List of New Holidays in 2014

408 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2014.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 2National Pet Travel Safety DayThe Holiday Guild
Jan 7Camellia Day (Alabama) 
Jan 9Cassoulet Day 
Jan 12National Glazed Doughnut Day 
Jan 13National Gluten-Free Day 
Jan 13Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week 
Jan 13World Day of Bubble Gum 
Jan 20Take a Walk Outdoors Day 
Jan 21One-Liners DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Jan 22Museum Selfie Day 
Jan 26Dungeons And Dragons Day 
Jan 27Eugene Viollet-le-Duc DayGoogle Doodles
Jan 27Multicultural Children's Book Day 
Jan 29Big Block of Cheese Day 
Jan 29Library Shelfie Day 
Jan 30Indonesian Primate Day (Indonesia) 
Jan 30National Cleanliness Day (India) 
Jan 31International Zebra Day 
Feb 1Fully Fit February (Australia) 
Feb 1International Face and Body Art Day 
Feb 1National TV Safety Day 
Feb 1Vulvuary 
Feb 1World Galgo Day 
Feb 2World Cepelinai Day 
Feb 2World Tutu Day 
Feb 4National Medjool Date Day 
Feb 5National Voter Registration Day (UK) 
Feb 6Bob Marley Day 
Feb 6National Pro-Life Chalk Day 
Feb 7Odd Socks Day (Italy) 
Feb 7School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day (Florida) 
Feb 8Call Everyone Dave Day (UK) 
Feb 11Flash Appreciation Day 
Feb 12Gamma Day (Illinois) 
Feb 15International Male Chastity Day 
Feb 17National Cigar Day 
Feb 19219 Day 
Feb 20Kurt Cobain Day 
Feb 20National Limoncello Day 
Feb 20National Muffin DayFoodimentary
Feb 22World Encephalitis Day 
Feb 22World NGO Day 
Feb 24National Cupcake Day (Canada) 
Feb 25National Toast Day (UK) 
Feb 27National Milk Tart Day (South Africa) 
Mar 1National Alport Syndrome Awareness Month 
Mar 1National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Day 
Mar 1Vascular Anomalies Awareness Month 
Mar 1World PTLS Awareness Month 
Mar 1Zero Discrimination Day 
Mar 3World Wildlife Day 
Mar 5305 Day 
Mar 5National Emetophobia Awareness Day (UK) 
Mar 5National Poutine Day 
Mar 7National Burrito Day 
Mar 8308 Day 
Mar 8International Women's Collaboration Brew Day 
Mar 8National Catholic Sisters Week 
Mar 8World Potocki-Lupski Syndrome Awareness Day 
Mar 10National Ranch Dressing DayFoodimentary
Mar 11Gambling Disorder Screening Day 
Mar 12312 Day 
Mar 13International Bottom Appreciation Day 
Mar 13Intrauterine Growth Restriction Awareness Day 
Mar 13World Day of Endometriosis 
Mar 13World Endometriosis Day 
Mar 14Science Education Day 
Mar 15National Shoe the World DayNational Day Calendar
Mar 16No Selfies Day 
Mar 17Shakespeare Week 
Mar 20Hufflepuff Pride Day 
Mar 21Anal Cancer Awareness Day 
Mar 21Saison Day 
Mar 21Slytherin Pride Day 
Mar 22Gryffindor Pride Day 
Mar 23National Eucalypt Day (Australia) 
Mar 23Phace Syndrome Awareness Week 
Mar 23Ravenclaw Pride Day 
Mar 24Booby Cupcake Week 
Mar 24Cherokee Nation Remembrance Day 
Mar 24MuseumWeek 
Mar 24National Cocktail DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Mar 25Air Max Day 
Mar 26Drop Everything And Read Day (Uganda) 
Mar 27327 Day 
Mar 28International Laser Tag Day 
Mar 29Arduino Day 
Mar 29Declaw Awareness Day 
Mar 30World Bipolar Day 
Mar 31International Loki Day 
Mar 31National Border Control Day 
Apr 1National Kite Month 
Apr 1Take Your Horse to Work Day 
Apr 1Tick and Mosquito Awareness Month (North Carolina) 
Apr 2National Ferret Day 
Apr 4National Volleyball Day 
Apr 6National Siamese Cat DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Apr 8National Dog Fighting Awareness Day 
Apr 9BC Book Day (British Columbia) 
Apr 10One Tribe One Day (Virginia) 
Apr 10Play True Day 
Apr 11International Day for Maternal Health and Rights 
Apr 11Love My School Day 
