List of New Holidays in 2019

583 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2019.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1Januhairy 
Jan 3Proof of Keys Day 
Jan 4International Unsolicited Duck Pic Day 
Jan 5Monopoly Game Day 
Jan 5National Keto DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 7National Plagiarism Day (Ghana) 
Jan 8National Snuggle a Chicken DayNational Day Archives
Jan 8OA Day of Action 
Jan 9National WONK DayNational Day Archives
Jan 10International Tintin Day 
Jan 10National Shareholders DayNational Day Archives
Jan 11International Paget's Awareness Day 
Jan 11National Girl Hug Boy DayNational Today
Jan 11National Hockey Mom Day 
Jan 11National Marketing Day 
Jan 12International Shape Tape Day 
Jan 14World Logic Day 
Jan 15National Booch DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 16Day of Remembrance of Donetsk Airport Defenders (Ukraine) 
Jan 16National Quinoa Day 
Jan 17International We Are Not Broken DayNational Day Archives
Jan 17National Puggle Day 
Jan 17World Lichen Sclerosus Awareness Day 
Jan 19World Quark DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 22Justin Turner Day (Los Angeles) 
Jan 24International Day of Education 
Jan 30Student Press Freedom Day 
Feb 1Goat Yoga Month 
Feb 1National Enrolled Agents MonthNational Day Calendar
Feb 1National Fasting FebruaryNational Day Calendar
Feb 1National Self-Check MonthNational Day Calendar
Feb 2International Sex Education Day 
Feb 4National Football Hangover DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 4National Hemp DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 5Angell Conwell Day 
Feb 6International Translator Mug Appreciation Day 
Feb 7National Malort Day 
Feb 9National Bagels and Lox Day 
Feb 10ValentismasNational Day Archives
Feb 10World Pulses Day 
Feb 13National Break Up with Your Carrier DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 13National Cheddar DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 13Wear Red Canada Day (Canada) 
Feb 14Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Remembrance Day (Florida) 
Feb 14National Regenerative Agriculture Day (Australia) 
Feb 15National Black Girl Magic DayNational Day Archives
Feb 15National Friendzone Day 
Feb 16LOINC Day 
Feb 19National Vet Girls RISE DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 21Mental Health Nurses Day (UK) 
Feb 21National Grain-Free DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 222Twenty2 Day (Illinois) 
Feb 22Income Tax Refund DayNational Day Archives
Feb 23Curling Day in Canada 
Feb 23Day of Mourning 
Feb 24National Day for War Animals (Australia) 
Feb 26Gator Nation Giving Day (Florida) 
Feb 26National Firefox Day 
Feb 27National Khachapuri Day (Georgia) 
Feb 27National Protein Day 
Feb 27National Term Limits Day 
Mar 1Charlie's Good Deed Day (UK) 
Mar 1International Rescue Cat Awareness MonthCheckiday
Mar 1International Women With Epilepsy Day 
Mar 1National Barista Day (Australia) 
Mar 1National Hotel Slipper DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1National Welsh Corgi DayNational Day Archives
Mar 1Public Risk Management Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Mar 2International Jim Magill DaySocial Media
Mar 2International Rescue Cat Awareness DayCheckiday
Mar 6Hospitality Workers in HealthCare DayDays of the Year
Mar 6National Surface Finishing Day 
Mar 6Renewable Energy Day (Indiana) 
Mar 7INTERPOL International Day of Remembrance for Fallen Officers 
Mar 7National Accounts Receivable Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Mar 7National Hospitalist DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 7National Vending Day 
Mar 8Techognition Day (UK) 
Mar 9National American Paddlefish DayNational Day Archives
Mar 9National Cookie Cutter DayNational Day Archives
Mar 10National Sending DayNational Day Archives
Mar 13International Every Girl Wins DayNational Day Archives
Mar 13World Riesling Day 
Mar 14International Social Prescribing Day 
Mar 14National Paralegal Day (UK) 
Mar 16National Tequila Day (Mexico) 
Mar 17National 3D DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 18National Jambon Day (Ireland) 
