
Jan 29Gab Union Appreciation Day 
Jan 29Pork Belly Day 
Jan 30Denise D'Ascenzo Day (Connecticut) 
Jan 30World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day 
Jan 31Brexit Day (UK) 
Jan 31International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Men and Boys 
Feb 1Aromantic Writing Month 
Feb 1National Day of the Mexican Axolotl (Mexico) 
Feb 2National Catcher's DayNational Day Archives
Feb 2World Ostrich Day 
Feb 3National Toothbrushing Day (Philippines) 
Feb 8Global Movie DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 9National Cut the Cord DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 10LtCol Vindman DaySocial Media
Feb 11KISS Day (South Carolina) 
Feb 11National Latte DayNational Day Archives
Feb 13National Khaki Day 
Feb 14Pulwama Attack Day (India) 
Feb 15National Black Movie Day 
Feb 16National Buna Day (Ethiopia) 
Feb 18Toni Morrison Day (Ohio) 
Feb 19National I Read Canadian Day 
Feb 19Skate Shop Day 
Feb 20Ectodermal Dysplasias Awareness Day 
Feb 20International PechaKucha Day 
Feb 20Thank You Plant Medicine Day 
Feb 21Ben Appreciation DaySocial Media
Feb 21Red Books Day 
Feb 21World Kombucha Day 
Feb 22Black Orbit DaySocial Media
Feb 22National Chosen Family Day (Canada) 
Feb 24Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day (Washington, D.C.) 
Feb 24Study Abroad Day 
Feb 26Black Lives Matter DayNational Day Archives
Feb 26Letter to an Elder Day 
Feb 26National Carpe Diem DayNational Day Archives
Feb 27The Big Breakfast DayNational Day Archives
Feb 27World's Biggest Tea Party (Pakistan) 
Feb 28Metamour Day 
Feb 28National Essay DayNational Day Archives
Feb 28National Vegan Lipstick DayNational Day Archives
Feb 29National Library Open Day (UK) 
Feb 29National Time Refund DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 1International Romance Reader DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1National CoOp and WIL Month (Canada) 
Mar 1National Open Farm Day (New Zealand) 
Mar 1World Candle Day 
Mar 2Black Mental Health Day (Canada) 
Mar 2National Be Kind Day (Australia) 
Mar 2National Egg McMuffin Day 
Mar 2World Teen Mental Wellness DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 4Catherine O'Hara DaySocial Media
Mar 4March Forth Racial Healing and Reconciliation HolidayNational Day Archives
Mar 4World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development 
Mar 5National Slam the Scam Day 
Mar 6Arts Across Virginia Day (Virginia) 
Mar 6Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day 
Mar 6National Emotional Civility DayNational Day Archives
Mar 7Neil Diamond Day (Las Vegas) 
Mar 9National Urban Educator Day 
Mar 10National Peel DayNational Day Archives
Mar 11National 311 DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 11National Healing Headbands Day 
Mar 11Solo Poly DaySocial Media
Mar 12Ashley Johnson-Barr Day 
Mar 12National Working Moms DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 13A Day for Jake 
Mar 13National Sheep Day 
Mar 14International Day of Mathematics 
Mar 15AR-15 Appreciation Day 
Mar 15Bolsonaro Day (Brazil) 
Mar 18My Whole Self Day (UK) 
Mar 18National Carry Out Day / Carry Out WednesdaySocial Media
Mar 20Bandcamp Friday 
Mar 20World Flour DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 21The Purge Day 
Mar 21Walk in the Sand Day 
Mar 24Great American Take Out Day 
Mar 25National Dante Day (Italy) 
Mar 25National Handwashing Awareness Day (Belize) 
Mar 25Test Optional College DaySocial Media
Mar 26Good Hair Day (UK)Days of the Year
Mar 26Women in Agriculture Day (Iowa) 
Mar 27International Medical Science Liaison DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 27International Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Day 