Apr 12Lucid Dreaming Day 
Apr 12National Only Child Day 
Apr 13International Day of the Kiss 
Apr 14Pathologists' Assistant Day 
Apr 15International Microvolunteering Day 
Apr 15International Pompe Day 
Apr 15National ASL Day 
Apr 15National McDonald's Day 
Apr 16International 4p-/Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Awareness Day 
Apr 17Kickball Day 
Apr 18Anal Sex Day 
Apr 19National Poker Day 
Apr 22National Send Your Man Nudes Day 
Apr 23Lost Dog Awareness Day 
Apr 24Fashion Revolution Day 
Apr 24International Watch Firefly DaySocial Media
Apr 25National Financial Educators Day 
Apr 25National Mani-Pedi Day 
Apr 26World Pilots' Day 
Apr 27Koningsdag 
Apr 27World Day of Marriage 
Apr 28Maternal Mental Health Week 
Apr 28Steel Safety Day 
Apr 29National Canadian Film Day (Canada) 
Apr 30National PrepareAthon Day 
Apr 30National Turkey Bacon Day 
Apr 30National Window Film Day 
May 1First Responders Day (Ontario) 
May 1Food Allergy Action Month 
May 1Global Developmental Delay Awareness Day 
May 1National Purebred Dog Day 
May 1Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day 
May 2National Life Insurance DayNational Day Calendar
May 3Independent Bookstore Day 
May 3International Gilbert and Sullivan Day 
May 3National Widow's Day 
May 3National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 
May 4Maya Angelou Day (Boston) 
May 5European Independent Living Day 
May 6Give Choose Day (Virginia) 
May 6Give STL Day (Missouri) 
May 7International Harm Reduction Day 
May 7National Cosmopolitan DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
May 9National Gray Day 
May 10Drone Day 
May 11Hostess Cupcake Day 
May 13Children of Fallen Patriots Day 
May 14National Good Hair Day 
May 14World Verbal Dyspraxia Awareness Day 
May 15National Hummus Day 
May 15VBF Day of Awareness 
May 17National Mushroom Hunting DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
May 17Plant a Lemon Tree Day 
May 20National Streaming Day 
May 21National Trauma Survivors Day 
May 22Ewokalypse 
May 23Go Nissan Day 
May 23International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 
May 23Melissa McBride DaySocial Media
May 23World Wrestling Day 
May 24World Fish Migration Day 
May 27Rachel Carson DayGoogle Doodles
May 28World Blood Cancer Day 
May 28World Menstrual Hygiene Day 
May 30Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day (Western Australia) 
Jun 1HHT Awareness Month 
Jun 1International Sheltie Day 
Jun 1Jurassic June 
Jun 1National Crime Reading Month 
Jun 1National Fragrance Week 
Jun 1World Outlander Day 
Jun 2National Safety Stand-Down Week 
Jun 5HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day 
Jun 7National Health and Fitness Day (Canada) 
Jun 10National Forklift Safety Day 
Jun 12International Drink Chenin Day 
Jun 12Mom's Equal Pay Day 
Jun 12National Harm Reduction Day (Canada) 
Jun 12World Verdejo Day 
Jun 13National Cupcake Lover's DayFoodimentary
Jun 17International Violin Day 
Jun 18Insalata Day (Italy) 
Jun 20International Tennis Day 
Jun 21National Selfie Day 
Jun 21World Giraffe Day 
Jun 23International Women in Engineering Day 
Jun 24French Canadian-American Day 
Jun 26National DCE Day 
Jun 27National Sunglasses Day 
Jun 30Wildland Firefighter Week of Remembrance 
Jul 1National Deli Salad Month 
Jul 1National Fragile X Awareness Month 
Jul 5World Dawah Day 
Jul 6Body Painting Day (New York) 
Jul 6Umbrella Cover Day 
Jul 7International Ponytail Day 
Jul 10Capybara Appreciation Day 
Jul 11Day of the Forest Firefighter (Mexico) 
Jul 12Get Outside Day (Canada) 
Jul 13GIST Awareness Day 
Jul 13International Day of the Conductor 
Jul 14World Orca Day 
Jul 15International Spikeball Day 
