List of New Holidays in 2018

555 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2018.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1Children Impacted by a Parent's Cancer Month 
Jan 1Clap 4 Health Month 
Jan 4National Missouri DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 4National Roast Day 
Jan 6Reclaim Social Day 
Jan 9National Shop for Travel DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 11National Arkansas DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 12Quitters Day 
Jan 15National Wisconsin DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 16National Superfoods Day 
Jan 18National Michigan DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 19Educational Assistant and Child and Youth Worker Appreciation Day (Canada) 
Jan 21International Playdate Day 
Jan 21Red Squirrel Appreciation Day (UK) 
Jan 22Hi, How Are You? Day (Texas) 
Jan 23International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day 
Jan 23Maternal Health Awareness Day (New Jersey) 
Jan 24BCPB Awareness DaySocial Media
Jan 25National Fish Taco DayNational Day Archives
Jan 25Women's Health Research Day 
Jan 26International Sous Vide Day 
Jan 27National Costello Syndrome Awareness Day 
Jan 28Global Community Engagement DayDays of the Year
Jan 28International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day 
Jan 28National Pediatrician DayChase's
Feb 1Feline Fix by Five Month 
Feb 1Health and Social Care Professions Day (Ireland) 
Feb 1National Texas DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 1PreCure Day (Japan) 
Feb 1World Aspergillosis Awareness Day 
Feb 3International Straw Free Day 
Feb 3John Lewis Day (Alabama) 
Feb 3National Missing Persons DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 4Janet Jackson Appreciation Day 
Feb 5Transit Equity Day 
Feb 6National Day of Action for Community Health Centers 
Feb 6National Valentine Shopping Reminder DayNational Day Archives
Feb 6World Retrospective Day 
Feb 7Book Direct Day 
Feb 7International Start a Blog Day 
Feb 8National Iowa DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 9International Greek Language Day 
Feb 9World Zoothanasia Day 
Feb 12Jewish Heritage Week (Florida) 
Feb 15Love Reset DayChase's
Feb 19National Longevity Day (UK) 
Feb 20National Whistleblower Reward DayNational Day Archives
Feb 21Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day (Zimbabwe) 
Feb 22National California DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 23Thank a Resident Day 
Feb 25Cornish Pasty Week (UK) 
Feb 25Feast of the Blessed Regina Marriam of Vattalil (India) 
Feb 27National Retro DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 1Marine Infantry Month 
Mar 1Marine Infantry Officers Day 
Mar 1National Breast Implant Awareness MonthNational Day Calendar
Mar 1National Hygge Day (UK) 
Mar 1National Kolache Day 
Mar 1National Minnesota DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 1National Workout Buddy Day 
Mar 1Professional Engineers Day (Canada) 
Mar 2302 Day 
Mar 2She Decides Day 
Mar 3National Dry Cleaning Day 
Mar 3National Soup it Forward DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 4Finisher's Medal DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 4International HPV Awareness Day 
Mar 4National Sons DayNational Day Archives
Mar 6National Report General Service Administration (GSA) Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Mar 7307 Day 
Mar 7Plant Power Day (UK) 
Mar 8Jedi Day 
Mar 8National Oregon DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 9International Spanish Omelette Day 
Mar 11Day of the Rifleman 
Mar 13Marie Day 
Mar 13National Bystander Awareness Day (UK) 
Mar 14National Write Your Story DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 15National Kansas DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 15Prey Day 
Mar 17Day of the Snipers 
