List of New Holidays in 2011

286 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2011.

Event NameRegistrar or
Jan 1Academic Writing Month 
Jan 1California Restaurant Month 
Jan 1International Hangover Day 
Jan 1Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month 
Jan 7International Silly Walk Day 
Jan 8World Typing Day 
Jan 15National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day 
Jan 16World Snow Day 
Jan 20National Coffee Break Day 
Jan 22Curry Day (Japan) 
Jan 24Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 
Jan 25National Voters' Day (India) 
Jan 26International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day 
Jan 27127 Day (South Korea) 
Jan 29National Day of Transgender Visibility (Brazil) 
Jan 29World Automobile Day 
Jan 30Fred Korematsu Day 
Jan 31International Omphalocele Awareness Day 
Feb 1Day of Remembrance and Respect to Victims of the Communist Regime (Bulgaria) 
Feb 1World Interfaith Harmony Week 
Feb 2World Introvert Day 
Feb 6Feeding Tube Awareness Week 
Feb 6Ronald Reagan Day 
Feb 7National Poop Day 
Feb 9Bell Let's Talk Day (Canada) 
Feb 11Hug a Tall Person Day 
Feb 12National Hockey Card Day 
Feb 13Galentine's Day 
Feb 13International Natural Day 
Feb 13Jell-O Week 
Feb 14National Simp DaySocial Media
Feb 15National Bad Breath Day 
Feb 15National Plan B Day 
Feb 15The ENIAC Day 
Feb 16International Syrah Day 
Feb 19World Pangolin Day 
Feb 20Rih Day / Rihanna Appreciation DaySocial Media
Feb 24Sweden Finns' Day (Sweden) 
Feb 25Jamaica Day 
Feb 25National Masturbation Day (Poland) 
Feb 25Soviet Occupation Day (Georgia) 
Feb 28Public Sleeping Day 
Feb 28World Day without Facebook 
Mar 1Doomed Soldiers Memorial Day (Poland) 
Mar 1International Hug a Librarian Day 
Mar 1International Waste Pickers Day 
Mar 1Jersey Mike's Month of Giving 
Mar 1Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month 
Mar 2National Coffee with a Cop Day 
Mar 3Mistress Day (China) 
Mar 3Simplify Your Life Day 
Mar 5National Platypus Day 
Mar 12World Agnihotra Day 
Mar 13National Ginger Ale Day 
Mar 14Bake a Pie in Solidarity Day 
Mar 14World Sikh Environment Day 
Mar 15International Blackadder Status Day 
Mar 15International Hypatia Day 
Mar 16National Lumpia Day 
Mar 17Saint Catrick's Day 
Mar 18National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (Australia) 
Mar 20Latino Education and Advocacy Week (California) 
Mar 21World Day of Casi Angeles (Argentina) 
Mar 22World Day of Metta 
Mar 22World Doula Day 
Mar 22World Mime Day 
Mar 23Affordable Care Act Anniversary 
Mar 24National Side Boob Appreciation Day 
Mar 25International Procrastination Day 
Mar 27Amniotic Fluid Embolism Awareness Day 
Mar 28Jersey Mike's Day of Giving 
Mar 29Britney Day (San Francisco) 
Mar 30National Becca Day 
Mar 31International Hug a Medievalist Day 
Apr 1Autism Acceptance Month 
Apr 1International Pwoermd Writing Month 
Apr 1National Financial Capability Month 
Apr 2National Play Outside Day 
Apr 4World Stray Animals Day 
Apr 5Seattle Rock Day 
Apr 5Why I Love Museums Day 
Apr 8International Girls in ICT Day 
Apr 9EU Talent Day 
Apr 9World IoT Day 
Apr 11411 Day 
Apr 11National Poutine Day (Canada) 
Apr 11Undergraduate Research Week 
Apr 13American Sikh Day 
Apr 13Ask an Atheist Day 
Apr 14Milwaukee Day / 414 Day 
Apr 14National Donate a Book Day 
Apr 15Purple Up for Military Kids Day 
Apr 15Young Carers Action Day (UK) 
Apr 16Jimmy Buffett Day (Florida) 