Mar 27National Camp at Home Day 
Mar 28Start That Book Day 
Mar 31National Wear Your Ears DaySocial Media
Apr 1Booby Cupcake Month 
Apr 1Egg Month (Pokemon) 
Apr 2National Buy a New Dildo DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 3International Infection Preventionist Day 
Apr 3National Muslim Census Day 
Apr 3World Aquatic Animal Day 
Apr 4National Horse Rehabilitation DayNational Day Archives
Apr 5International Day of Conscience 
Apr 5International OCNDS Awareness Day 
Apr 5National All Things Detroit DayNational Day Archives
Apr 6Conor McGregor Day (UK) 
Apr 7Global Stroke Survivors Day 
Apr 7International Tiny Day 
Apr 8Shiatsu Day 
Apr 9International Songwriters Day 
Apr 11Donkey Kong DaySocial Media
Apr 11Free Julian Assange Day 
Apr 12National For Twelves DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 13413 Day (Arkansas) 
Apr 13Auslan Day (Australia) 
Apr 14National Bracelet Day 
Apr 14World Chagas Disease Day 
Apr 15National Collegiate Recovery Day 
Apr 15National Takeout Day (Canada) 
Apr 16National Reveal the Genius Within DayNational Day Archives
Apr 16Public Radio Music Day 
Apr 17International Day of Mastering Conversations That MatterNational Day Archives
Apr 17National Backyard Campout 
Apr 17Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day 
Apr 18Celebrate Ben Solo Day 
Apr 18International Erasure T-Shirt Day 
Apr 18International Organ Day (UK) 
Apr 18National Exercise DayNational Day Archives
Apr 18National Fastpitch Coaches Association / NFCA Day 
Apr 19Volunteer Sunday 
Apr 20Elon Musk Day 
Apr 20Lesbian Visibility Week 
Apr 20Make a Note Monday 
Apr 20National Squat Day 
Apr 20Negative Oil Price Day 
Apr 20Work Zone Safety Training Day 
Apr 21National Chickpea DayNational Day Archives
Apr 21Pencil Day 
Apr 22Activity Advisor Appreciation Day 
Apr 22Digital Cleanup Day 
Apr 22Digital Earth Day 
Apr 22National Drug Endangered Children Awareness Day 
Apr 23International Cava Day 
Apr 23Lets Get Creative Day 
Apr 24World Swimzi Day 
Apr 25International Delegate's Day 
Apr 26International Flamingo Day 
Apr 26National Garage DayNational Day Archives
Apr 26World Burlesque Day 
Apr 26World Nyckelharpa Day 
Apr 27Autism Super Mom DayNational Day Archives
Apr 29National Supply Chain DayNational Day Archives
May 1Digital Wellness Day 
May 1FaeMay 
May 1NEC Awareness Month 
May 1National High Potassium Awareness Day 
May 1National Mantra DayNational Day Archives
May 1National Rotate Your Beer DayNational Day Archives
May 1World Push-Up Day 
May 1World Sauternes Day 
May 2National Front Yard Cookout Day 
May 4Firefighters' Memorial Day (UK) 
May 5Bus Worker Support Day (UK) 
May 5World Fives Day 
May 6International Coaching Day 
May 8Brian May Day (UK) 
May 8International Christian Coaching Day 
May 8National Field Day 
May 9International Lugger Falcon Awareness Day 
May 9National Cookie Dough DayNational Day Archives
May 12National Mental Health Provider Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
May 12National Tampon DayNational Day Archives
May 13World Climate Civility Day 
May 15Bring Flowers to Someone Day 
May 15International Huntington's Disease Awareness Day 
May 15World Vasculitis Day 
May 16National Cold Pizza Day 
May 16World Barrett's Day 
May 17National Graduation Day 
May 19National Mechanical Dry Eye DayNational Day Archives
May 19National Medical Nutrition Action Day 
May 19SAP Global Appreciation Day 
May 20National Orderly Day 
May 20National Skills Day (UK) 
May 20National Thank a Teacher Day (UK) 
May 21International Tea DayUnited Nations
May 21Keanu Reeves Day 