Mar 17National Slime Day 
Mar 18Christian Heritage Week (Kentucky) 
Mar 18Global Recycling Day 
Mar 20Global Massage Makes Me Happy and Healthy Day 
Mar 20National Westie Day 
Mar 20World Rights to Water Day 
Mar 21Day of Marine Reconnaissance 
Mar 21Gallo Wine Day 
Mar 21Global Surveyors' Day 
Mar 21National Countdown Day 
Mar 21National Healthy Fats Day 
Mar 21Panic! At The Disco Day 
Mar 21Single Parent Day (UK) 
Mar 22National West Virginia DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 23Liberty DayChase's
Mar 24Bike Store Day (Canada) 
Mar 24National Remembrance Day of Poles Saving Jews under German Occupation (Poland) 
Mar 25Day of the Security Service (Ukraine) 
Mar 26Falafel Appreciation DayDays of the Year
Mar 26Live Long And Prosper DayChase's
Mar 28National B&B Week 
Mar 28National Triglycerides DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 28Progressive MS Day 
Mar 29International Mermaid DayDisney
Mar 29National Nevada DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 31Marine Weapons Day 
Mar 31National Stop the Bleed Day 
Apr 130 Days of Lingerie 
Apr 1Active Dog Month 
Apr 1BC Wine month 
Apr 1International Bull Terrier Day 
Apr 1National Raw Feeding Week 
Apr 2Take Your Poet to School Week 
Apr 3Love A Muslim Day (UK) 
Apr 3National Film Score DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 5International Dimetrodon Day 
Apr 5International Road Maintenance Day 
Apr 6Poet in a Cupcake DayCheckiday
Apr 7International Firewalk Day 
Apr 7National Girl, Me Too DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 7National Handmade DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 7National Making The First Move DayChase's
Apr 7World Transformation Day 
Apr 8National Deer Day 
Apr 10National Report IRS Tax Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Apr 11Ex Muslim Day of Visibility 
Apr 11National Day of the Sea (Italy) 
Apr 12Global Remanufacturing / Reman Day 
Apr 12National Colorado DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 12National Middle Finger DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 12Nicki DaySocial Media
Apr 14Bon Jovi Day (New Jersey) 
Apr 14Global Roller Day 
Apr 14National Gardening DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 14Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Day of Service (South Africa) 
Apr 17417 Day (Missouri) 
Apr 18National Motorboat DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 19College Student Grief Awareness Day 
Apr 19National North Dakota DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 20National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools 
Apr 20National School Walkout Day 
Apr 21AML World Awareness Day 
Apr 21Local Yarn Store Day 
Apr 21National Dimple DaySocial Media
Apr 21World Curlew Day 
Apr 23National Asparagus Day (UK) 
Apr 24National Report Medicare Advantage Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Apr 25True Colors Day 
Apr 26International Chart Day 
Apr 26National Bunion Day (UK) 
Apr 26National Dissertation DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 26National South Dakota DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 27National Devil Dog DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 27World Marselan Day 
Apr 28Canadian Independent Bookstore Day (Canada) 
Apr 28Military Monday 
Apr 28National Headshot Day 
Apr 30430 Day 
Apr 30Day of the Border Guard (Ukraine) 
Apr 30National Bubble Tea DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 30World Land Rover Day 
May 1Apraxia Awareness Month 
May 1PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome Awareness Month 
May 2502 Day 
May 3503 Day (Oregon) 
May 3International Day of Forest Kindergarten 
May 3National Montana DayNational Day Calendar
May 3World News Day 
May 4Director's Day (India) 
May 5International Women's Mountain Biking Day 
