List of New Holidays in 2016

515 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2016.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1DM Your Crush Day 
Jan 1National Hangover DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 6National Technology Day 
Jan 11World Sketchnote Day 
Jan 12National Hot Tea Day 
Jan 12Z DaySocial Media
Jan 13National Shower Together Day 
Jan 13National Sticker DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 13National Swing Day 
Jan 14National Undhiyu Day (India) 
Jan 16Baltic Porter Day (Poland) 
Jan 17International Mentoring Day 
Jan 17National Bootlegger's DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 18National Crowd Feed Day 
Jan 20World Bigos Day 
Jan 22Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity 
Jan 26National Green Juice Day 
Jan 27I Love Public Schools Day (Nebraska) 
Jan 27World Goat Day 
Jan 29National Big Wig DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 2International Eggplant Day 
Feb 3Feed The Birds DayHoliday Insights
Feb 3National Doggy Date Night 
Feb 3National Women Physicians Day 
Feb 5World Animal Reiki Day 
Feb 6National Werewolf Day 
Feb 7India MS Day (India) 
Feb 7International Day of Black Women in the Arts 
Feb 7National Periodic Table DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 7Super Chicken Wing Day 
Feb 8Love Data Week 
Feb 9National Vision Board Day 
Feb 10All The News That's Fit To Print Day 
Feb 10International Drive Your Triumph Day 
Feb 10National Home Warranty Day 
Feb 11International Day for Women and Girls in ScienceUnited Nations
Feb 12National Family and Consumer Sciences Educator Day 
Feb 12Welsh Language Music Day (UK) 
Feb 13National Internet Friend Day 
Feb 13National Tortoni Day 
Feb 15Florida Craft Beer Day 
Feb 17National Women's Emancipation Day (Lithuania) 
Feb 17World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 
Feb 18National Hate Florida Day 
Feb 19Care Day (UK) 
Feb 19Constantin Brancusi Day (Romania) 
Feb 19International MRKH Awareness Day 
Feb 19National Caregivers Day 
Feb 19National Lash DayNational Day Calendar
Feb 19Rubber Chicken Day 
Feb 23Travel Africa Day 
Feb 24Global Day of the Engineer 
Feb 24International Family Drug Support Day 
Feb 27Pokemon Day 
Feb 27World Blender Meetup Day 
Feb 29Raspberry Pi Birthday 
Mar 1Birth Psychology Month 
Mar 1Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 
Mar 1National Dadgum That's Good DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 1National Eat Pussy Month 
Mar 2National Blackjack Day 
Mar 3Canadian Bacon Day 
Mar 3International Irish Whiskey DayDays of the Year
Mar 3International Threesome Day 
Mar 3National Moscow Mule Day 
Mar 4Great British Spring Clean (UK) 
Mar 4National Backcountry Ski Day 
Mar 4National Pyjama Day (Belgium) 
Mar 5National Kalpak Day (Kyrgyzstan) 
Mar 6Black Balloon Day 
Mar 6World Lymphedema Day 
Mar 8National Retro Video Game Day 
Mar 9National Day of Women Living with HIV (Australia) 
Mar 9World Trisomy 9 Awareness Day 
Mar 10International Wig Day 
Mar 11Key Deer Awareness Day 
Mar 11National Promposal Day 
Mar 13MAR13 Day 
Mar 13National Exclamation Point Day 
Mar 15National Speech and Debate Education Day 
Mar 15Tea for Two TuesdayHoliday Insights
Mar 15World Speech Day 
Mar 16International Macaque Day 
Mar 18National Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day 
Mar 18National Public Defender Day 
Mar 18National Public Defense Week 
Mar 19International Read to Me Day 
Mar 21Cluster Headache Awareness Day 
Mar 21Credit Card Reduction Day 
Mar 22Tuskegee Airmen Day 
Mar 23National Chia Day 
Mar 23National Coyote Day 
Mar 23World Elevator Day 
Mar 24Flatmate's DayDays of the Year
Mar 26Meme Creators Day 
Mar 26Orval Day 
