List of New Holidays in 2015

452 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2015.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 6National Take Down the Christmas Tree DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Jan 7Charlie Hebdo Day (France) 
Jan 7National Bobblehead Day 
Jan 7National Job Hunting Day 
Jan 9National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 
Jan 13World Day to Combat Depression 
Jan 15National Pothole Day (UK) 
Jan 16International Croqueta Day 
Jan 16National Without a Scalpel DayNational Day Calendar
Jan 17Disabled Access Day 
Jan 20BBC Democracy Day (UK) 
Jan 21Lincoln Alexander Day (Canada) 
Jan 24National Readathon Day 
Jan 27International Mobile Phone Recycling Day 
Jan 30UN Social Media Day 
Feb 128 Days of Black Cosplay 
Feb 1Ectodermal Dysplasias Awareness Month 
Feb 1International Month of Black Women in the Arts 
Feb 1Visit My Mosque Day (UK) 
Feb 2Chris Kyle Day (Texas) 
Feb 4Facebook Friends Day 
Feb 4Global School Play Day 
Feb 5Did You Fart? Day 
Feb 5National Shower with a Friend Day 
Feb 6Working Naked Day 
Feb 7PACS1 Awareness Day 
Feb 8International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking 
Feb 9International Epilepsy Day 
Feb 9National Develop Alternative Vices Day 
Feb 10National Deworming Day (India) 
Feb 12Wear Orange 4 Love Day 
Feb 13International Verify Your Backups Day 
Feb 15International Fanworks Day 
Feb 16Heritage Day (Nova Scotia) 
Feb 19World Anthropology Day 
Feb 20Day of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred (Ukraine) 
Feb 22Marie Day 
Feb 23Pinocchio Day 
Feb 25Commedia dell'Arte Day 
Feb 26Llama Dress DaySocial Media
Feb 27Special Operations Forces Day (Russia) 
Feb 28National CSA Day 
Mar 1Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Week 
Mar 1HR Professionals Week 
Mar 1World Telemark Day 
Mar 3Samgyeopsal Day (South Korea) 
Mar 3World Birth Defects Day 
Mar 4National Snack DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Mar 5Brooke Davis DaySocial Media
Mar 5Erotic World Book Day 
Mar 5International CVS Awareness Day 
Mar 5Madison Beer Day 
Mar 5National Industrial Design Day 
Mar 6Blackout Day 
Mar 6World Seagrass Day 
Mar 10National VITA Awareness Day 
Mar 11Nina Hartley DaySocial Media
Mar 13Celebrate Trails Day 
Mar 13Palestinian Culture Day 
Mar 14International Drone Day 
Mar 15International Stiff Person Syndrome Awareness Day 
Mar 16Dribble to Work Day 
Mar 17317 Day (Indiana) 
Mar 18National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day 
Mar 18St. Broccoli Day 
Mar 19Deskfast Day 
Mar 19Taxonomist Appreciation Day 
Mar 20International Grant Professionals Day 
Mar 21Global Sisterhood Day 
Mar 21National Renewable Energy Day 
Mar 22National Day of the Podenco (Spain) 
Mar 23International Day of the Wedding Planner 
Mar 23National Tamale Day 
Mar 24International Houdini Day 
Mar 24National Cheesesteak Day 
Mar 25National Bridesmaid Day 
Mar 26Free The Nipple Day 
Mar 26National Guard Day (Ukraine) 
Mar 26National Wear Pants Day 
Mar 27National Workplace Wellbeing Day (Ireland) 
Mar 29International Day of the Landless 
Mar 29National Pita Day 
Mar 29World Piano Day 
Mar 30World Idli Day 
Apr 1Cushing's Disease Awareness Month 
Apr 1Krabbe Disease Awareness Month 
Apr 1Louisiana Crawfish Awareness Month 
Apr 1National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day 
Apr 5405 Day 
Apr 6Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Awareness Day 
Apr 6World Table Tennis Day 
Apr 7National Family Caregiver Day (Canada) 
Apr 8Cushing's Disease Awareness Day 
Apr 8National Animation Day (Russia) 
Apr 10National Sprint Car Day 
Apr 11National Board Game Day 
Apr 14International Goalkeeper Day 
Apr 15One Boston Day 
Apr 16National Orchid DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 17Thank an Herbalist Day 
Apr 18Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day 
Apr 19World Day of Action in Solidarity with Venezuela 
Apr 20International Peter Tosh Day 
Apr 20National Cold Brew Day 
Apr 23National Herb Week (Ireland) 
Apr 24International Sculpture Day 
Apr 25National Kiss of Hope DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 26World Intellectual Freedom Day 