May 5Nail Day 
May 5Parasite Awareness Day 
May 7Be Best Day 
May 7Cystinosis Awareness Day 
May 8National Catahoula Day 
May 8National Report Government Contractor Fraud DayNational Day Archives
May 10510 Vaping Day 
May 10Bad Breath Day (UK) 
May 10National Chocolate Fish Day (New Zealand) 
May 10National Washington DayNational Day Calendar
May 11National Physiotherapy Assistants / PTA Day (Canada) 
May 11Working Mothers Day 
May 11World Ego Awareness Day 
May 12National Dog Mom's DayNational Day Calendar
May 12World Collage Day 
May 14National ODP Day (UK) 
May 15National Senior Fraud Awareness Day 
May 15National Stop Nausea DayNational Day Archives
May 16International Day of Light 
May 16International Day of Living Together in Peace 
May 16International Day of the Boy Child 
May 16National Juice Slush DayNational Day Calendar
May 16National Numeracy Day (UK) 
May 16World Bloodless Surgery Day 
May 16World Education Support Personnel Day 
May 17National Graduation Tassel DayNational Day Calendar
May 17National Idaho DayNational Day Calendar
May 17National Pinkfix DayNational Day Archives
May 17Profound Impact Day (UK) 
May 17World Necrotizing Enterocolitis Awareness Day 
May 18National Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Day 
May 19National Christian T-Shirt DayNational Day Archives
May 20International Red Sneakers Day 
May 20National Rescue Dog DayNational Day Calendar
May 20World Bee DayUnited Nations
May 21521 Day 
May 21National Day of First Nations Fishing Rights (Canada) 
May 21National Smile DayNational Day Calendar
May 21Supply Chain Professionals Day 
May 22National Solitaire DayNational Day Calendar
May 23Stormy Daniels Day 
May 23World Product Day 
May 24First Responders Appreciation Day (Ohio) 
May 24National Wyoming DayNational Day Calendar
May 25African Languages Day 
May 25GDPR Day 
May 25National Poppy Day 
May 27Emergency Medicine Day 
May 27No Menthol Sunday 
May 29National Golf Day (Canada) 
May 29World Tiger Nut Day 
May 30National Creativity DayNational Day Calendar
May 30National Women in Baseball Day 
May 30World Sea Lion Day 
May 31International Enjoy a Cigar Day 
May 31National Utah DayNational Day Calendar
May 31World Foster Day 
Jun 1European Dental Technicians Day 
Jun 1National DJ MonthNational Day Calendar
Jun 1Toon June 
Jun 2National Black Bear DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 3London Bridge Attack Day 
Jun 3World Bicycle Day 
Jun 4National Love Island Day (UK) 
Jun 4World Haemochromatosis Week 
Jun 5International Day for the Fight Against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing 
Jun 5One Plastic Free Day 
Jun 6National Roommate Appreciation Day 
Jun 7National Oklahoma DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 7World Haemochromatosis Day 
Jun 9Clothing Poverty Awareness Day (UK) 
Jun 9International Batten Disease Awareness Day 
Jun 10International Garden Gnome DayGoogle Doodles
Jun 11International Lynx Day 
Jun 12612 Day (Minnesota) 
Jun 12Broadcast Good Day 
Jun 12International NASH Day 
Jun 12Pulse Remembrance Day 
Jun 14Congressional Baseball Massacre Anniversary 
Jun 14Green For Grenfell Day (UK) 
Jun 14National Hoe DayUrban Dictionary
Jun 14National New Mexico DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 15National Take Back the Lunch Break DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 16Dog Dad's Day 
Jun 16Hemiplegic Migraine Awareness Day 
Jun 16Swift Awareness Week (UK) 
Jun 16Transposon Day 
Jun 16World Electrosensitivity Day 
Jun 17National Play Catch WeekNational Day Calendar
Jun 18Neurodiversity Pride Day (Netherlands) 
Jun 19International KBG Syndrome Awareness Day 
Jun 19National Accounts Payable Appreciation Day 
Jun 19Pediatric Headache Awareness Day 
Jun 20International Day of Nikkei 
Jun 21National "Create a New National Day" DayNational Day Archives