Mar 27National Blunt Day 
Mar 30National Little Red Wagon DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 30National Virtual Vacation DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 31National Prom Day 
Apr 1Chardonel Month (Missouri) 
Apr 1HIE Awareness Month 
Apr 1International Day of the Barista 
Apr 1Social Circus Day 
Apr 2International Wedgie Day 
Apr 2National DIY Day 
Apr 3Fan Dance Day 
Apr 3National Chalk Day 
Apr 3National Shoot Your Shot Day 
Apr 4404 Day 
Apr 4International Carrot Day 
Apr 4Jeep 4x4 DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 4National Ramen Noodle Day 
Apr 5Bell Bottoms Day 
Apr 5International Calm Day 
Apr 5Western Hemisphere Ports Day 
Apr 7National Biomechanics Day 
Apr 8Don't Stream And Drive Day (UK) 
Apr 8International Pageant Day 
Apr 8Kids' Yoga Day 
Apr 8National Dive Bar Day 
Apr 11Dog Therapy Appreciation Day 
Apr 12IU Day (Indiana) 
Apr 13National Go Orange Day / Roadway Worker Appreciation Day 
Apr 13National Make Lunch Count Day 
Apr 13Western Mass Day (Massachusetts) 
Apr 13World Sarcoidosis Day 
Apr 14National Perfume Day 
Apr 14Tannat Day 
Apr 14World Civility Day 
Apr 15415 Day 
Apr 15National Employability Day (UK) 
Apr 15National Laundry Day 
Apr 16National Bean Counter's DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 16World Semicolon Day 
Apr 18Fashion Revolution Week 
Apr 18National Financial Advisor Day 
Apr 18National Transgender HIV Testing Day 
Apr 18Pinata DayDays of the Year
Apr 19Biomedical Research Awareness Day 
Apr 19International Spandex Day 
Apr 20International Cli-Fi Day 
Apr 20National Cheddar Fries Day 
Apr 20National Seaweed DaySocial Media
Apr 20World Animal Vaccination Day 
Apr 21National Tea Day (UK) 
Apr 21National Yellow Bat DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 22National Ding Free Day (Canada) 
Apr 23National Vagina Appreciation Day 
Apr 23World Create Day 
Apr 24National Park Rx Day 
Apr 24National Reentry Week 
Apr 25National Darts Day 
Apr 26Alien Day20th Century Fox
Apr 27International Hyena Day 
Apr 27National Little Pampered Dog Day 
Apr 29Fountain Pen Friday 
Apr 29We Jump the World Day 
Apr 29World Day of Parkour (Mexico) 
Apr 30National Pool Opening DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 30National Tabby Day 
Apr 30Safe Place Selfie Day 
May 1Fallen First Responder Awareness Month (Texas) 
May 1Godparents' Sunday (UK) 
May 1International Mesh Awareness Day 
May 1Myositis Awareness Month 
May 1Staffordshire Day (UK) 
May 1Surgical Mesh Awareness Month 
May 1World Hickory Golf Day 
May 2National Play Your Ukulele Day 
May 3International Wild Koala Day 
May 3Miniskirt Day 
May 3National SAN Architect Day 
May 3National Textiles DayNational Day Calendar
May 4World Maternal Mental Health Day 
May 5Carpet Weavers' Day (Azerbaijan) 
May 5National Astronaut DayNational Day Calendar
May 5National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women 
May 5World African Heritage Day 
May 6Jimmy Buffett Day (Mississippi) 
May 7Love's Baby Soft Day 
May 7National Dinosaur Day (Australia) 
May 8National Amyloidosis Day (Australia) 
May 10Bear Witness Day (Canada) 
May 10German Shepherd Day 
May 10National Cactus Day 
May 11National Foam Rolling DayNational Day Calendar
May 11Swallowing Awareness Day 
May 11World Keffiyeh Day 
May 11World Orienteering Day 
May 12Dress in Purple Day (Texas) 
May 13International Professional Drivers Day 
May 14National Balloon Day (UK) 
May 16National Strawberry Milkshake Day 
May 16World Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG) Awareness Day 
May 17Global Maker Day 
May 17International Dinosaur Day 
May 17National Real Estate Day 
May 18Fibroid Awareness Day (Jamaica) 
May 18National Cocktail Day (Portugal) 