May 21Unilever USA Day of Service 
May 23Back to Barbecue Day 
May 23Best Friend-in-Law DayChase's
May 23Komagata Maru Remembrance Day (Canada) 
May 23National Medical Coder DayNational Day Archives
May 23National Vote By Mail Day 
May 24National Beautiful Girls DaySocial Media
May 24National Yucatan Shrimp DayNational Day Calendar
May 25International Day of Heroes of the Fight against Totalitarianism 
May 25Stinky Pee Day 
May 27Richard Wagner Day 
May 28National Beef Burger DayNational Day Calendar
May 28World Dugong Day 
May 30NAMI National Day of Hope 
May 30World Vape Day 
May 31Black Birders Week 
Jun 1CSC Social Media Day (India) 
Jun 1NPE Awareness Month 
Jun 1National Day of Mourning and Lament 
Jun 2World Peatlands Day 
Jun 3Power of Youth Day (UK) 
Jun 4International Corgi Day 
Jun 4International Seaweed Day 
Jun 4National Clean Beauty DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 4National Day of Mourning for George Floyd 
Jun 5Breonna Taylor DaySocial Media
Jun 6World Green Roof Day 
Jun 6World Tempe Day 
Jun 7World Breakfast Day (Turkey) 
Jun 9National Krewe of Tucks DayNational Day Archives
Jun 10National Bed Bug Prevention DayNational Day Archives
Jun 10National EHS Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Jun 12National Cancer Survivor Sibling Week 
Jun 12We Remember 612 Day (Hong Kong)Social Media
Jun 12Welsh Bands TShirt Day (UK) 
Jun 13Expose Bill Gates Day 
Jun 13National Dance/Movement Therapy Advocacy DayNational Day Archives
Jun 13National Doe B Day 
Jun 14Obama Appreciation DaySocial Media
Jun 15National License Plate Frame DayNational Day Archives
Jun 15World Dengue Day 
Jun 16Global Health Coach Day 
Jun 16Two Million March Anniversary (Hong Kong) 
Jun 18National Keep Talking Day (UK) 
Jun 19Juneteenth (New York) 
Jun 19Juneteenth (Virginia) 
Jun 19World Albatross Day 
Jun 20Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Ossetian Genocide (South Ossetia) 
Jun 20International Day of the Swimming Pond 
Jun 20International Horseshoe Crab Day 
Jun 20No Mask Day 
Jun 21World Localization Day 
Jun 22Black Space Week 
Jun 24Global Day of Action to Climate and Employment Proof our Work 
Jun 24National Energy Shopping Day 
Jun 24National Relationship Equity DayNational Day Archives
Jun 25International Day of Prayer for the Emergency Services 
Jun 25National Olaplex DayNational Day Archives
Jun 25National Police Community Cooperative Day 
Jun 26Free Speech FridaySocial Media
Jun 26Global Africa DayNational Day Archives
Jun 26International Angel Shark Day 
Jun 26Supply Chain Geek Day 
Jun 26World Bunny Chow Day 
Jun 27Black Pound Day (UK) 
Jun 27NPE Awareness Day 
Jun 27National Women's Fly Fishing DayNational Day Archives
Jun 28National BeActive Day (Ireland) 
Jun 29International Transgender Youth Day 
Jun 30Queer Youth of Faith Day 
Jul 1National Hazard Awareness Day 
Jul 1National Northern Authors Day (UK) 
Jul 1Your Council Day (Ireland) 
Jul 3National Bereaved Parents Day (UK) 
Jul 3National CROWN Day 
Jul 3World Billionaires Day 
Jul 6Black Botanists Week 
Jul 7National BlackOut Day 
Jul 7National Koi DayNational Day Archives
Jul 8National Freezer Pop Day 
Jul 8National Love Your Skin DayNational Day Archives
Jul 10Roger Stone DaySocial Media
Jul 10World Certification Day 
Jul 10World Shuvit Cancer Day 
Jul 11World Independent Living Day 
Jul 11World Massage Day 
Jul 12712 Day (Iowa) 
Jul 12Worldwide Rollout Day 
Jul 15Customer Experience / CX Reality Day 
Jul 15Developmental Disability Professionals DayNational Day Archives
Jul 15Hold A Rat DaySocial Media
Jul 15National Clean Beauty DayNational Today
Jul 16National Wedding Invitation DayNational Day Archives