Mar 18WOrld young Rheumatic Diseases Day 
Mar 18World Juvenile Arthritis Day 
Mar 19National Stretch Mark Day 
Mar 20Plant a Seed Day 
Mar 20World NIDCAP Day 
Mar 20World Push Up Day 
Mar 21World Office Storage Day 
Mar 22Cornstarch Day 
Mar 22No Collusion Day 
Mar 23Atheist Day 
Mar 24Feast of Saint Oscar Romero 
Mar 25National Michelle Shafer Half Moon Cookie DayNational Day Archives
Mar 26National Self-Confidence Day 
Mar 27International Day of Multilingualism 
Mar 27National Assistive Technology Awareness Day 
Mar 27National Scribble DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 1Filipino Food Month (Philippines) 
Apr 1Indie April 
Apr 2April Facts Day 
Apr 2National Out to Win Day 
Apr 3Jane Goodall Day (Los Angeles) 
Apr 3National Inspiring Joy DayNational Day Archives
Apr 4HIE Awareness Day 
Apr 5Gumboot Friday (New Zealand) 
Apr 5International Poppers Day 
Apr 5National Body Care DayNational Day Archives
Apr 5National Flash Drive DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 5National SI 5 Star Phone Certification DayNational Day Archives
Apr 7Green Shirt Day (Canada) 
Apr 8International Antinatalist Day 
Apr 8Ja Morant Day (South Carolina) 
Apr 8National Banjo Day 
Apr 10Black Hole DaySocial Media
Apr 10Global Work From Home Day 
Apr 10International Provenance Research Day 
Apr 10National Library Giving Day 
Apr 11Dina Ali DaySocial Media
Apr 12National Boob Touch DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 12Teak Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Apr 13National Kiss Your Homies Day 
Apr 14International Silambam Day 
Apr 14National Crawfish DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 15AR-15 Day 
Apr 15National Anime Day 
Apr 15National Hookup DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 15Type 1 Diabetes Day in Honor of Jakya Monique FurtickNational Day Archives
Apr 16National Horny DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 17National 2A DayNational Day Archives
Apr 18World Food Travel Day 
Apr 19World IBS Day 
Apr 20International Milk Tea Dumpling Day 
Apr 20National Death Doula DayNational Day Archives
Apr 20National FootJob DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 20World Armwrestling Day 
Apr 21National Pet CBD DayNational Day Archives
Apr 22National Beagle DaySocial Media
Apr 22National Pinup DayNational Day Archives
Apr 22Stephen Lawrence Day (UK) 
Apr 22Tesla Autonomy Day 
Apr 23International Pallas Cat Day 
Apr 23Transportation Tuesday 
Apr 24International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace 
Apr 24Wayback Wednesday 
Apr 25Get on Board Day 
Apr 25International Amigurumi Day 
Apr 25International Financial Independence Awareness Day 
Apr 25Love Your Thighs Day 
Apr 25Throwback Thursday 
Apr 26Friendship Friday 
Apr 26National Be Kind Online Day 
Apr 26National Hit It From The Back DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 27BARK Ranger Day 
Apr 27Lapu-Lapu Day (Philippines) 
Apr 30International Day of Tatreez and Palestinian Culture 
Apr 30National Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination Awareness Day 
Apr 30World Jianbing Day 
May 1Gin A Day May 
May 1International Jockstrap DayUrban Dictionary
May 1Keep Pounding Day 
May 1Masonic Awareness Day 
May 1National Skilled Trades DayNational Day Calendar
May 1National Stop the Bleed Month 
May 1National Travel Advisor Month 
May 2International Market Research Day 
May 2National Curly Hair Day (UK) 
May 3James Brown Day (Georgia) 
May 3National Dickhead Day 
May 3World Labyrinth Day in Schools 
May 4Learn to Ride a Bike DayChase's
May 4Stationery Shop Saturday 
May 5Dutch Heritage Day (Canada) 
May 5National Miscarriage Awareness Day (Australia) 
May 5Send a Letter Day 
May 6Infantry Day (Ukraine) 
May 6National Hentai DayUrban Dictionary
May 7National Mural Day 
May 8National Give Someone a Cupcake DayCheckiday
May 8SkillsUSA National Signing Day 
May 9Free the Pill Day 
May 10National School Communicators Day 
May 10World Poultry Day 
May 12International Women in Mathematics Day 
May 13X-Men Day 