May 18National Haitian Soul Snatching Day 
May 19National Notebook Day 
May 19National Send a Nude Day 
May 21Hug Your Interior Designer Day 
May 22NF2 and Schwannomatosis Awareness Day 
May 25World Otter Day 
May 26World Redhead DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
May 27International Day of Marketing 
May 28Elmer Day (UK) 
May 28International Day of Treacher Collins Syndrome 
May 30European Maker Week 
May 30National Nail Tech Day 
Jun 1Global Running Day 
Jun 1National Olive DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 1National Pearl Day (UK) 
Jun 1Service Design Day 
Jun 1World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day 
Jun 1Wound Healing Awareness Month 
Jun 2Lesbian Pride DaySocial Media
Jun 3National Fish and Chip Day (UK) 
Jun 3World Cider Day 
Jun 4National SAFE Day 
Jun 5National Churro Day 
Jun 5Sausage Roll DayDays of the Year
Jun 6National Eyewear DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 6Secure Your Load Day 
Jun 7National RV Day 
Jun 7Prince Day 
Jun 7Women's Golf Day 
Jun 8Ghostbusters Day 
Jun 8Global Exhibitions Day 
Jun 9International Dough Disco Day 
Jun 9National Earl Baltes DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 10Asexual Pride Day 
Jun 10National E-sex DayUrban Dictionary
Jun 10Stop the Violence Day (Nova Scotia) 
Jun 11International Balloon Artist Day 
Jun 11Polyamory Pride Day 
Jun 11World Agriculture Day 
Jun 12National Right of Way Professionals WeekNational Day Calendar
Jun 14Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day 
Jun 14International Bath Day 
Jun 14Monkey Around DayHoliday Insights
Jun 14World Cucumber Day 
Jun 15Agender Pride Day 
Jun 15International Working Animal Day 
Jun 16Cupcake Day (UK) 
Jun 16Escalator Day 
Jun 16National Jade Day 
Jun 16National Mascot Day 
Jun 16National Vegemite Day (Australia) 
Jun 16Tupac Shakur Day (California) 
Jun 16World Tapas Day 
Jun 17World Tessellation Day 
Jun 18Clean Your Aquarium Day 
Jun 19National Turkey Lovers' DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 20International Day of Solidarity with the Independence of Puerto Rico 
Jun 20International Fathers Mental Health Day 
Jun 20National Seashell DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 20World Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy / FSHD Day 
Jun 20World Wi-Fi Day 
Jun 21National Call Your Doctor DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 21National Cookie Dough Day 
Jun 21National Wedding Day 
Jun 22National HVAC Tech DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 23Brexit Referendum Day (UK) 
Jun 23National Belly Button Day 
Jun 23National Hydration DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 24National Food Truck Day 
Jun 24Stonewall National Monument Day 
Jun 25Mitch Lane DayCheckiday
Jun 26National Fossil Day (Australia) 
Jun 28Happy Heart Hugs DayDays of the Year
Jun 28International Lightning Safety Day 
Jun 28National Soccer Day 
Jun 29International Day of the Tropics 
Jun 29National Parchment DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 1Kate Steinle Day 
Jul 1National ID Your Pet Day 
Jul 1Sparkling Wine Day 
Jul 1Sparkling Wine Week 
Jul 1World Square Foot Gardening Day 
Jul 1World Watercolor Month 
Jul 2Cecil the Lion Day 
Jul 3International Drop a Rock Day 
Jul 3National Burpee Day 
Jul 4Jackfruit Day 
Jul 5National Wear A Thong Day 
Jul 5World Music Therapy Awareness Day 
Jul 6National Wedgie Day 
Jul 8Coca-Cola Day 
Jul 8Mediterranean International Day 
Jul 8National Blueberry DayHoliday Insights
Jul 8National Motorcycle Day 
Jul 8Tribute 7/7Presidential Proclamation
Jul 9Small Press Day (UK) 
Jul 10National Lineworker Appreciation Day 
Jul 11Relisha Rudd Remembrance Day (D.C.) 