Jul 16Reading Together Day (UK) 
Jul 17International Tim Brooke-Taylor Day (UK) 
Jul 17National Asshole Awareness Day 
Jul 18718 Day (New York) 
Jul 19National Tequila Cocktail Week 
Jul 19National Urban Beekeeping DayNational Day Archives
Jul 19Palace Day (India) 
Jul 21National Little Black Dress DayNational Day Archives
Jul 23Shiraz Day (Australia) 
Jul 24Day of Mourning (Orthodox) 
Jul 24National Property Managers Day (Australia) 
Jul 24National Travel Agent Day (UK) 
Jul 25National Campus Press Freedom Day (Philippines) 
Jul 26National I GOT U DayNational Day Archives
Jul 26Register A Friend Day 
Jul 27Black In Neuro Week 
Jul 27Stargate SG-1 Day 
Jul 28National Vote By Mail Day of ActionSocial Media
Jul 29National Challenged Champions and Heroes Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Jul 29National Day of Action - Save Hotel Jobs 
Jul 29OSHC Educators Day (Australia) 
Jul 29Prescribed Harm Awareness Day 
Jul 30National Graduates Day (UK) 
Jul 31Crossfire Hurricane DaySocial Media
Jul 31International Lifeguard Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Jul 31International Seriously Single DaySocial Media
Jul 31National Spam Day 
Jul 31World Day Against Electronic Torture 
Aug 1Digital Nomad Month 
Aug 1International Adaptive Activity Day 
Aug 1International Slumber Party Day 
Aug 1National Political Affiliation Discrimination Awareness Month 
Aug 1National Promise to Care DayNational Day Archives
Aug 1Straight Pride Month 
Aug 1World Fintech Day 
Aug 2Big Forehead Day 
Aug 2Little Mix Appreciation DaySocial Media
Aug 2National Boob DaySocial Media
Aug 3Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Day 
Aug 3International Indigenous Rising Day 
Aug 3National Day of Resistance to Demand Safe Schools 
Aug 3Vicki Draves Day 
Aug 3Watermelon Sugar Day 
Aug 5Blogger DayDays of the Year
Aug 5Lyrical Republic DaySocial Media
Aug 5National Couscous Day 
Aug 5National RoosTart Day 
Aug 7Web Developer Appreciation Day 
Aug 8Digital Nomad Day 
Aug 8Global Sleep Under The Stars NightNational Day Calendar
Aug 8National Clog Dancing DayNational Day Archives
Aug 8Safe Sport Day 
Aug 9Public Health in Housing Day 
Aug 10Aasia Stormm's National Honoring Victims DayNational Day Archives
Aug 10Abai Day (Kazakhstan) 
Aug 10Agent Orange Awareness Day 
Aug 10International Update Your Bio Day 
Aug 10World LGBTQ+ Tourism Day 
Aug 11Global Kinetic Sand DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 11National Bakewell Tart Day (UK) 
Aug 12International Day Against George Soros 
Aug 12National Code Lavender DayNational Day Archives
Aug 14International Equal Masturbation Day 
Aug 15Cavernoma Awareness Day (UK) 
Aug 15National Back-to-School Prep Day 
Aug 15World Greatness DayNational Day Archives
Aug 16National Energy DayNational Day Archives
Aug 16National Energy Multiplier DayNational Day Archives
Aug 17National Termite Prevention DayNational Day Archives
Aug 17World Eggplant Day 
Aug 18National Couples DayNational Today
Aug 18Never Give Up DayDays of the Year
Aug 18World Pleasure Day 
Aug 19National Patient Advocacy DayNational Day Archives
Aug 20International FinOps Day 
Aug 20International Hawaiian Pizza Day 
Aug 20John Deere 820 Day 
Aug 22International Apostasy Day 
Aug 22National Flight of the Monarch Day (Canada) 
Aug 23Mamba Week 
Aug 23William Wallace Day (Scotland) 
Aug 24National SKAM Artist DayNational Day Archives
Aug 26International Content Creators Day 
Aug 26Spark the World DayNational Day Archives
Aug 27California Public Radio Day 
Aug 27International Gamebook Day 
Aug 28Criminal Appreciation Day 
Aug 28National Black Voter Registration Day 