May 14National Brioche Day 
May 14National Day of Safety for Tow Truck Operators (Canada) 
May 14National Decency Day 
May 14National Slow Down Move Over Day (Canada) 
May 14National Travel Insurance Claims DayNational Day Archives
May 15World Play A Strathspey Day 
May 18National AAPI Day Against Bullying 
May 18National Marshmallow Day (Australia) 
May 18World Lipedema Day 
May 19Lyme Disease Awareness Week (Delaware) 
May 19Saffies DaySocial Media
May 19World Plant a Vegetable Garden DayHoliday Insights
May 20International Human Resources Day 
May 20SI Redefinition Day 
May 22Manchester Arena Remembrance / 22 Angels Day (UK) 
May 22National Craft Distillery DayNational Day Calendar
May 22National Psychopath Day 
May 22World Paloma DayNational Day Calendar
May 23143 Day (Pennsylvania) 
May 23National Drinking with Chickens DayNational Day Archives
May 24National Cooler DayNational Day Calendar
May 24National Road Trip DayNational Day Calendar
May 27International RNG Day 
May 29International Addison's Day 
May 29Red Shirt Day of Action for AccessAbility and Inclusion (Canada) 
May 30International Doubles Day 
Jun 1Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Awareness Month 
Jun 1RED Shirt Pride Day 
Jun 1World Reef Awareness DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 1XLH Awareness Month 
Jun 2World Mind Map Day 
Jun 3National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day 
Jun 5National Day of Collaboration for Brain Injury Services and Supports (Canada) 
Jun 6International Graphene Day 
Jun 6National Coworking Day (UK) 
Jun 7World Food Safety Day 
Jun 7World LPG Day 
Jun 7World Swift Day 
Jun 8National Insect Appreciation Day 
Jun 9International Dark 'n Stormy DayNational Today
Jun 9National Sex Educator Appreciation Day 
Jun 9World Swallowtail Day 
Jun 10National Egg Roll DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 10World Day of Andrade Disease 
Jun 11Forklift Safety Day (UK) 
Jun 11World Jaguar Day 
Jun 12National Black Men Don't Cheat Day 
Jun 12National Cougar Day 
Jun 12Portland Trail Blazers Day (Oregon) 
Jun 14John McCain DaySocial Media
Jun 16Arborist Appreciation Day 
Jun 18Outdoor Office Day 
Jun 19Real Food Day 
Jun 20European Clean Air Day 
Jun 20National Surveillance Camera Day (UK) 
Jun 21International Climate Change Day 
Jun 21International Day of the Celebration of the Solstice 
Jun 21Optimism DayDays of the Year
Jun 21Show Your Stripes Day 
Jun 21Take a Road Trip DayHoliday Insights
Jun 22National Counsellors' Day (UK) 
Jun 22SummersgivingNational Day Calendar
Jun 23Burghfield BoxKart Bash Day 
Jun 23National Soil Health Day 
Jun 23XLH Awareness Day 
Jun 24Self-Care Month 
Jun 24World WellBeing Week 
Jun 25Bourdain DaySocial Media
Jun 25International Hug A Deer Day 
Jun 25National Camp Counts! DayNational Day Archives
Jun 26National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day (Canada) 
Jun 26National Coconut DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 26National Day of JoyNational Day Archives
Jun 27National Bingo Day 
Jun 27National Onion DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 27National Relationships and Sex Education Day (UK) 
Jun 28Freedom of the Press Day 
Jun 28National Logistics DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 28National Parma Violets Day (UK) 
Jun 29Bacon Burnt End DayNational Day Archives
Jun 29National Dieselbilly DayNational Day Archives
Jun 29World Day Against Pet Abandonment 
Jun 30Disabled Veterans Day 
Jul 1Gun Pride Month 
Jul 1National Contract Sewing MonthNational Day Calendar
Jul 1World Marine Aids to Navigation Day 
Jul 2International Earp DaySocial Media
Jul 3Multiple Disadvantage Awareness Day 
Jul 3National Independent Beer Run Day 
Jul 3StartTheConversation DayNational Day Archives
Jul 4International Whippet Day 
Jul 4World Sarcopenia Day 
Jul 6National Hand Roll DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 8Colorism Awareness Day 
Jul 8National Link Worker Day (UK) 
Jul 10International Safewards Day 
Jul 10National Lineworker Appreciation Day (Canada) 
Jul 11World Rum Day 
Jul 13International Growth Hacking Day 