Apr 27National Bubble Butt Appreciation Day 
Apr 28Clean Comedy Day 
Apr 28National BraveHearts Day 
Apr 28National Suck Breast Day 
Apr 30National Braid Day 
Apr 30National Military Brats DayNational Day Calendar
Apr 30World Robberfly Day 
May 1501 Day 
May 1Arabian Horse Month 
May 1College Signing Day / National College Decision Day 
May 1International Day of the Podenco 
May 1May Sketch a Day 
May 1MerMay 
May 1World Lyme Day 
May 2National Bombshells' Day 
May 2Start Seeing Monarchs DayNational Day Calendar
May 2Trade Unions House Fire Anniversary (Ukraine) 
May 3International Grab A Kebab Day 
May 3International Grab a Boob Day 
May 4National FPIES Awareness Day 
May 4Water Professionals Appreciation Day (Georgia) 
May 5National Concert Day 
May 5National Enchilada DayFoodimentary
May 5Poem on Your Pillow Day 
May 7National Packaging Design Day 
May 7Tap Water Day (California) 
May 8Ace Day of Visibility 
May 9Global Big Day 
May 9Goku Day (Japan) 
May 9National Archery DayNational Day Calendar
May 9Piccolo Day 
May 9World Binturong Day 
May 9World Buckfast Day 
May 10National Lipid Day 
May 11World Melanoma Day 
May 13Inge Lehmann DaySocial Media
May 13National Crouton Day 
May 14International Dylan Thomas Day 
May 14International Ring14 Day 
May 14National Caesar Day (Canada) 
May 15National Pathological Demand Avoidance Day 
May 15National Pun Day 
May 15National Slider Day 
May 15Wear RED for VEDS Day 
May 16National Classic Movie Day 
May 17International Heritage Breeds Week 
May 18National Therapy Animal Day 
May 19National Scooter Day 
May 20Philly Loves PAWS Day (Philadelphia) 
May 21Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day 
May 21Red Nose Day (US) 
May 22Growing Flavor in the Garden Day 
May 23Harvesting Healing Day 
May 23International Day of Women's Football 
May 23International Heritage Breeds Day 
May 23National Pork Roll Day 
May 24Long Snapper Appreciation Day 
May 25Global Surgery Day 
May 26Independent Artist Day 
May 27Cultivating Comedy Day 
May 28Whooping Crane Day 
May 29National Foot Fetish Day 
May 30Garden Amazement Day 
Jun 130 Days Wild (UK) 
Jun 1Disneyland Day 
Jun 1International Farhud Day 
Jun 1New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day 
Jun 2National Gun Violence Awareness Day 
Jun 2National Rotisserie Chicken DayNational Day Calendar
Jun 2Red Cross Giving DaySelf Declared
Jun 3Global Jewish Unity Day 
Jun 3Ni Una Menos Day (Argentina) 
Jun 3World Motern Day 
Jun 5No Elevators Day 
Jun 6International Ungulate Awareness Day 
Jun 6National Higher Education Day 
Jun 6Sacral Agenesis/ Caudal Regression Syndrome Awareness Day 
Jun 7World Poha Day 
Jun 10National Bae Day 
Jun 11National Making Life Beautiful Day 
Jun 11World Prostate Cancer Day 
Jun 12Idol Day 
Jun 12International Shia Day 
Jun 12National Week of Making 
Jun 12National X Day 
Jun 12Women's Veterans Day 
Jun 13International Albinism Awareness Day 
Jun 13Michael Jackson Vindication Day 
Jun 13National Rosé Day 
Jun 15Beer Day Britain 
Jun 15Blue Monday 
Jun 15World Meat Free Day 
Jun 16International Day of Family Remittances 
Jun 17National Teeth Whitening Day 
Jun 18National Cheesemaker's Day 
Jun 18Veterinary Appreciation Day 
Jun 19International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict 
Jun 19National Community Radio Day (Ireland) 
Jun 20National Kouign Amann Day 
Jun 21International Day of Yoga 
Jun 21World Kamasutra Day (India) 
Jun 22National Kitchen Porter Day (UK) 
Jun 23International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day 
Jun 23Runner's Selfie Day 
Jun 23World Whistleblower Day 
Jun 24National Upcycling Day 
Jun 26LGBTQ Equality Day 
Jun 26National Cream Tea Day 
Jun 27Get Into Your Sanctuary Day 
Jun 27International Day of Deafblindness 
Jun 27International Pineapple Day 
Jun 29Heterosexual Pride Day 
Jun 29International Museum Workers Day 
Jun 29National Smoothie Day 
Jul 1Disability Pride Month 
Jul 1Fibroids Awareness Month 
Jul 1International Polychaete Day 
Jul 2International Robot Day 
Jul 2World Disorders of the Corpus Callosum Day 
Jul 3National Fried Clam DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 8SPANA World Tea Party Day 
