List of New Holidays in 2017

482 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2017.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 5National Screenwriters Day 
Jan 5Sausage Day (UK) 
Jan 8National Winter Skin Relief Day 
Jan 10National Oysters Rockefeller DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 11International Parity at Work DayNational Day Archives
Jan 15National Zombies Day 
Jan 16Brew Monday (UK) 
Jan 17Eartha Kitt Day (South Carolina) 
Jan 17National Day of Racial Healing 
Jan 17World Pizza Day 
Jan 18International Cheese Day (Australia) 
Jan 20National Corrections Day (Australia) 
Jan 23National Report Pharmaceutical Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Jan 24Zaevion Dobson Day (Tennessee) 
Jan 25National Florida DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 27World Breast Pumping Day 
Jan 29Bowling Green Massacre Day 
Jan 30CTE Awareness Day 
Jan 31National Plan For Vacation DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 1Declutter for a Cause Month 
Feb 1International Furmint Day 
Feb 1National Get Up Day 
Feb 1National People Named Dave Day 
Feb 1No Politics Day 
Feb 1Royal Canadian Mounted Police Day (Manitoba) 
Feb 1Self-Care Awareness Month (Texas) 
Feb 2Optimist Day 
Feb 4South African National Beer Day (South Africa) 
Feb 7National Foreskin Appreciation Day 
Feb 7Violet DaySocial Media
Feb 10International Cribbage Day 
Feb 10International Scotch Day 
Feb 11World Unani Day 
Feb 13Adult Support and Protection Day (Scotland) 
Feb 13Foster Family Appreciation Week (Florida) 
Feb 13International Oral and Maxillofacial Day 
Feb 14World Bonobo Day 
Feb 15Plastic Pollution Awareness Day (Georgia) 
Feb 16Canada's Agriculture Day (Canada) 
Feb 16Tim Tam Day (Australia) 
Feb 18Rakali Awareness Day 
Feb 20International LEGO Classicism Day 
Feb 21National Pillow On Head Day 
Feb 22National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day 
Feb 22School Bus Driver Appreciation Day (Minnesota) 
Feb 23National Tile Day 
Feb 24International SCN2A Awareness Day 
Feb 24National Skip the Straw DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 25World Bookmark Day 
Feb 28International Hygge Day 
Feb 28National Koe Wetzel DaySocial Media
Mar 1Baby Sleep Day 
Mar 1National Wedding Planning Day 
Mar 1Neuromyelitis Optica Awareness Month 
Mar 1Save the Vaquita Month 
Mar 2Claudette Colvin Day 
Mar 3National Tartar Sauce Day 
Mar 4Marching Music Day 
Mar 5Reel Film Day 
Mar 6National Deaf Youth Day 
Mar 6National Dress DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 6National Jute Day (Bangladesh) 
Mar 6World Laksa Day 
Mar 7National Flapjack DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 9National Dishwasher Appreciation Day 
Mar 10Denim Day for Dementia (UK) 
Mar 10National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day 
Mar 10Solar Appreciation Day 
Mar 11International Day of Startups 
Mar 11National Singles Day (UK) 
Mar 12Dry Shampoo Day 
Mar 14Crowdfunding Day 
Mar 14Dog Theft Awareness Day (UK) 
Mar 14My Freedom Day 
Mar 14National Landscape Day (Italy) 
Mar 14Volunteer Day (Ukraine) 
Mar 15World Delirium Awareness Day 
Mar 15World MAP Day 
Mar 16National Farm Rescuer Day 
Mar 20National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day 
Mar 20P320 Day 
Mar 21International Tiramisu Day 
Mar 21National Rosie the Riveter Day 
Mar 21National Unicycle Week 
Mar 21Ride a Unicycle Day 
Mar 22National SBDC Day 
Mar 22Texas Energy Day (Texas) 
Mar 23National Fiduciary Day 
Mar 23World Bear Day 
Mar 25Bengali Genocide Remembrance Day (Bangladesh) 
Mar 25FND Awareness Day (UK) 
Mar 25National Forest Day (Romania) 
Mar 25World Day for the End of Fishing 
Mar 26International Kilt Day 
Mar 27Muslim Women's Day 
Mar 30International Myeloma Action Day 
Mar 30National Hot Chicken DayFoodimentary
Mar 30National Indexing Day 
Mar 31National Stripes Day 
Apr 1Dupuytren's Disease Awareness Day (Florida) 
Apr 1National Internship Awareness MonthNational Day Calendar
Apr 1Second Chance Month 
Apr 2International Doodle Dog Day 