Jun 21National Arizona DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 21National Burger Day (Ireland) 
Jun 21SYNGAP1 International Awareness Day 
Jun 22B Kinder DayDays of the Year
Jun 22International Rosé Day (France) 
Jun 22National Pro-Life Bridges Day 
Jun 22Positive Media DayDays of the Year
Jun 22Windrush Day (UK) 
Jun 22World Bathing Day 
Jun 23Low Pressure Headache Awareness Day 
Jun 24Bereaved Father's Day (UK) 
Jun 24National Sports Sunday (UK) 
Jun 24World Alsace Lovers' DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 26National Report Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Jun 26World Refrigeration Day 
Jun 27National Ice Cream Cake DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 27National Real Estate Ethics Day 
Jun 27World Microbiome Day 
Jun 28National Alaska DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 28RSE Day (UK) 
Jun 28Stonewall Day 
Jun 29National Darts Day 
Jun 30International Day of Parliamentarism 
Jun 30National OOTD DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 1Ingmar BergmonthSocial Media
Jul 1National Dombra Day (Kazakhstan) 
Jul 1Parathyroid Awareness Month 
Jul 1Resolution Renewal Day 
Jul 2National Report Military Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Jul 2World Porcupine Day 
Jul 3World Meerkat Day 
Jul 5Graffiti Day 
Jul 5International Day of LGBTQ+ People in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths 
Jul 5Mechanical Pencil Day 
Jul 5National Hawaii DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 6Virtually Hug A Virtual Assistant DayDays of the Year
Jul 7International Oola Day 
Jul 7National Dive Bar DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 7World Firefly Day 
Jul 10World Airway Disorders Day 
Jul 11International EcoBrick Day 
Jul 11International Essential Oils DayNational Day Archives
Jul 13National Beef Tallow Day 
Jul 14Global Impact Day 
Jul 14International Skinny Dip Day 
Jul 14World Chimpanzee Day 
Jul 16National Stick Shift Day 
Jul 17International HIV Prevention Day 
Jul 17National Voice Actor DaySocial Media
Jul 18Ask An Archaeologist Day 
Jul 18Billy Joel Day (New York) 
Jul 18National Mortgage Brokers Day 
Jul 19Bender Day 
Jul 20International Ride MTB Day 
Jul 20National Caretaker Appreciation Day (Canada) 
Jul 21Global Day of Inclusion 
Jul 21Lowest Recorded Temperature Day 
Jul 21National Be Someone DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 21World Collie Day 
Jul 23National Dachshund DaySocial Media
Jul 23World Castleman Disease Day 
Jul 24National YOLO DayHey What Day
Jul 26National Dog Photography Day (UK) 
Jul 27Norfolk Day (UK) 
Jul 27Pediatrics Day (Brazil) 
Jul 28Fat Tony Day 
Jul 30National Golden Girls Day 
Jul 30National Share A Hug Day 
Aug 1National Planner Day 
Aug 1RNA Day 
Aug 3National Ernie Pyle Day 
Aug 4International Clouded Leopard Day 
Aug 4National Summit Day 
Aug 5National Aerial Tramway Day 
Aug 5World Ant Day 
Aug 7Aged Care Employee Day (Australia) 
Aug 8National CBD DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 8National Fried Chicken and Waffle DayChase's
Aug 8National Vaping Day 
Aug 9809 Day 
Aug 9National Billiards and Pool Day 
Aug 9National Interview Day 
Aug 10Africa Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Day 
Aug 10International Vlogging Day 
Aug 10Patlabor Day (Japan) 
Aug 11National Hip Hop DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 11National Plum Day (UK) 
Aug 13International Day of the Armadillo 
Aug 14National Tattoo Removal DayNational Day Archives
Aug 15Chant At The Moon Day 
Aug 15Connor's Activation DaySocial Media
Aug 15National Leathercraft DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 17Jade DaySocial Media
Aug 19Sharknado Day 
Aug 20Missy Elliott Appreciation DaySocial Media
Aug 20National Exotic Dancer Day 
Aug 20National Fintech Day 
Aug 20National Scientific Temper Day (India) 