Jul 12Feast of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (Greece) 
Jul 13International Day of Sarcoma 
Jul 14National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage (UK) 
Jul 15Prime Day 
Jul 15World Youth Skills Day 
Jul 16National Geordie Day (UK) 
Jul 17National Air Conditioner Day 
Jul 18National Sour Candy DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 18PADI Women's Dive Day 
Jul 21National Meow Day 
Jul 22Bump Day 
Jul 22International Love and Gratitude Day 
Jul 23National Refreshment Day 
Jul 24National Thermal Engineer DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 25International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners 
Jul 25Traditional Palestinian Dress Day 
Jul 27National Renée DaySocial Media
Jul 30National Whistleblower Day 
Aug 1Amblyopia Awareness Month 
Aug 1LIHEAP Action Month 
Aug 1National Jamaican Patty Day 
Aug 1Steelpan Month (Trinidad and Tobago) 
Aug 2National Coloring Book Day 
Aug 2National Ex-Girlfriend Day 
Aug 3Alligator Awareness Day 
Aug 3CLOVES Awareness Day 
Aug 3Terry Fox Day (Manitoba) 
Aug 3Yazidi Genocide Anniversary 
Aug 7National Handloom Day (India) 
Aug 8Five Nights at Freddy's Anniversary 
Aug 8Global Infinite Possibilities Day 
Aug 8TR-808 Day 
Aug 9Little Mix DaySocial Media
Aug 9World Baijiu Day 
Aug 10Momos Day 
Aug 10World Biofuel Day 
Aug 11National Panini DayFoodimentary
Aug 12World Hirola Day 
Aug 13National Blueberry Day (UK) 
Aug 14Back British Farming Day (UK) 
Aug 14National Blood Bike Awareness Day (UK) 
Aug 15Clear the Shelters Day 
Aug 15International Play Lax Day 
Aug 15International Sailor Moon Day 
Aug 15SJS Memorial Day 
Aug 16World Helicopter Day 
Aug 17Coats' Disease Awareness Day 
Aug 17National I LOVE My Feet Day 
Aug 18Stevens Johnson Syndrome Awareness Day 
Aug 18World Day of Forest Fire Prevention 
Aug 20Farm24 (UK) 
Aug 20National Bacon Lovers' Day 
Aug 20National Latina Day 
Aug 22World Day for the End of Speciesism 
Aug 22World Jollof Rice Day 
Aug 23Hug Your Sweetheart Day 
Aug 26International Day Against Dengue 
Aug 26International Hausa Day 
Aug 26World Painted Dog Day 
Aug 27National Banana Pudding Day 
Aug 28Emirati Women's Day (UAE) 
Aug 28Emmett Till Day 
Aug 28Grandparents' Day (Mexico) 
Sep 1Ginger Cat Appreciation Day 
Sep 1Human Resources Professional Day (South Dakota) 
Sep 1National Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month 
Sep 1National Mortgage Professionals Month 
Sep 1World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 
Sep 4Force Friday 
Sep 4National Joan Rivers Day 
Sep 4National Wine Day (Chile) 
Sep 5Achalasia Awareness Day 
Sep 6Colour Blind Awareness Day 
Sep 6Telephone Tuesday 
Sep 8Day of Jewish Unity 
Sep 8National Ampersand Day 
Sep 9National Career Day 
Sep 9National Share Your Care Day 
Sep 10National American Indian/Alaska Native Hope for Life Day 
Sep 11Gun Cleaning Day 
Sep 12National All Star Cheer and Dance Day 
Sep 12National Cheerleading Day 
Sep 14National Coloring DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Sep 15International Children's Growth Awareness Day 
Sep 15National Cheese Toast Day 
Sep 15National IT Professionals Day 
Sep 16International Potcake Day 
Sep 16National Tattoo Story Day 
Sep 17National Fox Day 
Sep 18National First Love Day 
Sep 18National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day (Canada) 
Sep 19National Lacrosse Day (UK) 
Sep 19Usher Syndrome Awareness Day 
Sep 19World Cyanotype Day 
Sep 19World Marrow Donor Day 
Sep 20National Security Officer Appreciation Week 
Sep 21National Sponge Candy Day 
Sep 23National Key Lime Pie Day 
Sep 24aHUS Awareness Day 
Sep 25Ethel Rosenberg Day of Justice (New York) 
Sep 25National Lobster Day 
Sep 25National Research Administrator DayNational Day Calendar
Sep 26Girls in Aviation Day 
Sep 26National Colouring Day (Canada) 
Sep 26National Dumpling Day 
Sep 27National Fall Foliage Week 
Sep 30Dads Take Your Child to School Day (Florida) 
Sep 30Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day 
Sep 30Pink Out Day 
Oct 1International Coffee Day 
Oct 1National Pumpkin Spice Day 
Oct 1Raynaud's Awareness Month 