Apr 2International Fact-Checking Day 
Apr 4Auditory Processing Disorder Awareness Day 
Apr 4Chicago Flag Day (Illinois) 
Apr 5National Nebraska Day 
Apr 6Carbonara Day 
Apr 6International Recruiters Day 
Apr 7Freedom of Speech Day (Taiwan) 
Apr 10International Day of Sterilization Sciences 
Apr 10International Spy Day 
Apr 10World Baton Twirling Day 
Apr 11National Grab Ass DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 12412 Day 
Apr 12National Shagging Day 
Apr 13National Boot Day 
Apr 13Take Action for Libraries Day 
Apr 17International Refrigeration Day 
Apr 18National Send Nudes Day 
Apr 18World Trifle Day 
Apr 19National Cat Lady Day 
Apr 23National English Muffin Day 
Apr 25National Crotilla DayFoodimentary
Apr 26International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day 
Apr 27Marine Mammal Rescue Day 
Apr 28Eat Your Friends Day 
Apr 28National Call It Out Day 
Apr 28Stop Food Waste Day 
Apr 30Day of the Pianist (Brazil) 
May 1Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Month 
May 2National Foster Care DayNational Day Calendar
May 3Hugs From Holly Day 
May 4Bourbon Independence Day 
May 4International Payroll Day 
May 5Hug a Shed and Take a Selfie Day 
May 5National Silence the Shame DayNational Day Calendar
May 6International Management Accounting Day 
May 6National Fitness Day 
May 6Russell Stover Candies Day 
May 8Dupuytren's Disease Day (UK) 
May 9National Foodies Day 
May 9National Sleepover DayNational Day Calendar
May 10National Brand Day (China) 
May 10National Day for Staff Networks (UK) 
May 11Tower Technician Appreciation Day 
May 12Gum Health Day 
May 14Child Care Awareness Week 
May 14National Garden Day (UK) 
May 15International Day of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 
May 15National Cycling Day 
May 15World Climate Change Day 
May 15World Meditation Day (UK) 
May 15World Orthodontic Health Day 
May 16National Foul Ball WeekChase's
May 16Sun Bear Day 
May 17DIPG Awareness Day 
May 18National Bento Day 
May 20National Seal Product Day (Canada) 
May 21Natura 2000 Day (Europe) 
May 22World Pre-eclampsia Day 
May 23International Synthesizer Day 
May 24National Schlumpia Day 
May 26National EMS Recognition Day 
May 26National Pinot Grigio Day 
May 27National Italian Beef DayFoodimentary
May 27Redhead Day Germany 
May 28Harambe DaySocial Media
May 29International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day 
May 30National Recruiters Day 
May 31Covfefe DaySocial Media
May 31London History Day (UK) 
May 31National Autonomous Vehicle DayNational Day Calendar
May 31Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day 
Jun 1Dravet Syndrome Awareness Month 
Jun 1International Socks4Docs Day 
Jun 1National Nail Polish DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 3Bi-Pride Day 
Jun 3Defend Our Monuments Day of Action 
Jun 3International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day 
Jun 3National Bowls Day (Canada) 
Jun 3National Bubbly DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 3National Greyhound Day 
Jun 3Wonder Woman Day 
Jun 5National Report Stark Violations DayNational Day Archives
Jun 5National Veggie Burger DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 5National Women Chiropractors Day 
Jun 6National Caves and Karst Day 
Jun 6World Pest Day 
Jun 9Hospitals Against Violence Day 
Jun 9International Day of Celtic Art 
Jun 12Orlando United Day (Florida) 
Jun 12Safe + Sound Week 
Jun 13Empathy Day 
Jun 13International Axe Throwing DayDays of the Year
Jun 13National Random Acts of Light DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 15Clean Air Day (UK) 
Jun 17World Croc Day 
Jun 18National Craft Spirits Week 
Jun 18Sustainable Gastronomy Day 
Jun 19National FreeBSD DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 19National Watch DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 20Hike with a Geek DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 21Flexible Working Day (Australia) 
Jun 21International Aniridia Day 
Jun 21Migraine Solidarity Day 