Jul 15National Give Something Away DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 16Black Women's Equal Pay Day 
Jul 16National Funnel Cake Day 
Jul 17717 Day (Pennsylvania) 
Jul 17International Firgun Day 
Jul 20Liam Payne Appreciation Day 
Jul 22World Brain Day 
Jul 23Batman Day 
Jul 23Historic County Flags Day (UK) 
Jul 24National Private Investigator Day 
Jul 24National Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness Day (UK) 
Jul 25International Red Shoe Day 
Jul 25National Wine and Cheese DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Jul 26EFF Anniversary (South Africa) 
Jul 26World Tofu Day 
Jul 27World Head and Neck Cancer Day 
Jul 30World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 
Aug 1Bystander Awareness Month 
Aug 1National Waifu Day 
Aug 1Rye Month 
Aug 1Shop Online for Groceries Month 
Aug 3Cornish Pasty Day 
Aug 4Exchange Day 
Aug 4National White Wine DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Aug 5Maze Runner Day 
Aug 5Start Up Day Across America 
Aug 8Shop Online for Groceries Day 
Aug 8World Cross Stitch Day 
Aug 14Lake Michigan Day 
Aug 15World Portable Sanitation Day 
Aug 16CPAN Day 
Aug 18National Badge Ribbon Day 
Aug 21International Day of Mosques 
Aug 21National Brazilian Blowout DayNational Day Calendar
Aug 22International Tongue Twister Day 
Aug 27World Rock Paper Scissors Day 
Aug 30National Beach DayColleen Paige
Sep 1Achalasia Awareness Month 
Sep 1NICU Awareness Month 
Sep 1Save Your Photos Month 
Sep 1World Letter Writing Day 
Sep 2World Art Drop Day 
Sep 3National Dahlia Day 
Sep 3Victory Day (China) 
Sep 5International Pierre Robin Sequence Awareness Day 
Sep 5National Shrink Day 
Sep 5Tweet like Werner Herzog Day 
Sep 6World Shorebirds Day 
Sep 7Newt Day 
Sep 7World Duchenne Awareness Day 
Sep 7World Goddess Day 
Sep 8I'm On Top Of It Day 
Sep 9International 9P Minus Awareness Day 
Sep 9National African Immigrant and Refugee HIV and Hepatitis Awareness Day 
Sep 9National Ants On A Log Day 
Sep 10Alpaca Day 
Sep 10Port Wine Day 
Sep 13National Sour Beer Day 
Sep 13Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day 
Sep 14National Dementia Carers Day (UK) 
Sep 15Pension Awareness Day (UK) 
Sep 17UK Dairy Day (UK) 
Sep 18International Read An Ebook Day 
Sep 19919 Day (North Carolina) 
Sep 19National Family Business Day (UK) 
Sep 20Day of Circassians 
Sep 20National Pepperoni Pizza Day 
Sep 20Unification Day 
Sep 22Science Literacy Week (Canada) 
Sep 25National Tune-Up Day 
Sep 26NICU Remembrance Day 
Sep 26World Cassowary Day 
Sep 27International Air Ambulance Week 
Sep 27NICU Giving Day 
Sep 27Save Your Photos Day 
Sep 27World Day of Leukodystrophies 
Sep 28NICU Staff Recognition Day 
Sep 29National Biscotti Day 
Sep 29Sibling Support Day 
Sep 30International Podcast Day 
Sep 30National Sporting Heritage Day (UK) 
Sep 30Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Day 
Sep 30World Pole Dance Day 
Oct 1Chronic Urticaria Awareness Day 
Oct 1International Gaucher Day 
Oct 1National Cholesterol Month (UK) 
Oct 1Urban October 
Oct 1World Ballet Day 
Oct 1Zombie Preparedness Month (Kansas) 
Oct 2National Brow Day 
Oct 2Wrongful Conviction Day 
Oct 3Buy British Day (UK) 
Oct 4International Dakota Johnson DaySocial Media
Oct 4University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day (Australia) 
Oct 5World Quaker Day 
Oct 6National Coaches Day 
Oct 7News Engagement Day 
Oct 7Team Margot Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Awareness Day 
Oct 8International Print Day 
Oct 9National Class Ring Day 
Oct 9Scrubs DayDays of the Year
Oct 10World Audiologists Day 
Oct 11International Pinotage Day 
Oct 12International Central Service Week 
Oct 13Earth Science Literacy Day 