Jul 11World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day 
Jul 12World Penis Day 
Jul 13National Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day 
Jul 15National Leiomyosarcoma Awareness Day 
Jul 15Victims of The Nice, France Attack Day 
Jul 16Guinea Pig Appreciation Day 
Jul 16National Bridal Sale Day 
Jul 18Insurance Nerd Day 
Jul 18National Hamiltons DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 18Victims of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Attack Day 
Jul 19Changing Places Awareness Day (UK) 
Jul 19Palace Day 
Jul 20International Ambigram Day 
Jul 21Tim Duncan Day (Texas) 
Jul 22National Mango Day 
Jul 23International Busking Day 
Jul 24International Security Officers Day 
Jul 26Disability Independence Day 
Jul 26International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove 
Jul 27National Seltzer Day 
Jul 29National Get Gnarly DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 29Special Operations Forces Day (Ukraine) 
Jul 30World Snorkeling Day 
Aug 1Arrr-gust: International Pirate Month 
Aug 1Dental Implant Awareness Month 
Aug 1HitchBOT Remembrance Day 
Aug 1Indigenous Peoples Day (Taiwan) 
Aug 1International Day of Belgian Fries 
Aug 1Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month (California) 
Aug 1National Cleanse Your Skin WeekNational Day Calendar
Aug 1National Crayon Collection Month 
Aug 1National Gastroparesis Awareness Month 
Aug 1National Mountain Climbing DayHoliday Insights
Aug 1National Yorkie Day 
Aug 3Clean Your Floors Day 
Aug 3National Professional Engineers Day 
Aug 5World Tomistoma Day 
Aug 6National Disc Golf DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 6National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day 
Aug 10Alaska Wild Salmon Day 
Aug 10Aura Day 
Aug 10National Waddle Day 
Aug 11Mountain Day (Japan) 
Aug 13International Trading Card Day 
Aug 13National Prosecco Day 
Aug 14Gay Uncles Day 
Aug 15City Hall Selfie Day 
Aug 15National No SpongeBob Day 
Aug 18Bullet Journal Day 
Aug 18National Fajita DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 19Disney PhotoPass Day 
Aug 19International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day 
Aug 20Break The Monotony DayDays of the Year
Aug 21National Sweet Tea Day 
Aug 23National Cuban Sandwich DayDays of the Year
Aug 23World MoveIt! Day 
Aug 24Kobe Bryant Day (Los Angeles) 
Aug 24National #IAM911 Day 
Aug 26National WebMistress DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 28World Day of Turners Syndrome 
Aug 30National Bite People Who Annoy You Day 
Aug 31National Diatomaceous Earth DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 31National Matchmaker Day 
Sep 1Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (Tennessee) 
Sep 1National Police K-9 Day 
Sep 1PBC Awareness Month 
Sep 2Aylan Kurdi Day 
Sep 2National No Patrick Day 
Sep 3National Tailgating DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 5World Samosa Day 
Sep 5World Spinal Cord Injury Day 
Sep 6I AM MDC Day (Florida) 
Sep 7Superhuman DayDays of the Year
Sep 8National Dog Walker Appreciation Day 
Sep 10Nationale Mamablogger Day (Netherlands) 
Sep 13Supernatural Day 
Sep 14National Live Creative DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 14National Quiet Day (UK) 
Sep 15Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Day 
Sep 15International Day of Listening 
Sep 15National Online Learning Day 
Sep 16EveryWoman Day (UK) 
Sep 16National Concussion Awareness Day 
Sep 16National Fitness Day (Ireland) 
Sep 16National Sunflower Day (South Africa) 
Sep 17National Boccia Day (UK) 
Sep 19Aortic Disease Awareness Day 
Sep 19Scottish Housing Day (UK) 
Sep 20International Day of University Sport 
Sep 22World Trenchless Day 
Sep 23National Snack Stick DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 24European Mushroom Day 
Sep 24Isle of Wight Day (UK) 
Sep 24World Cancer Research Day 
Sep 25Binge Day 
Sep 25National Cooking Day 
Sep 25National Day Of Non Violence (UK) 
Sep 26National Compliance Officer DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 26National Situational Awareness DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 26Pearl Thusi Day 
Sep 27World Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Day 