Jun 21National Day of the GongNational Day Calendar
Jun 21National Writing Day (UK) 
Jun 22World Kidney Cancer Day 
Jun 22World Rainforest Day 
Jun 26Same Sex Marriage Day 
Jun 27Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises Day 
Jun 29National AMHP Day (UK) 
Jun 30International Asteroid Day 
Jul 1Estee Lauder Day 
Jul 3World Seabird Day 
Jul 5National Injury Prevention Day (Canada) 
Jul 7National Day of Lesbian Visibility (Argentina) 
Jul 8Historic Places Day (Canada) 
Jul 9National Lavender Day 
Jul 10Chronic Disease Awareness Day 
Jul 11National Day of Remembrance of Victims of Genocide Perpetrated by Ukrainian Nationalists (Poland) 
Jul 11World Fringe Day 
Jul 12Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality 
Jul 12New Conversations Day 
Jul 13National Delaware DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 13National Nitrogen Ice Cream Day 
Jul 14Kebab DayDays of the Year
Jul 15Orange Chicken Day 
Jul 16Made in America WeekPresidential Proclamation
Jul 17Made in America DayPresidential Proclamation
Jul 18Jane Austen Day (Indiana) 
Jul 19Biomedical Science Day (UK) 
Jul 20National Heroes Day 
Jul 20National Milkshake Day (Australia) 
Jul 20National Pennsylvania DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 22One Piece Day (Japan) 
Jul 22Pierce County Trails Day 
Jul 23International Hello My Name Is Day 
Jul 23Sprinkle Day 
Jul 24Boycott SeaWorld Day 
Jul 24National Feed a Rescue Pet Week 
Jul 25National Hire a Veteran DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 26Father Jacques Hamel Martyrdom Anniversary (France) 
Jul 26Hillary Clinton DaySocial Media
Jul 27National Intern Day 
Jul 27National New Jersey DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 28National Blowout Day 
Jul 28National Waterpark DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 29Life Stories Day (UK) 
Jul 31National Avocado DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 1Bitcoin Independence Day 
Aug 1World Naked Sailing Day 
Aug 2Deez Nutz DaySocial Media
Aug 2International Golden Lion Tamarin Day 
Aug 2Mark Lee DaySocial Media
Aug 3National Georgia DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 4Obama Day 
Aug 5Campfire Day and NightHoliday Insights
Aug 5International Sheet Music Day 
Aug 5National Be Naked Day (UK) 
Aug 6International Naval Wargames Day 
Aug 6National Ariana Grande Day 
Aug 7National Report Health Care Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Aug 7Pork Burger Day 
Aug 8National Love Your Inmate Day 
Aug 8Scottish Wildcat Day (UK) 
Aug 8Wear Your Mother's Jewelry Day 
Aug 10National Connecticut DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 10National Shapewear DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 11WIT Brag DaySocial Media
Aug 14Fungal Disease Awareness Week 
Aug 14National Birth Trauma Awareness Week 
Aug 15International Neonatal Nurses Day 
Aug 15National Sunflower Day (Canada) 
Aug 16World Calligraphy Day 
Aug 17National Massachusetts DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 17National Nonprofit Day 
Aug 19Global Climbing Day 
Aug 19International Bow DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 21International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism 
Aug 21Internet Self-Care Day 
Aug 21National Report Upcoding Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Aug 22National Bao DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 22Never Bean Better DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 22World Plant Milk Day 
Aug 23International Blind Dog Day 
Aug 23National Cheap Flight Day 
Aug 24National Bra Fitting Day 
Aug 24National Maryland DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 27National Faith HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 
Aug 28Giving Black Day / Give 828 
Aug 31National HalfCut Day (Australia) 
Aug 31National South Carolina Day 
Sep 1International Naalbinding Day 
Sep 1International Neil Diamond DaySocial Media
Sep 1Letterer Appreciation Day 
Sep 1National Americana MonthNational Day Calendar