Jul 13Sandra Bland Day (Texas) 
Jul 14National Car Wash Day 
Jul 15Plural Acceptance Week 
Jul 16Rural Transit Day 
Jul 16World Wizkid Day (Nigeria)Social Media
Jul 17Glioblastoma Awareness Day 
Jul 17National Heart-Brain Health DayNational Day Archives
Jul 17National Lottery DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 19National Park and Recreation Professionals Day 
Jul 20Plural Pride Day 
Jul 21Turner Syndrome Awareness Day (UK) 
Jul 25International Stop Rapping Over Vocals Day 
Jul 26Holistic Therapy Day 
Jul 26National Biryani Day (Pakistan) 
Jul 27National Love is Kind DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 29International Butler Day 
Jul 30Out And Proud Parents Day 
Jul 31National bubly Smile Stand Day (Canada) 
Aug 1International EFT Tapping Month 
Aug 1International Woo-Ah Day 
Aug 1National Mahjong DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 1National Spritz Day 
Aug 2Health Advocate Day 
Aug 2International Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Day 
Aug 2National Water Balloon DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 2Yeezy Day 
Aug 3International Scottish Gin Day 
Aug 5International Huemul Day 
Aug 6Balloons to Heaven DayDays of the Year
Aug 8National Braiders DayNational Today
Aug 8National Perler DayNational Day Archives
Aug 8National Tarantula Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Aug 8Panda Cares Day 
Aug 9Health Center Staff Appreciation Day 
Aug 9Sean Astin Appreciation DaySocial Media
Aug 10Sky King Day 
Aug 11Chris Hemsworth DaySocial Media
Aug 11International Fufu Day 
Aug 11National Face Mask DayNational Day Archives
Aug 11World Steelpan Day (Trinidad and Tobago) 
Aug 12Adam Cole Appreciation DaySocial Media
Aug 12International Drive Like a Dickhead Day 
Aug 12National Gooey Butter Cake DayNational Day Archives
Aug 13National Fredo DaySocial Media
Aug 13Shipbuilders Day (Virginia) 
Aug 14814 Day 
Aug 14Love Donegal Day (UK) 
Aug 15National Fresh Poke DayNational Day Archives
Aug 16National Independent Worker DayNational Day Archives
Aug 17817 Day 
Aug 17Bookstore Romance Day 
Aug 18Action Indonesia Awareness Day 
Aug 19International Giant Dork DaySocial Media
Aug 201619 Day 
Aug 20Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 
Aug 21Black Indie Authors Day 
Aug 21Congressional Startup Day 
Aug 21World Goat Day 
Aug 22International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief 
Aug 22National Surgical Oncologist DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 23National Hydropower Day 
Aug 26Kantanka Day (Ghana) 
Aug 26National Composites WeekNational Day Calendar
Aug 27International Lottery Day 
Aug 28828 Day 
Aug 28Green Shirt Guy DaySocial Media
Aug 28National Thoughtful DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 28Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day 
Aug 28Tan Suit DaySocial Media
Aug 29Black Book Clubs Day 
Aug 29Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of Ukraine (Ukraine) 
Sep 1Aussie Wine Month 
Sep 1Global Company Culture MonthNational Day Archives
Sep 1International Cap Classique Day 
Sep 1International Women in Cyber Day 
Sep 1National Disease Literacy MonthNational Day Calendar
Sep 1National Insider Threat Awareness Month 
Sep 1World Emotional Trauma Awareness Day 
Sep 1World Koesister Day 
Sep 2National Cacao and Chocolate Day (Mexico) 
Sep 3Andrew Luck Day (Indiana) 
Sep 4Finnish Food Day 
Sep 5National Cellulite DayNational Day Archives
Sep 5National GIF Day 
Sep 9Alita Day 
Sep 9National Digital Twin Day (UK) 
Sep 9National Komuz Day (Kyrgyzstan) 
Sep 9National Neonatal Nurses Week 
Sep 139 x 13 Day 
Sep 13Nae Nae DayUrban Dictionary
Sep 13National Twilighters DayNational Day Archives
Sep 14Guns and God Appreciation Day 
Sep 14International Sex Worker Pride Day 
Sep 14National Sober DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 14Support Latino Business Day 
Sep 15National Cozy Mystery Day 
Sep 16National Identity Day (Nigeria) 
Sep 16National Latino Crafts Day 
Sep 16Teenager Workout DayDays of the Year
Sep 17International Guinep Day 
Sep 17National APRP Recognition Day 