Aug 31International Day of Cyber Attack Ceasefire 
Aug 31International Lawn Day 
Aug 31World Distance Learning DayNational Today
Sep 1C Word September (UK) 
Sep 1National Acne Positivity DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 1National Marmoset Day 
Sep 1National Poll Worker Recruitment Day 
Sep 1No simp SeptemberUrban Dictionary
Sep 2National Espresso Martini Day 
Sep 2National Indoor Air Quality Day 
Sep 2National Live Fearless DayNational Day Archives
Sep 2National Short People DayUrban Dictionary
Sep 4National Chianti DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 4National Homecare Day of Action 
Sep 4National Leadership DayNational Day Archives
Sep 4National When Pigs Fly DayNational Day Archives
Sep 4World Leukemia Day 
Sep 5Digital Detox Day (UK) 
Sep 5National Actdumb. DayNational Day Archives
Sep 5National White Cat Day 
Sep 7International Day of Clean Air for Blue SkiesUnited Nations
Sep 7World Fair Play Day 
Sep 7Youth Mental Health Day (UK) 
Sep 9International Day to Protect Education from AttackUnited Nations
Sep 9World EV Day 
Sep 10Request Your Ballot Day 
Sep 12International Cinema Day 
Sep 12International Women's Fly Fishing Day 
Sep 12National Just One Human Family Day 
Sep 14Capybara Day 
Sep 14Profound Impact Day 
Sep 15International Hypothalamic Hamartoma Awareness Day 
Sep 15National Africa Civility DayNational Day Archives
Sep 16National Choose Your Chocolate DayNational Today
Sep 16National Opioid Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 16National Sit with a Stranger DayNational Day Archives
Sep 17International Irish Dance Day 
Sep 17National Female Civility DayNational Day Archives
Sep 17National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety DayNational Day Archives
Sep 17National Social Media Managers Day 
Sep 17National Unemployment Day (India) 
Sep 17World Manta Day 
Sep 18International Equal Pay DayUnited Nations
Sep 18National Black Voter Day 
Sep 18Vulvar Awareness Day 
Sep 19National Bike To Your Library Day 
Sep 19National Cat DNA DayNational Day Archives
Sep 19World Day of the Aperitif 
Sep 20HB Ice Cream Sunday (Ireland) 
Sep 20National Farting Sound DaySocial Media
Sep 21International "Ask a Satanist" DaySocial Media
Sep 21National Garage Condo DayNational Day Archives
Sep 21National Plant Health Week (UK) 
Sep 22National Online Recovery DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 23Education Technology Day 
Sep 23International Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Day 
Sep 23National Acute Flaccid Myelitis DayNational Day Archives
Sep 23National Redhead Appreciation DayNational Today
Sep 24Arts and Aging Day (Canada) 
Sep 24National Day of Prayer for Schools (UK) 
Sep 24World Bollywood DayNational Today
Sep 25Global Day of Climate Action 
Sep 25International Coaches Day 
Sep 25Sandra Day O'Connor Civics Celebration Day (Arizona) 
Sep 26Cavan Day (Ireland) 
Sep 26National Chimichanga DayNational Today
Sep 26National Day of Praise and WorshipNational Day Archives
Sep 26National Robot Day 
Sep 26World Day of Multiple Births 
Sep 28International Day of Scientific Culture 
Sep 28National Blind Sports Week 
Sep 29BREATHE Day 
Sep 29Hidden Heroes Day (UK) 
Sep 29International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and WasteUnited Nations
Sep 29National Dunkin' Day 
Sep 30International Recovery Day 
Oct 14-H STEM Challenge 
Oct 1International Raise it Up Day 
Oct 1National Pedestrian Safety Month 
Oct 1National Stranger Violence Awareness Month  
Oct 1World Handmade Day 
Oct 1World Postcard Day 
Oct 3National Wide Awakes Day 
Oct 4National COVID-19 Remembrance Day 
Oct 4National GOE Day 