Oct 13International Day of Education in Prison 
Oct 13Silly Sayings DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Oct 13World Thrombosis Day 
Oct 14Global FPIES Awareness Day 
Oct 15International Power In One Day 
Oct 16Bring Your Bible to School Day 
Oct 16Geoscience for Everyone Day 
Oct 16Global Ethics Day 
Oct 17International Real Vanilla Day 
Oct 22National Burns Awareness Day (UK) 
Oct 22Saint John Paul II Feast Day 
Oct 23Banking On Values Day 
Oct 23International Snow Leopard Day 
Oct 23National Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living With HIV 
Oct 23SUDEP Action Day 
Oct 25European Lawyers Day 
Oct 25International Robin Hood Day 
Oct 25MDS World Awareness Day 
Oct 25National Mosque Open Day (Australia) 
Oct 25World Dragon Day 
Oct 28National Internment Commemoration Day (Canada) 
Oct 28Stargate Day 
Oct 30Vice Presidents Day 
Oct 31National Unity Day (India) 
Oct 31World Cities Day 
Oct 31World Lemur Day 
Nov 122q Awareness Month 
Nov 1CRPS Awareness Month 
Nov 1Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month 
Nov 1National College Application Month 
Nov 1Teff and Millet Month 
Nov 1World Halal Day 
Nov 1World Kobane Day 
Nov 2International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists 
Nov 3Color the World Orange Day 
Nov 3Washing Machine Day 
Nov 5Britney Day (Las Vegas) 
Nov 5International Pathology Day 
Nov 5World Day of Caregivers 
Nov 6National Casting Day (UK) 
Nov 7National Cancer Awareness Day (India) 
Nov 8Ladies Learning Code Day (Canada) 
Nov 9World Adoption Day 
Nov 10Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 
Nov 10National Pork Belly Day 
Nov 11Puerto Princesa Underground River Day (Philippines) 
Nov 12A&W Root Beer Mug Day 
Nov 13World Pancreatic Cancer Day 
Nov 14Pirate Day Friday (Australia) 
Nov 15European Music Therapy Day 
Nov 15National Drummer Day 
Nov 15World Ohtahara Syndrome Awareness Day 
Nov 16Day of Ukrainian Marines (Ukraine) 
Nov 16International Selfie Day 
Nov 16International Selfie Day 
Nov 17Smith-Magenis Syndrome / SMS Awareness Day 
Nov 18National CTEPH Awareness Day 
Nov 18Sonic R Day 
Nov 19Love Theatre Day 
Nov 19National Macchiato DayFoodimentary
Nov 19Women's Entrepreneurship Day 
Nov 20National Catholic School Principal's Day 
Nov 20Wear Green Day 
Nov 21Dignity and Freedom Day (Ukraine) 
Nov 21National Gingerbread Cookie DayFoodimentary
Nov 22Crystal Skull World Day 
Nov 22Kimchi Day (South Korea) 
Nov 24International Carmenere Day 
Nov 24International Day of the Bible 
Nov 24National Change Your Password Day (Netherlands) 
Nov 24National Fairy Bread Day (Australia) 
Nov 26Kelaghayi Day (Azerbaijan) 
Nov 26National Milk Day (India) 
Nov 27World Citizen Day 
Nov 28Black Hole Friday 
Nov 28Random Acts Of Kindness Friday 
Nov 29Tamandua Day (Brazil) 
Nov 29World Anteater Day 
Nov 30Jewish Refugees Day / Commemoration Day for Jews expelled from Arab Lands and Iran 
Dec 2Thank a Dance Teacher Day 
Dec 3Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Day 
Dec 3International Spirit of the Game Day 
Dec 3National Green Bean Casserole DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Dec 5World Biomedical Engineering Day 
Dec 6National Cook for Christmas DayFoodimentary
Dec 9International Human Rights Defenders Day 
Dec 13Nanjing Massacre Memorial Day (China) 
Dec 15National Gingerbread Latte Day 
Dec 16Jane Austen Day 
Dec 16National Green Chili Day 
Dec 18National Stilton Day (UK) 
Dec 19Holly DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Dec 21Don't Make Your Bed Day 
Dec 22Defrost Your Turkey Day (UK) 
Dec 23Leap of Faithiversary 
Dec 25Good Governance Day 
Dec 28National Eat Chocolate Day 

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