Apr 17Malbec World Day 
Apr 18Day of Dialogue 
Apr 19National Spice Smoking Day 
Apr 23Great British Beef Week (UK) 
Apr 25Free Love Day 
Apr 28Ed Balls Day 
May 1Doctors' Day (Canada) 
May 1National Pole Dance Day (UK) 
May 3School Lunch Hero Day 
May 5International Uyghur Doppa Day 
May 6International Blowing Bubbles Day 
May 7National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day 
May 7World Ankylosing Spondylitis Day 
May 7World Fischbroetchen Day (Germany) 
May 12National Public Transportation Career Day 
May 13Fintastic Friday 
May 15International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day 
May 15International Men Can Wear Dresses Day 
May 16World Day of Heavy Metal 
May 17World Day of Horticulture 
May 19International Pwoermd Day 
May 20Flower Day 
May 21National Kids to Parks Day 
May 24World Schizophrenia Awareness Day 
May 26National Paper Airplane Day 
May 28World Hunger Day 
Jun 1Equine Colic Awareness Month 
Jun 1World Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day 
Jun 2National VA2K Walk and Roll Day 
Jun 4Butterfly Education and Awareness (BEAD) Day 
Jun 4International Lolita Day 
Jun 5Ferris Bueller's Day Off Day 
Jun 5National Animal Rights Day 
Jun 7National Military Working Dog Day (Australia) 
Jun 9Ask an Archivist Day 
Jun 9National Sex Day 
Jun 9Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day (UK) 
Jun 11International Yarnbombing Day 
Jun 16National Cannoli Day 
Jun 17Global Garbage Man Day 
Jun 17National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement 
Jun 19National Pets in Film DayColleen Paige
Jun 21Baby Boomers Recognition Day 
Jun 21National Dog Party Day 
Jun 22World Camel Day 
Jun 23International Widows' Day 
Jun 25625 / Reuben DaySocial Media
Jun 25Global Smurfs Day 
Jun 25National Civic Day (UK) 
Jun 25World Vitiligo Day 
Jun 26International Handstand Day 
Jun 28Second Amendment Day (Oklahoma) 
Jul 1Plastic Free July 
Jul 9Call of the Horizon Day 
Jul 9National No Bra Day 
Jul 15National Pyjama Day (Australia) 
Jul 15Plastic Surgery Day 
Jul 20International Cake Day 
Jul 21International Zine Library Day 
Jul 22Resident Evil Day 
Jul 24International Self-Care Day 
Jul 24Samaritans' National Awareness Day (UK) 
Jul 29National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day 
Jul 30International Day of Friendship 
Jul 30National Water Gun Fight Day 
Jul 30World Embroidery Day 
Aug 1Black Philanthropy Month 
Aug 2Erie Gives Day (Pennsylvania) 
Aug 4804 Day 
Aug 4International Owl Awareness Day 
Aug 5CafeSmart Day (Australia) 
Aug 6National Breastfeeding Month 
Aug 8Vore Day 
Aug 11National Safe Digging Day / 811 Day 
Aug 12National Unity Day 
Aug 13International Can-It-Forward Day 
Aug 13International Dana Delany DaySocial Media
Aug 13International Swingers Day 
Aug 13International Wolf Day 
Aug 13World Day of the Clarinetist 
Aug 23International Chalk the Walks Day 
Aug 24International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination and Violence Based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle and Dress Code 
Aug 24Knife Day 
Aug 26Repentance Day (Papua New Guinea) 
Sep 1Kama Sutra Day 
Sep 1National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month 
Sep 1World Alzheimer's Month 
Sep 3Franchise Appreciation Day 
Sep 5Amazon Rainforest Day 
Sep 6National Pumpkin Spice Latte Day 
Sep 7International Manatee Day 
Sep 8Actor's Day 
Sep 10World Arepa Day 