Sep 1National Food Bank DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 1SUBtember 
Sep 1Self-Care Awareness MonthNational Day Calendar
Sep 3National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey 
Sep 7National Grateful Patient DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 7National New Hampshire DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 7Still's Disease Awareness Day 
Sep 9World Fencing Day 
Sep 10National Firefighters' Memorial Day (Canada) 
Sep 12National Ink and Toner Day 
Sep 12National Report Medicare Fraud DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 12National School Picture Day 
Sep 13International Quiet DaySocial Media
Sep 14Gobstopper DayDays of the Year
Sep 14National Virginia DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 15International Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Awareness Day 
Sep 15National Tackle Kids Cancer DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 15World Afro Day 
Sep 16International Donor Recruitment Professionals Day 
Sep 16National Aerate Your Lawn Day 
Sep 16National CleanUp DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 16National Sew A Jelly Roll Day 
Sep 16World Barber Day 
Sep 17International Familial Mediterranean Fever Day 
Sep 17International Microorganism Day 
Sep 17World Cycling Day 
Sep 18National Report Kickback Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Sep 20National Science Reading Day 
Sep 20National String Cheese DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 21National New York DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 22National BRAVE DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 22National Legwear DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 22Remote Employee Appreciation DayChase's
Sep 22World Energy Storage Day 
Sep 23Harley Quinn Day 
Sep 23National Teletext Day (UK) 
Sep 23Teal Talk DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 24Jim Henson Day 
Sep 24Rail Safety Week 
Sep 24World Gorilla Day 
Sep 25National Open The Magic Day 
Sep 25World Lung Day 
Sep 26Make Way Day (Ireland) 
Sep 26Operation Clear Track Day 
Sep 27Doris Day Day (Cincinnati) 
Sep 27Morning Show Hosts Day 
Sep 28National Bakery Day 
Sep 28National Katsu Curry Day (UK) 
Sep 28National North Carolina DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 28National Penicillin Allergy Day 
Sep 28National School Parent Group Day 
Sep 28Transit Safety Thursday 
Sep 28World Marmite Day 
Sep 29Red Out for Rail Safety Day 
Sep 30International Thunderbirds Day 
Sep 30National Love People DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 30World Stroopwafel Day (Netherlands) 
Oct 1HCU Awareness Month 
Oct 1Hicatee Awareness Month (Belize) 
Oct 1I'm Just Me Because MonthNational Day Calendar
Oct 1National Hair DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 1Zombie Preparedness Month (Illinois) 
Oct 2National Consignment DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 2National Report Long Term Acute Care Hospital Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Oct 2World Financial Planning Day 
Oct 2World Investor Week 
Oct 3National Kevin Day 
Oct 4National TEACH GERMAN Day 
Oct 5National Dildo Trick Shot DayUrban Dictionary
Oct 5National Get Funky DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 5National Rhode Island DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 6Jack DaySocial Media
Oct 6National Kink Day 
Oct 6National Plus Size Appreciation DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 7National Inner Beauty DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 7National Mussel Day (Scotland) 
Oct 8Father-Daughter DayChase's
Oct 9Libraries Week (UK) 
Oct 9National Accommodation Employee Appreciation Day (Ireland) 
Oct 9National Transfer Student Week 
Oct 10International Jumping Spider Day 
Oct 10National Hug-A-Kevin Day 
Oct 10National Love Your Hair Day 
Oct 11National Kimberly Day 
Oct 12National Savings DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 12National Vermont DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 12World Algae Day 