Oct 4National Mask Exemption Awareness Day 
Oct 4Territorial Defense Forces Day (Ukraine) 
Oct 5International Charge Your Car Day 
Oct 5National Caribbean Civility DayNational Day Archives
Oct 6Digital Workplace Day 
Oct 6Inbox Zero Day 
Oct 6National Advising Day 
Oct 6National Influencer Day 
Oct 6World HSP Day 
Oct 7International Day of Peaceful CommunicationNational Day Archives
Oct 7Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day (Canada) 
Oct 8National Arab American Voter Day 
Oct 8National Traveller Mental Health Day (Ireland) 
Oct 8World Circular Textiles Day 
Oct 10Global Week of Action for Debt Cancelation 
Oct 10World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day 
Oct 10World Cyberpunk Day 
Oct 10World Inclusion DayNational Day Archives
Oct 10World Pickleball Day 
Oct 10World Plant-Based Burger DayNational Day Archives
Oct 11Black Girl Day OffNational Day Archives
Oct 12National Athlete Recovery Day 
Oct 13International Civility For the Girl Child DayNational Day Archives
Oct 13National Children's Hospice Palliative Care Day (Canada) 
Oct 13Return Your Ballot Day 
Oct 13World Cage Free Day 
Oct 15National Lemon Bar DayNational Day Archives
Oct 15National Shawarma Day (Canada)National Day Calendar
Oct 16Kraft Heinz Pantry Day (Canada) 
Oct 16National Report Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Oct 16World Bank Action Day 
Oct 16World Fruit and Vegetable Day 
Oct 17International Donnie DaySocial Media
Oct 17National Catholic Men's Conference DayNational Day Archives
Oct 17National Vehophobia Awareness Day 
Oct 19National Friendzone DayUrban Dictionary
Oct 20International Ass DaySocial Media
Oct 20National DGS DayNational Day Archives
Oct 20National Transfer Student Day 
Oct 20Talent Transformation DayNational Day Archives
Oct 20World Butter Chicken Day 
Oct 20World CRISPR DayNational Day Archives
Oct 20World Calvados Day 
Oct 20World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day 
Oct 20World Gold Day 
Oct 20World Harp Day 
Oct 21E-Waste Wednesday (Canada) 
Oct 21International Narcissism DaySocial Media
Oct 21Lamh Day (Ireland) 
Oct 21National Throw Short People DayUrban Dictionary
Oct 22National DermSocDay (UK) 
Oct 22Plastics Thursday (Canada) 
Oct 23International XLH Awareness Day 
Oct 23National Horror Movie DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 24Black Entrepreneurs Day 
Oct 24National One United Race DayNational Day Archives
Oct 24National Senior UTI Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 24World Esports Day 
Oct 24World Kangaroo Day 
Oct 25National Jamaican Jerk DayNational Day Archives
Oct 25World Swim Hat Day 
Oct 26African-American Cotton Pickers' DayNational Day Archives
Oct 26International Mavrud Day 
Oct 26National Temperature Check WeekNational Day Archives
Oct 26National Vivace Microneedling DayNational Day Archives
Oct 27National Cheese Toastie Day (UK) 
Oct 27National Henry C. Ramos DayNational Day Archives
Oct 27Zero Waste Day (Tennessee) 
Oct 29American Bar Association Giving Day 
Oct 29National Boner Day 
Oct 29World Online Networking Day 
Oct 31John Candy Day 
Nov 2Be the Impact DayNational Day Archives
Nov 2Election Hero Day 
Nov 2International Singlespeed Day 
Nov 4National Advent Calendar DayNational Day Archives
Nov 5International Day against Violence and Bullying at School including Cyberbullying 
Nov 5International Day of Fairy Tales Characters 
Nov 5National Hot Sauce DayNational Today
Nov 6National Stacey Abrams DaySocial Media
Nov 8International Vampire Day 
Nov 8National Thalassemia Prevention Day (Pakistan) 
Nov 9Eleven09 DayNational Day Archives
Nov 9Geriatric Toothfairy DayNational Day Archives