Sep 17National Pet Bird DayNational Today
Sep 17National Professional House Cleaners DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 17World Apheresis Awareness Day 
Sep 17World Patient Safety Day 
Sep 18Global Company Culture DayNational Day Archives
Sep 19National Drainage Misconnection Day (UK) 
Sep 19National Pawpaw DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 20International Akathisia Awareness Day 
Sep 20National Equipment Manager Appreciation Day 
Sep 20Raspberry Day (UK) 
Sep 20World Gynecologic Oncology Awareness Day 
Sep 21Earth, Wind and Fire Day 
Sep 21Escapology Day 
Sep 22World Narcolepsy Day 
Sep 23International Za'atar Day 
Sep 23National Temperature Control DayNational Today
Sep 24National Day of Arts in Care Homes (UK) 
Sep 24National Horchata DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25Hazara Genocide Memorial Day 
Sep 25National Quesadilla DayFoodimentary
Sep 25National YogaFit DayNational Day Archives
Sep 26Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness Day (Australia) 
Sep 27National AJ DayNational Day Archives
Sep 27National No Excuses DayNational Today
Sep 27National Propane AutoGas Day 
Sep 28Carson King Day (Iowa) 
Sep 29World Tacha Day (Nigeria)Social Media
Sep 30National Teach Spanish Day 
Oct 1Boiler Switch On Awareness Month (UK) 
Oct 1Month Of Luigi 
Oct 1National Pet CBD Month 
Oct 1Open Hardware Month 
Oct 1Rare Cancer Day 
Oct 1Ride His Face Month 
Oct 1TeenTober 
Oct 1World Bluegrass Day 
Oct 2National Produce Misting DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 3Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Day 
Oct 4Cerrado Mineiro Day 
Oct 4International No Disposable Cup Day 
Oct 5Lash Stylists' Day 
Oct 5Vranec World Day 
Oct 7National Chocolate Covered Pretzel DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 7National Pick A Tune Day 
Oct 7National Save Vaping Day 
Oct 7World Cotton Day 
Oct 8National Harbormaster Appreciation Day 
Oct 8National Mall Walking DayNational Day Archives
Oct 8National Read to a Child Day 
Oct 9Canadian Beer Day 
Oct 9National Digitool DayNational Day Archives
Oct 9National Send a Booty Pic DayUrban Dictionary
Oct 11World Perimenopause Day 
Oct 13National Transfer Money to Your Son DayNational Today
Oct 15National HSA Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 15World Anatomy Day 
Oct 16National Sports DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 16National Teach Business Day 
Oct 17Chivita World Juice Day (Nigeria) 
Oct 18International Legging DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 18National Barramundi Day (Australia) 
Oct 18National Exascale DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 18Tipopils Day (Italy) 
Oct 19Global Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Day 
Oct 19National Period Day 
Oct 19National Slow Down/Move Over Day 
Oct 19National Surfing Day (Costa Rica) 
Oct 19National Thalassaemia Day (UK) 
Oct 19World Vagina Day 
Oct 20Shirou Day (Japan)Social Media
Oct 21Boiler Switch On Awareness Day (UK) 
Oct 21Boiler Switch On Awareness Week (UK) 
Oct 21National Pets for Veterans DayNational Today
Oct 21Uzbek Language Day 
Oct 21World Feminist Radio Day 
Oct 22National Make a Dog's DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 22National Scar Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Oct 22Timber Innovation Day 
Oct 23Chinese American Day (California) 
Oct 25Food Waste Friday (Canada) 
Oct 25Global Climathon Day 
Oct 25National Dog Adoption Day (UK) 
Oct 25National Hope for Henry Day 
Oct 25National No Workplace Drama DayNational Day Archives
Oct 25Postural Tachycardia Syndrome Awareness Day (UK) 
Oct 25World Opera Day 
Oct 26Indie Beer Day (Australia) 
Oct 26National Transgender Children DayNational Day Archives
Oct 26National Trick or Treat DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 27International Be More Toddy Day (UK)Social Media
Oct 27National Day of Action Against Antisemitism 
Oct 27National Tight Ends Day 
Oct 28National Cry Yourself to Sleep DayUrban Dictionary
Oct 28National Day of Outrage 