Aug 20Startup Week Across America 
Aug 21Actuaries Day (India) 
Aug 21National Meme Day 
Aug 22International Museum Meme Day 
Aug 22National Rainbow Baby Day 
Aug 23Hashtag Day 
Aug 23Purple Poppy Day (UK) 
Aug 24National Muslim Voter Registration Day 
Aug 24World Trainer's Day 
Aug 25Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day 
Aug 28National Power Rangers DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 29Potteries Bottle Oven Day (UK)Days of the Year
Aug 29Targeted Individual Day 
Aug 30International Puma Day 
Aug 30Manu Ginobili Day (Texas) 
Aug 31Opioid Misuse Prevention Day 
Aug 31Positive Twitter DaySocial Media
Sep 1National Child Identity Theft Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 1National Cowgirl Day 
Sep 1National Services Day (Ireland) 
Sep 1National Tofu Day (UK) 
Sep 1World PCOS Day of Unity 
Sep 2National Prayer Day for the Deaf (South Africa) 
Sep 3Mouthguard DayDays of the Year
Sep 3National High Heels Day 
Sep 4Professional Care Workers Day (UK) 
Sep 5Global Talent Acquisition DayDays of the Year
Sep 5World Day of Tourism Journalists 
Sep 8International Forest Bathing Day 
Sep 8National Lissencephaly Awareness Day 
Sep 9999 Day (UK) 
Sep 10International Canned Cocktail Day 
Sep 10Stop Junk Light DayNational Day Archives
Sep 12Jesse Owens Day (Ohio) 
Sep 12National Flexible Working Day 
Sep 12National Juicy Lucy Day 
Sep 13International Slow Loris Day 
Sep 14International Crab Fest DayHoliday Insights
Sep 14Saboteurs Day (Biafra) 
Sep 14Talk about Cancer Day 
Sep 14World Atopic Eczema Day 
Sep 15International Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Day 
Sep 15World Cleanup Day 
Sep 16International Identity Day 
Sep 17National Arielle K. Sterrett DayNational Day Archives
Sep 17National Physician Suicide Awareness Day 
Sep 17National Table Shuffleboard Day 
Sep 18918 Day (Oklahoma) 
Sep 19International Snakebite Awareness Day 
Sep 20International Magic Mushroom Day 
Sep 20Mister Rogers Cardigan Day 
Sep 20National Fried Rice DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 20National Queso Day 
Sep 20World Paella Day 
Sep 21National Chai DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 21National Foot Drop Awareness Day (UK) 
Sep 22International Mixed Berries Muffin Day 
Sep 22National Girls' Night In DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 23Gray Cat DaySocial Media
Sep 23International Day of Sign Languages 
Sep 24International Week of Happiness at Work 
Sep 24World Wasp Day 
Sep 25National "If You See Something, Say Something" Awareness Day 
Sep 25National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Sep 25World Interaction Design Day 
Sep 26Fortnite's Birthday 
Sep 26National APEX Day 
Sep 26Rowan's Law Day (Canada) 
Sep 27National Refill Day (UK) 
Sep 27National Scarf DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 28Gold Lining DayCheckiday
Sep 28International Poke DayDays of the Year
Sep 28National Son's Day 
Sep 29National Bot Restock Day 
Sep 29Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day 
Sep 29World Daddy Lumba Day (Ghana) 
Sep 30National Get Outside Day (UK) 
Oct 1Las Vegas Shooting Rememberance Day 
Oct 1National Croqueta Day 
Oct 2World Stomach Day 
Oct 3California Clean Air Day 
Oct 4Ctenophore Day 
Oct 5National Body Language DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 6Local Bike Shop Day (UK) 
Oct 6National Blind Sports Day 
Oct 6National Energy Geek DayNational Day Archives
Oct 6National Orange Wine DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 6National Transfer Money to Your Daughter DayNational Today
Oct 6Wizkid Day (Minnesota) 
Oct 7National Dark Poetry Day 
Oct 7World Metropolitan Day 
Oct 8Indigenous Peoples Day (Los Angeles) 
Oct 8International Birth Registration DayNational Day Archives
Oct 8International Podiatry Day 
Oct 8World MCT8-AHDS Day 
Oct 9National 4-H Week Spirit Day 