Oct 13National Physiatry Day 
Oct 14World Day of the Seamstress 
Oct 15World Home Artificial Nutrition Day 
Oct 16John Brown Day (Vermont) 
Oct 17International Sawfish Day 
Oct 17National Hicatee Day (Belize) 
Oct 17National Teen Arrive Alive Day 
Oct 17Pay Back a Friend Day 
Oct 17Textiles Tuesday (Canada) 
Oct 18Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day 
Oct 19National Kentucky DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 19National NJCAA Day 
Oct 20Buckle Up Phone Down Day (Missouri) 
Oct 20International Landscape Day 
Oct 20National Day of Mezcal (Mexico) 
Oct 20National Sparkling Wine Day (South Africa) 
Oct 21International Repair Day 
Oct 21National Check Your Meds Day 
Oct 21National Move Over Day 
Oct 22Kof Awareness Day 
Oct 22National Ruger Day 
Oct 22Swap and Repair Sunday (Canada) 
Oct 23Half-Earth Day 
Oct 24International Diplomats Day 
Oct 24Utah Apple Crunch (Utah) 
Oct 26National Tennessee DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 27International Mentoring Day 
Oct 27International Panda Day 
Oct 27Wear your Whiskers Day (UK) 
Oct 28National First Responders Day 
Oct 28Q Day 
Oct 29Bob Ross Day 
Oct 31National Doorbell DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 1Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month 
Nov 1International Games Month 
Nov 1International Goaltender Day 
Nov 1National Block It Out Day 
Nov 1National Long Snapper Appreciation Day 
Nov 1National Pate DayFoodimentary
Nov 2National Ohio DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 2World Mankoushe Day 
Nov 3International Stonework Play Day 
Nov 4National Easy-Bake Oven Day 
Nov 5Firewood Day 
Nov 6Report Home Health Care Fraud DayNational Day Archives
Nov 7National Day for the Victims of Communism 
Nov 8Global Day of Clay 
Nov 8National First Generation College Student Day 
Nov 8Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day 
Nov 9Genetic Counselor Awareness Day 
Nov 9National Diabetes Heart Connection Day 
Nov 9National Louisiana DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 10International Mushy Pea Day 
Nov 10National Bong Day 
Nov 10World Day of Roads 
Nov 11Homunculus Awareness Day 
Nov 11National Harp Day (Ireland) 
Nov 14National Run for Office Day 
Nov 15World Cord Blood Day 
Nov 16Charles Bonnet Syndrome Day / Esme's Umbrella Day 
Nov 16National Indiana DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 18International Day of Simulation and Gaming 
Nov 18National Princess DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 18Virtual Reality Day 
Nov 19World Day of the Poor 
Nov 20Thank You Patrons Day 
Nov 21National Agriculture Day (Australia) 
Nov 21National Agriculture and Related Industries Day (Australia) 
Nov 21National Grief and Bereavement Day (Canada) 
Nov 21National Red Mitten Day (Canada)National Day Calendar
Nov 22National Dental Nurses Day (UK) 
Nov 22World Day of the Schnauzer 
Nov 23National Polyamory Day (Canada) 
Nov 24World Day of Red Wine 
Nov 26Museum Store Sunday 
Nov 28Travel Deal Tuesday 
Nov 30National Mason Jar DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 30National Mississippi DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 1Destroy Dick December 
Dec 4Human Rights Week (Victoria) 
Dec 4Worldwide Handsome Day (South Korea) 
Dec 6World Pianist Day 
Dec 7National Illinois DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 8National Elf Service Day (UK) 
Dec 9Bike Shop Day 
Dec 9National Hobby Shop Day 
Dec 10International Aszu Day 
Dec 11National App DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 12International Day of Neutrality 
Dec 12International Universal Health Coverage Day 
Dec 12Mince Pie Day (UK) 
Dec 14National Alabama DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 14Yoga Day 
Dec 21National Maine DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 21National Robin Day (UK) 
Dec 25I Purple You DaySocial Media
Dec 26Annabel Nosta's National Cozy Day 

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