Oct 1Subaru Loves Pets Month 
Oct 2International Children's Palliative Care Day 
Oct 3Global Smoothie Day 
Oct 3World Day of Medical Social Work 
Oct 4International Zookeeper Day 
Oct 4National Work From Home Week 
Oct 5Chic Spy Day 
Oct 6Imagine a Day Without Water 
Oct 6National Fruit at Work Day 
Oct 6Organ Donor Enrollment Day (New York) 
Oct 7Random Acts of Poetry Day 
Oct 8National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 
Oct 8National Salmon Day 
Oct 10Day of Action Against Mercury Pollution (Peru) 
Oct 10Hug A Drummer Day 
Oct 10National Motorcycle Ride DayNational Day Calendar
Oct 10Progressive Rock Day 
Oct 11World Obesity Day 
Oct 12National Hug A Bassist Day 
Oct 12National Online Bank Day 
Oct 13National Erection Day 
Oct 14Defenders Day (Ukraine) 
Oct 14National Curves Day 
Oct 14World Day of Organ Donation 
Oct 15Global Peer Support Celebration Day 
Oct 15National Cheese Curd Day 
Oct 16National TPA Day 
Oct 16World Pandesal Day 
Oct 17Global PT Day of Service 
Oct 17World Bedwetting Day 
Oct 19Thank Your Cleaner Day 
Oct 19World Slotting Day 
Oct 20International Home-Based Workers Day 
Oct 21Back to the Future Day 
Oct 22Clean Up the Earth Day 
Oct 22Eat a Pretzel Day 
Oct 23World Edible Insect Day 
Oct 23World Mozzarella Day 
Oct 24International Gibbon Day 
Oct 25International Hoist the Colours Day 
Oct 29Sea Slug Day 
Oct 30National Dashiki Day 
Oct 30National Publicist DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 1Acromegaly Awareness Day 
Nov 1International Unicorn Day 
Nov 1Janet Jackson Day 
Nov 1National Apprenticeship Week 
Nov 1National Gratitude Month 
Nov 2Dynamic Harmlessness Day 
Nov 3End Gossip Day 
Nov 3National Jigsaw Day (UK) 
Nov 3National Landlord Day 
Nov 4International Gimme Fiber Day 
Nov 5International Romani Language Day 
Nov 5National Love Your Red Hair DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 7European Radon Day 
Nov 7National Canine Lymphoma Awareness DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 7National Inuit Day (Canada) 
Nov 7National Wine Tasting DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Nov 7World Numbat Day 
Nov 8Day of Prayer for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation 
Nov 8National STEM/STEAM Day 
Nov 8World Gift Day 
Nov 9Equal Pay Day (UK) 
Nov 9Honor Our LGBT Elders DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 9National Greek Yogurt Day 
Nov 10International Interns Day 
Nov 10World Top Up Day 
Nov 12International ATSEP Day 
Nov 12Oliver's Day 
Nov 14International CCHS Day 
Nov 14World Sexual Purity Day 
Nov 14World Syphilis Day (India)Social Media
Nov 15Kimono Day (Japan) 
Nov 16World Antibiotic Awareness Week 
Nov 17International Happy Gose Day 
Nov 18European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation 
Nov 18High Five a Librarian Day 
Nov 18International Poitin Day 
Nov 18National Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Awareness, Research, and Education Day 
Nov 19World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day 
Nov 20National Absurdity Day 
Nov 22International Ewing's Sarcoma Awareness Day 
Nov 24Grace Darling Day 
Nov 25National Rugby Day 
Nov 26Constitution Day (India) 
Nov 26Iron Deficiency Day 
Nov 27National Email Unsubscribe DaySocial Media
Nov 29National Rice Cake Day 
Nov 30National Mate Day (Argentina) 
Nov 30Saint Andrew's Day (UK) 
Dec 2Love My Newspaper Day 
Dec 3National Tunnelling Day (UK) 
Dec 8National Christmas Tree DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Dec 9International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime 
Dec 10Audit In Action Day 
Dec 11Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day 
Dec 12National Lost Day 
Dec 14National Screwdriver Day 
Dec 14Roast Chestnuts Day 
Dec 15Second Amendment Awareness Day (South Carolina) 
Dec 16APS Martyrs Day (Pakistan) 
Dec 18National Give a Wine Club Day 
Dec 20World Kajalism Day 
Dec 21Ribbon Candy Day 
Dec 21World Saree Day 
Dec 22National Cookie Exchange DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Dec 22Short Person Day 
Dec 28Brobdingnagian Proboscis Day 
Dec 30Ski Naked Day 

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