Oct 28National Internal Medicine DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 29International Data Center Day 
Nov 1International Kidpreneur Day 
Nov 1International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day 
Nov 1International Scented Candle Day 
Nov 1International Xinomavro Day 
Nov 1National Cinnamon DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 1National Kidpreneur Day 
Nov 1Red Flag Day 
Nov 1Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency Awareness Month 
Nov 3National Accessory DayNational Day Archives
Nov 4Ask a Conservator Day 
Nov 4Disability Pay Gap Day (UK) 
Nov 4International WAGS of SCI Day 
Nov 4National Drone Safety Awareness Week 
Nov 5National Flora and Fauna Appreciation Day (Indonesia) 
Nov 6Global Refill Day 
Nov 6National Engineering Day (UK) 
Nov 6National Team Manager DayNational Today
Nov 7National Cash Back DayNational Day Archives
Nov 7National Programmatic Advertising DayNational Day Archives
Nov 7Victims of Communism Memorial Day (Missouri) 
Nov 7World Drawing God Day 
Nov 8Aicardi Syndrome Awareness Day 
Nov 8National Loneliness Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Nov 9Brian Holland Legacy DayNational Day Archives
Nov 9National Fried Chicken Sandwich DayNational Today
Nov 9World Satire Day 
Nov 11National Forestation Day (Turkey) 
Nov 12National Cape Day 
Nov 13National Hug a Musician Day 
Nov 14International Farmers' Day 
Nov 14National Family PJ DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 14National Seat Belt Day 
Nov 15Bitcoin Independence Day 
Nov 15Gundam Day (New York) 
Nov 15International Cheese and Bread Day (UK) 
Nov 15National DTC DayNational Day Archives
Nov 15World Gold Day 
Nov 16World Sanfilippo Awareness Day 
Nov 17Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 
Nov 17Life Day 
Nov 19International Whole Grain Day 
Nov 20BOTOX Cosmetic DayNational Day Archives
Nov 20Blade Runner DaySocial Media
Nov 20National Pay Back Your Parents DayNational Today
Nov 20National Power of Attorney Awareness Day (UK) 
Nov 20mRNA Day (California) 
Nov 23Australian Gin Day 
Nov 24National Border Collie Day 
Nov 25Global Family Business Day 
Nov 25National Play Day With DadNational Day Calendar
Nov 26Economic Abuse Awareness Day (Canada) 
Nov 26Makua Rothman Day (Hawaii)National Day Archives
Nov 26National Construction Day (Canada) 
Nov 26National Day of Conversation 
Nov 26World Olive Day 
Nov 28Hug a Furry Day 
Nov 28International French Teachers' Day 
Nov 28National Mashed Idaho Potato DayNational Day Archives
Nov 29Avascular Necrosis / Osteonecrosis Awareness Day 
Nov 29Global MRKH Awareness Day (Australia) 
Nov 29Isdal Woman Day 
Nov 29National Tuxedo Cat Day 
Nov 30Climate Action Day 
Nov 30International Kickboxing Day 
Nov 30National Personal Space DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 1National Women Support Women DayNational Day Archives
Dec 1National Zinc Day 
Dec 1National simp MonthUrban Dictionary
Dec 1Small Brewery Sunday 
Dec 2National Skip School DaySocial Media
Dec 4National Homecare Day (UK) 
Dec 4World Water Loss Day 
Dec 6International Femicide Remembrance Day 
Dec 6National Tell Your Best Friend You Love Them DayUrban Dictionary
Dec 7World's Big Sleep Out 
Dec 11National Teriyaki Chicken Day 
Dec 12More Good Today DayNational Day Archives
Dec 12National Truck Driver's Day (Netherlands) 
Dec 12National Workplace Day of Remembrance (UK) 
Dec 12World Iberian Lynx Day 
Dec 14Bath & Body Works' Body Care Day 
Dec 14National Sausage Balls DaySocial Media
Dec 15National HST Day (UK) 
Dec 15National Play Minecraft DayUrban Dictionary
Dec 15Pakistan Turkey Friendship DaySocial Media
Dec 17Declaration on the Rights of Peasants Anniversary 
Dec 18National Twin DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 20Fur-DayUrban Dictionary
Dec 20National Parsley Day 
Dec 20Patient Empathy Day 
Dec 20Wrinkled Shirt Day 
Dec 21National Armagnac DayNational Day Archives
Dec 21Owen Jones is a Wanker Day (UK)Social Media
Dec 26Utamaduni Day (Kenya) 
Dec 27World Day Against Forced Hijab 
Dec 28National Short Film DayNational Day Calendar

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