List of New Holidays in 2013

345 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2013.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1Dry January (UK) 
Jan 1Norton Month (Missouri) 
Jan 4Odd Socks Day (Australia) 
Jan 4Zero Gravity Day 
Jan 7National Nicolas Cage Day 
Jan 12Stick To Your New Year's Resolution Day 
Jan 18International AHC Day 
Jan 19International Flower Day 
Jan 19National Gun Appreciation Day 
Jan 20Vendors Day (India) 
Jan 24Colorist Appreciation Day 
Jan 24Data Innovation Day 
Jan 25PitMad / Pitch Madness Day 
Jan 28International LEGO Day 
Jan 31Eat Brussels Sprouts Day 
Feb 1Femslash February 
Feb 1Information Governance Month 
Feb 1International Gruit Day 
Feb 1World Hijab Day 
Feb 2Rheumatoid Awareness Day 
Feb 2Twintail Day (Japan) 
Feb 5International Clash Day 
Feb 7Time to Talk Day (UK) 
Feb 8National Girl Scout Cookie Day 
Feb 9Chocolate Day (India) 
Feb 11Family Day (British Columbia) 
Feb 11Respect Week 
Feb 11Whitney Houston Appreciation Day 
Feb 13Palentine's Day 
Feb 15International Winter Bike to Work Day 
Feb 18Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day 
Feb 18International Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict 
Feb 19National Boston Terrier DaySocial Media
Feb 20National RA Appreciation Day 
Feb 21Global Information Governance Day 
Feb 22A Day Without News? 
Feb 22European Day for Victims of Crime 
Feb 23International Day of Mercury Control Commitment 
Feb 24International 'I Hate Coriander' Day 
Feb 25Play More Cards Day 
Feb 26National Pistachio Day 
Feb 26Trayvon Martin Day 
Feb 28Discover Girl Day 
Mar 1Transgender Month of Action for Healthcare Equality 
Mar 1World Futures Day 
Mar 3Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day 
Mar 4World Tennis Day 
Mar 8International School Meals Day 
Mar 9National Music Day (Indonesia) 
Mar 9Zangoose Day 
Mar 14National Reuben Sandwich Day 
Mar 16Genealogy Day 
Mar 18Meat Free Week 
Mar 18NO MORE Week 
Mar 20International Day of Happiness 
Mar 20National Plagiocephaly and Torticollis Awareness Day 
Mar 20World Oral Health Day 
Mar 21International Day of Forests 
Mar 21World Wood Day 
Mar 24International Sauerkraut Day 
Mar 25National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day 
Mar 30Black Country Day (UK) 
Mar 30International TableTop Day 
Mar 30Neighbour Day (Australia) 
Mar 31World Lipodystrophy Day 
Apr 3Weed Out Hate: Sow The Seeds of Greatness Day 
Apr 4International Rock Beat Day 
Apr 4World Drummers Day 
Apr 4World Plagiocephaly Day 
Apr 5Global Crowdfunding Day 
Apr 6International Search and Rescue Beacon / 406 Day 
Apr 6National Acai Bowl Day 
Apr 7National Slap Ass DayUrban Dictionary
Apr 9Equal Pay Day (Canada) 
Apr 9Everglades Action Day 
Apr 9National Service Recognition Day 
Apr 9National Shine A Light On Slavery Day 
Apr 10National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day 
Apr 11Brunch for Lunch DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Apr 13Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) International Awareness Day 
Apr 13Undiagnosed Children's Awareness Day (UK) 
Apr 14Day of the Skater 
Apr 17National Officials Day (Canada) 
Apr 17Talk With Our Kids About Money Day (Canada) 
Apr 18National Pineapple Day 
Apr 20Hardware Freedom Day 
Apr 21International Hemp Day 
Apr 21Keep Off the Grass DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Apr 22Every Kid Healthy Week 
Apr 23International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Awareness Day 
Apr 24International Day of Feminist Solidarity Against Transnational Corporations 
Apr 24KY Gives Day (Kentucky) 
Apr 28Music Minister Appreciation Day 
Apr 29Viral Video DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Apr 30National Tie-Dye Day 
May 1Finger Lakes Wine Month 
May 1National Interpreter Appreciation Day 
May 1Preeclampsia Awareness Month 
May 1Williams Syndrome Awareness Month 
May 1World Wrestling Month 
May 2Idaho Gives Day (Idaho) 
May 2World Password DayNational Day Calendar
May 3International Leopard Day 
May 4Dave Brubeck Day 
May 4K.I.N.D. Day 
May 6International Clitoris Awareness Week 
May 6World Moyamoya Awareness Day 
May 7World Wide Day of Genital Autonomy 
May 8International Viking Day 