Oct 9National Absentee Ballot Day 
Oct 9National Peyronie's Disease Awareness DayNational Day Archives
Oct 10Global Work From Home (WFH) Day 
Oct 10Motorsports Memorial Day 
Oct 10National Real Men Wear Pink Day 
Oct 10National Walk to a Park Day 
Oct 11National Ombuds Day 
Oct 11National Spread Joy DayNational Day Archives
Oct 12Forest School Day (UK) 
Oct 12Women Pharmacist Day 
Oct 13International E-waste Day 
Oct 13National Album Day (UK) 
Oct 14European Day of Conservation-Restoration 
Oct 14European Week of Conservation-Restoration 
Oct 15Allied Health Professions (AHPs) Day (UK) 
Oct 15National Stations Day (UK) 
Oct 16John Dunsworth Day of Kindness 
Oct 17Forgive an Ex DayDays of the Year
Oct 17International Pronouns Day 
Oct 17Legalization Day (Canada) 
Oct 17National Nursery Practitioner Day (UK) 
Oct 17Shatta Wale Appreciation Day (Ghana) 
Oct 18Day Without The Delaware 
Oct 18European Paper Bag Day 
Oct 19National Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Day (Canada) 
Oct 20International Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Diseases Awareness Day 
Oct 20National Fetch Day 
Oct 20National Youth Confidence DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 20Office Chocolate DayDays of the Year
Oct 22International Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Awareness Day 
Oct 23Event Organizers DayDays of the Year
Oct 23International PTEN Awareness Day 
Oct 24Brain Cancer Awareness Day (Canada) 
Oct 24Recycle Your Mercury Thermostat DayChase's
Oct 25National Fine Art Appreciation DayNational Day Archives
Oct 25World Ecolabel Day 
Oct 26National Financial Crime Fighter DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 26Wear A Hat Day (Ireland) 
Oct 27World Swim Day 
Oct 29PSC Awareness Day 
Oct 30International Ghost Shark Day 
Nov 1National Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation MonthNational Day Archives
Nov 1National Youth Hiring Day 
Nov 1World Flu Day 
Nov 2Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome (FCS) Awareness Day 
Nov 2World Fertility Day 
Nov 3National Smart Home Day 
Nov 4International Marketing Day 
Nov 6Stranger Things Day 
Nov 8International Day of Zoo and Aquarium Educators 
Nov 10World HTLV Day 
Nov 12National French Dip DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 12National Stan Lee Day 
Nov 13Purple Tuesday (UK) 
Nov 13Symphonic Metal DayDays of the Year
Nov 14Advocacy Action Day 
Nov 15World Acupuncture Awareness Day 
Nov 16National Doctors' Day (South Africa) 
Nov 16World Chocolatine Day 
Nov 16World Horse Appreciation Day 
Nov 16World Idea Day 
Nov 17Danny DeVito Day (New Jersey) 
Nov 19Joe Gibbs Racing Day 
Nov 19National Treasure Day 
Nov 19Type 1 Diabetes Day (New Jersey) 
Nov 21National Ask Her To Stand Day (UK) 
Nov 22National Larimar Day (Dominican Republic) 
Nov 23Wolfenoot 
Nov 27Beat a Furry DayUrban Dictionary
Nov 27Crypto Giving Tuesday 
Nov 28World Access to Higher Education Day 
Nov 29International Jaguar Day 
Nov 29World Digital Preservation Day 
Nov 30International Day of Consent 
Dec 1National Car Donation MonthNational Day Calendar
Dec 3National Cyber Signing Day 
Dec 4Dragon Age Day 
Dec 7World Kamishibai Day 
Dec 8Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day (UK) 
Dec 8National Bartender Day 
Dec 8National Dave DayUrban Dictionary
Dec 8National Lard Day 
Dec 10DOOM Anniversary 
Dec 13Anesthesia Technicians Day (Turkey) 
Dec 13National Cream Cheese Frosting DayNational Day Archives
Dec 13World Raclette Day 
Dec 14National Irish Sign Language Day (Ireland) 
Dec 16World Digital Marketing Day 
Dec 17Loki's BirthdaySocial Media
Dec 18World Knot Tying Day 
Dec 21National Coquito DayNational Day Archives
Dec 22International Don't Text and Drive Day 
Dec 22World Day of the Thermometer 
Dec 28National Download Day 

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