Sep 28International Day for Universal Access to Information 
Sep 28Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Day 
Sep 29World Day of Primary Immune Thrombocytopenia 
Sep 30Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day 
Sep 30National Kratom Day 
Sep 30Time For Yoga Day 
Oct 1Locktober 
Oct 1National Aesthetician Month 
Oct 1National Dropout Prevention Month 
Oct 1National Ghost Hunting Day 
Oct 1National Learning and Development Month 
Oct 1World Vexillology Day 
Oct 2Audiophile Day 
Oct 3Scottish Museums Day (UK) 
Oct 4National Side Bae Day 
Oct 5Energy Efficiency Day 
Oct 5National Pumpkin Seed Day 
Oct 5Victims of Marijuana Prohibition Day 
Oct 7Kids Music Day 
Oct 7National Beep Beep Day (Ireland) 
Oct 7National LED Light Day 
Oct 8Indie Author Day 
Oct 8National Bookshop Day (UK) 
Oct 9International Beer and Pizza Day 
Oct 9National Nanotechnology Day 
Oct 10Hello Yellow Day (UK) 
Oct 10National Clay Week 
Oct 10National SHIFT10 Day 
Oct 10National Tic Tac Day 
Oct 11Earth Observation Day 
Oct 11Headspace Day (Australia) 
Oct 11Own Business Day 
Oct 11World Child Development DayChase's
Oct 12National Pulled Pork Day 
Oct 12World Burpee Day 
Oct 13Children's Environmental Health Day 
Oct 13Global Fertilizer Day 
Oct 13Oilfield Prayer Day (Oklahoma) 
Oct 14International Prokupac Day 
Oct 14National Dick Day 
Oct 14World Cavity-Free Future Day 
Oct 15National Aesthetician Day 
Oct 15National Home Fire Drill Day 
Oct 15National Paint Your Own Pottery Day 
Oct 17National Body Confidence Day 
Oct 17National Playing Card Collection Day 
Oct 18National Mashed Potato Day 
Oct 18World Okapi Day 
Oct 19International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating 
Oct 19National Kiss Your Crush Day 
Oct 19World Bioethics Day 
Oct 20Community Media Day 
Oct 20European Statistics Day 
Oct 20National Eggo DayFoodimentary
Oct 20National See You Next Tuesday Day 
Oct 20World Values Day 
Oct 21Canadian Library Workers Day (Canada) 
Oct 21Garbanzo Bean Day 
Oct 21Global Clinical Engineering Day 
Oct 21Know Your Classmates Day 
Oct 21World Earthworm Day 
Oct 21World Energy Saving Day 
Oct 25International Butterfly Skin Day 
Oct 25National I Care About You Day 
Oct 27World Occupational Therapy Day 
Oct 28National Ayurveda Day (India) 
Oct 28Stan Lee Day (Los Angeles) 
Oct 29National Erotic Humiliation Day 
Oct 30World Uchinanchu Day 
Nov 1National Calzone DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 1National Sports Fan DayChase's
Nov 1Vote Early Day 
Nov 3World One Health Day 
Nov 5National Chinese Take-Out DayFoodimentary
Nov 5National Sneaker Day 
Nov 5World Tsunami Awareness Day 
Nov 7National Kumquat Day 
Nov 7Yom HaAliyah (Israel) 
Nov 9Microtia Awareness DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 10International Science Center and Science Museum Day 
Nov 10National Community Ed Day 
Nov 10World Keratoconus Day 
Nov 13National Chicken Nugget Day 
Nov 16National Sarah Day 
Nov 16National Utility Scam Awareness Day 
Nov 17National Women in Apprenticeship Day 
Nov 18National Yeti Day 
Nov 22Massachusetts Day of Civility (Massachusetts) 
Nov 22National Senior Dog Day 
Nov 23Green Wednesday 
Nov 23National Jukebox Day 
Nov 23Red Wednesday 
Nov 27National Craft Jerky DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 29Giving News Day 
Nov 30Choose Women Wednesday 
Nov 30International Day of the Educating City 
Nov 30International Day of the Influencer 
Nov 30National Package Protection DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 1Fishmas 
Dec 1National Cookie Cutter Day 
Dec 1Spotify Wrapped Day 
Dec 2International Samba Day 
Dec 2Positive Affirmation Day 
Dec 3World Pear Day 
Dec 4Hov DaySocial Media
Dec 4National Sock DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 6World Trick Shot DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 8National Donair Day (Canada) 
Dec 9Public Transit Day 
Dec 10Bob Dylan Day (Minnesota) 
Dec 12Paris Agreement Anniversary 
Dec 15National Wear Your Pearls DayNational Day Calendar
Dec 16Local Charities Day (UK) 
Dec 19Build a Snowman Day 
Dec 27National Goal Writing Day 
Dec 29International Cello Day 

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