May 9Give OUT Day 
May 11Mother Ocean Day 
May 11National Wear Red Pants Day 
May 13National Infrastructure Week 
May 13World Day of Football Coaches 
May 14Childhood Apraxia of Speech Awareness Day 
May 15National Children's Day (UK) 
May 16International Celiac Awareness Day 
May 16Mimosa DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
May 16National Aperitif Day 
May 17International Art of Giving Day 
May 19World Pastry Day 
May 23National Fill Your Thermos Brand Bottle Day 
May 26World Sherry Day 
May 31Web Designer Day 
Jun 1Beautiful in Your Skin Month 
Jun 1CDKL5 Awareness Month 
Jun 1California Avocado Month 
Jun 1Cancer Immunotherapy Month 
Jun 1Humility Month 
Jun 1Hydranencephaly Awareness Month 
Jun 1Junesploitation 
Jun 1Nametag Day 
Jun 1Pelvic Organ Prolapse Awareness Month 
Jun 1Vidal Blanc Month (Missouri) 
Jun 3International Sommelier Day 
Jun 3World Clubfoot Day 
Jun 3World Orthoptic Day 
Jun 4World Day of Fertility 
Jun 5Ketchup Day 
Jun 5Wiltshire Day (UK) 
Jun 6Shriners International Awareness Day 
Jun 6World Tetris Day 
Jun 7International Tourettes Awareness Day 
Jun 8National Soulmate DaySocial Media
Jun 9National Stripper Appreciation Day 
Jun 10International Heraldry Day 
Jun 10World Art Nouveau Day 
Jun 11Pizza Margherita Day 
Jun 12International Adobo Day 
Jun 12International Dubbing Day 
Jun 15DACA Anniversary 
Jun 15International Day of Latex 
Jun 15Lion King Day 
Jun 17CDKL5 Awareness Day 
Jun 17National Low-carbon Day (China) 
Jun 17National Tour Guides Day 
Jun 21National Care Home Open Day (UK) 
Jun 24World Young Doctors Day 
Jun 26Support. Don't Punish. Global Day of Action 
Jun 26Tropical Cocktails DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Jun 27World Fragrance Day (Germany) 
Jun 28International PKU Day 
Jun 29Bartender and Mixologist DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Jun 29International Scoliosis Awareness Day 
Jun 29Redhead Day UK 
Jun 30Day of the Virtual FriendSocial Media
Jul 1Blink 182 Day 
Jul 1Bobby Bonilla DaySocial Media
Jul 3Zine Distro Appreciation Day 
Jul 4National EO Day (UK) 
Jul 6International Save the Vaquita Day 
Jul 7Creative Maladjustment Week 
Jul 8Be a Kid Again Day 
Jul 10National Subrogation Professional's Day 
Jul 10Srebrenica Memorial Day 
Jul 11Straw Free Day (Colorado) 
Jul 12Malala Day 
Jul 13Arctic Sea Ice Day 
Jul 14Feast of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha 
Jul 15Day of Ukrainian Peacekeepers 
Jul 15International Read Naked Day 
Jul 15National Dork Day 
Jul 15National Social Media Giving Day 
Jul 19National Tell A Girl She's Beautiful Day 
Jul 19Rojava Revolution Anniversary (Syria) 
Jul 20National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine DayNational Day Calendar
Jul 25National African American Hepatitis C Action Day 
Jul 25Rosalind Franklin Day 
Jul 25World Embryologist Day 
Jul 27Empty the Tanks Day 
Jul 28National Fingerprint Day 
Jul 30Jimmy Hoffa Day 
Jul 31National Heatstroke Awareness Day 
Jul 31World MS Trend Day 
Aug 1Drawing August 
Aug 1Freedom to Marry Day (Minnesota) 
Aug 1International Childfree Day 
Aug 1Tree Check Month 
Aug 3International Blues Music Day 
Aug 6World Organ Donation Day 
Aug 8Dalek Day 
Aug 8Dying To Know Day (Australia) 
Aug 8Severe ME Awareness Day 
Aug 10Love Your Bookshop Day (Australia) 
Aug 10World Lion Day 
Aug 11Chef's Appreciation Week 
Aug 14International Memorial Day for Comfort Women 
Aug 16816 Day 
Aug 16International Apostrophe Day 
Aug 17Chef's Appreciation Day 
Aug 17Feast Day of Our Lady of Knock 
Aug 17National Model Aviation Day 
Aug 20Neymarzetes Day (Brazil) 
Aug 23World Vada Pav Day 
Aug 25Black Breastfeeding Week 
Aug 25National Fantasy Football Draft Day 
Aug 27Mr. Hyde National Burger Day (UK) 
Aug 28Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 
Aug 31International Play Music on the Porch Day 
Aug 31Romanian Language Day (Romania) 
Aug 31We Love Memoirs Day 
Sep 1National Attendance Awareness Month 
Sep 1Sourdough September (UK) 
Sep 4National Polycystic Kidney Disease / PKD Awareness Day 
Sep 5International Day of Charity 
Sep 6National Little Black Dress Day (Australia) 
Sep 7International Cassette Store Day 
Sep 7Seven of Nine Day 
Sep 8World Gravity Day 