Nov 9International Reflux Day 
Nov 9World Social Media Kindness Day 
Nov 10National EIP Registration Day 
Nov 11National Athleisure DayNational Day Archives
Nov 12Universal Waistbeads Day 
Nov 13International Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome Awareness Day 
Nov 13National Drone Safety Awareness Day (Canada) 
Nov 14International Day against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property 
Nov 14National Figure It Out DayNational Day Archives
Nov 14National Saddle Hunting DayNational Day Archives
Nov 15Family Civility DayNational Day Archives
Nov 15National Entrepreneurship DayNational Day Archives
Nov 15Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency Awareness Day 
Nov 16Day of the Palestinian Keffiyeh 
Nov 17COVID-19 Anniversary 
Nov 17National Physiatry Day (Philippines) 
Nov 17National Working Daughters Day 
Nov 18International Day of Islamic Art 
Nov 18National I Can't Believe It's Not Butter DayNational Day Archives
Nov 18National Injury Prevention Day 
Nov 21National UTI Awareness Day 
Nov 21World Maleo Day 
Nov 22Love Your Freckles DayNational Today
Nov 23National Brand DayNational Day Archives
Nov 23Nursing Support Workers Day (UK) 
Nov 23Thankful For My Dog DayNational Day Archives
Nov 24Celebrating Mariachi DayGoogle Doodles
Nov 24International Day of Action on Forest Biomass 
Nov 25World Safari Day 
Nov 26National Cancel Lockdowns Day 
Nov 26National Ranboo DaySocial Media
Nov 26World Lewis Day 
Nov 28International Day of the Mediterranean 
Nov 29Artists Sunday 
Nov 29Chadwick Boseman DayNational Today
Nov 29Don Cheadle Day 
Nov 29London Bridge Stabbing Anniversary (UK) 
Dec 1National Sabbath-Keeping Schools DayNational Day Archives
Dec 1National Water Safety Day (Australia) 
Dec 2National Anytime Hawaiian DayNational Day Archives
Dec 2National Build Joy DayNational Day Archives
Dec 2Visible Non-Binary DaySocial Media
Dec 2World Nuclear Energy Day 
Dec 4International Day of BanksUnited Nations
Dec 4National Dystychiphobia Awareness Day 
Dec 4National Rototelehandler Day 
Dec 5Ninjas vs. Krampus Day 
Dec 6Adore You Day 
Dec 6International Desk DaySocial Media
Dec 6Light Up A Life Day (UK) 
Dec 8Delta 8 / World Indica Day 
Dec 8National Blue Collar DayNational Day Archives
Dec 8National Family Day Darn ItNational Day Archives
Dec 8National Health Savings Account DayNational Day Archives
Dec 8Nicki Minaj Day 
Dec 8World TAPS Awareness DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 9Mariscada Day (Spain) 
Dec 10Get Covered America Day 
Dec 10National Cancel Caillou Day 
Dec 10Sister-Friend Day 
Dec 10World SIUGR Awareness Day 
Dec 10World TRAP Awareness Day 
Dec 11GRMA Day (Ireland) 
Dec 12Regina Hall DaySocial Media
Dec 12World Book Sniffing Day 
Dec 12World Vitamin B12 Day 
Dec 15National Interscholastic Athletic Administrator Day 
Dec 15Olmeca National Tequila Day (South Africa)Social Media
Dec 15World Strengthened Immunity Day 
Dec 17Depp Movie Night 
Dec 17National Device Appreciation DayNational Today
Dec 18National Holiday Party Day 
Dec 20Space Force Birthday 
Dec 21Anti-Fur-DayUrban Dictionary
Dec 21World Pheran Day 
Dec 23National Christmas Movie Marathon DayNational Today
Dec 23World Chase Tag Day 
Dec 23World Checkers Custard Popsicles Day 
Dec 26LEGO Build Day 
Dec 26National Homeowners DayNational Day Archives
Dec 27International Day of Epidemic Preparedness 
Dec 27Sam Sharpe Day (Jamaica) 
Dec 28BiCreators DaySocial Media
Dec 29National Hero Day 
Dec 29National Tik-Tok DaySocial Media
Dec 30Gimlet Day 
Dec 30National Resolution Planning DayNational Today

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