Sep 8Worldwide Cystic Fibrosis Day 
Sep 9International Buy a Priest a Beer Day 
Sep 9International Sudoku Day 
Sep 12Cycle to Work Day (UK) 
Sep 12MPN Awareness Day 
Sep 13International Mountain Chicken Frog Day 
Sep 14Philip K. Dick Day (California) 
Sep 15Someday 
Sep 16National Teaching Assistants' Day (UK) 
Sep 17Kleefstra Syndrome Awareness Day 
Sep 18Big Brothers Big Sisters Day (Canada) 
Sep 18International Pitt Hopkins Awareness Day 
Sep 18National Ceiling Fan Day 
Sep 20Mac Miller Day (Pittsburgh) 
Sep 21George Harrison Day (Illinois) 
Sep 21National Learn To Code Day (Canada) 
Sep 22National Eat Local Day 
Sep 24World Day of Thyroid Cancer 
Sep 26Last of Us Day 
Sep 26Remember Me Thursday 
Sep 28World Day of Retinitis Pigmentosa 
Sep 30National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Canada) 
Oct 1BFRB Awareness Week 
Oct 1Black Speculative Fiction Month 
Oct 1Customer Experience / CX Day 
Oct 1National Home Security Month 
Oct 1World Skin Health Day 
Oct 2International Chhole Bhature Day 
Oct 4French Canadian Heritage Day (Michigan) 
Oct 5Barrel-Aged Beer Day 
Oct 5Datil Pepper Day (Florida) 
Oct 7International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day 
Oct 8International Percy Jackson Day 
Oct 8World Humanitarian Action Day 
Oct 9World PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day 
Oct 10International Stage Management Day 
Oct 10National Handbag Day 
Oct 11National Haunted House Day 
Oct 11World Biryani Day 
Oct 13UK Fungus Day (UK) 
Oct 14National Heroes Day (Bahamas) 
Oct 15Lucille Ball Day 
Oct 15National Flex Day 
Oct 15Pacific Leatherback Conservation Day (California) 
Oct 15Shwmae Su'mae Day (UK) 
Oct 16Restart A Heart Day 
Oct 17National Bioenergy Day 
Oct 18World Vasectomy Day 
Oct 19World Day Against Fracking 
Oct 20National Police Officer's Spouses' Day 
Oct 22National Love Your Melon Day 
Oct 23Global Day of Action for Child Survival 
Oct 23National Croc Day 
Oct 24World Polio Day 
Oct 24World Tripe Day 
Oct 25National Shoe Lover Day 
Oct 25World Dwarfism Awareness Day 
Oct 26Post Polio Syndrome Day (UK) 
Oct 30Mine Rescue Day 
Oct 30Pumpkin Bread DayJace Shoemaker-Galloway
Oct 30World Audio Drama Day 
Oct 30World Day of Bodybuilding 
Oct 30World Hypophosphatasia (HPP) Day 
Oct 30World Puddle Jumping Day (UK) 
Nov 1National Brush Your Teeth Day 
Nov 1World Candle Month 
Nov 2National Assata Shakur Liberation Day 
Nov 3National Patient Transport Week 
Nov 3World Cosplay Day 
Nov 4National Day of Mourning (Hungary) 
Nov 4Tomorrow's Engineers Week (UK) 
Nov 5International Nystagmus Awareness Day 
Nov 7Day of the Hungarian Opera (Hungary) 
Nov 7International Day of Medical Physics 
Nov 7International Merlot Day 
Nov 10Grandparents' Day (South Sudan) 
Nov 11Red Lipstick Day 
Nov 11World Nursery Rhyme Week 
Nov 12Thanks, Birth Control Day 
Nov 13National Housing Day (UK) 
Nov 15Buy Local Month (Low Country) 
Nov 15International 15q Day 
Nov 15Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Day 
Nov 15School Board Member Day (Illinois) 
Nov 16World Falconry Day 
Nov 19American Made Matters Day 
Nov 19International Journalists Remembrance Day 
Nov 19World Toilet Day 
Nov 20National Headwrap Day 
Nov 21National Tree Day (Italy) 
Nov 22Day of Remembrance for President John F. Kennedy 
Nov 24National Bicycle Day (Philippines) 
Nov 25CNSO Day (India) 
Nov 29National Jersey DayNational Day Calendar
Nov 30Canadian Craft Beer Day 
Nov 30International Day Against Eating Disorders 
Nov 30World Day of Giving 
Dec 1James Gandolfini Day (New Jersey) 
Dec 1National Grinch Day 
Dec 33D Printing Day 
Dec 3Giving Tuesday (UK) 
Dec 4National Kitten Day 
Dec 5World Turkish Coffee Day 
Dec 6Dogecoin's Birthday 
Dec 7Bath & Body Works' Candle Day 
Dec 7National Rhubarb Vodka Day 
Dec 7National Small Business Day (UK) 
Dec 8Day of Loyalty and Love for Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) 
Dec 8Pansexual Pride Day 
Dec 12National Pigs In Blankets Day (UK) 
Dec 13International ACAB Day 
Dec 14National "WTF Happened to Surf?" Day 
Dec 16Global Day of Joy 
Dec 16Nirbhaya Anniversary (India) 
Dec 18World Minorities Rights Day (India) 
Dec 19Chocolate Pizza Day 

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