Sep 12Mindfulness Day 
Sep 13International Legacy Giving Day 
Sep 13Jimi Hendrix Day (San Francisco) 
Sep 16National Tradesmen Day 
Sep 17National Cucumber Day (UK) 
Sep 19National Meow Like a Pirate DayNational Today
Sep 21International Bibliodiversity Day 
Sep 21International Day of Progressive Rock 
Sep 21Mouth Cancer Awareness Day (Ireland) 
Sep 21National Tree Day (Canada) 
Sep 22International Day of Mimes 
Sep 22International Organic Day 
Sep 22World Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Day 
Sep 23World Multiplication Table Day 
Sep 26World Environmental Health Day 
Sep 28International Safe Abortion Day 
Sep 28No Pens Day Wednesday (UK) 
Sep 29Swedish Fish Day 
Oct 1National Black Dog DayThe Holiday Guild
Oct 1National High School Activities Month 
Oct 1National Pit Bull Awareness Month 
Oct 1National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 
Oct 6Garlic Lovers' Day 
Oct 7Manufacturing Day 
Oct 7Plaidurday 
Oct 9Indian Foreign Service Day (India) 
Oct 10Curacao Day 
Oct 11World College Radio Day 
Oct 11World Dulce de Leche Day (Argentina) 
Oct 13International Plain Language Day 
Oct 13Treat Yo' Self day 
Oct 14National Lowercase Day 
Oct 15I Love Yarn Day 
Oct 15International Dorothy Dunnett Day 
Oct 15International Independent Video Store Day 
Oct 15International Uilleann Piping Day 
Oct 16Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week 
Oct 16National Bulk Foods Week 
Oct 16National Drive Electric Week 
Oct 16Steve Jobs Day 
Oct 17Megan Meier Day 
Oct 17World Trauma Day 
Oct 20National Reuse Day 
Oct 20National Sasquatch Awareness Day 
Oct 21National Mezcal Day 
Oct 22International Archaeology Day 
Oct 22World Planting Day 
Oct 24National Food Day 
Oct 24World River Dolphin Day 
Oct 25Applejack Day 
Oct 25Council of Elrond Day 
Oct 25Day of the Basque Country (Spain) 
Oct 25Larry Itliong Day (California) 
Oct 25National Hay Safe Day (Australia) 
Oct 25Take Me Outside Day (Canada) 
Oct 28World Judo Day 
Oct 29Visit a Cemetery Day 
Oct 31Day of the Seven Billion 
Nov 1Picture Book Month 
Nov 1T1D Day 
Nov 3International Stout Day 
Nov 3Thank a Youth Worker Day 
Nov 5Bank Transfer Day 
Nov 5National Pumpkin Destruction Day 
Nov 6National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens 
Nov 8International Hug an Exchange Student Day 
Nov 10International Tempranillo Day 
Nov 10NET Cancer Day 
Nov 11National Day of Bookstores (Spain) 
Nov 11National Metal Day 
Nov 15International Wear Your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day 
Nov 16International Day of Flamenco 
Nov 16National Information and Referral Day 
Nov 16National Zinfandel Day 
Nov 18European Fragile X Awareness Day 
Nov 19Get A PAL For Your Pet Day 
Nov 19National Family Pajama Day 
Nov 21Public Health Thank You Day 
Nov 25International Hat Day 
Nov 27Turtle Adoption Day 
Nov 29Pay A Blogger Day 
Nov 30Lost Species Day 
Dec 1Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week 
Dec 1Panto Day (UK) 
Dec 2Purple Friday (UK) 
Dec 3National Peppermint Latte DayFoodimentary
Dec 4International Cheetah Day 
Dec 4Mercury-Free Dentistry Week 
Dec 4National AIDS Sunday (Philippines) 
Dec 4World AIDS Sunday 
Dec 8Day of Finnish Music (Finland) 
Dec 10Suspended Coffee Day 
Dec 16Christmas Jumper Day 
Dec 20Patient Solidarity Day 
Dec 21Make Music Winter 
Dec 21National Be Safe, Be Seen Day (Ireland) 
Dec 27International Random Song Day 
Dec 29Independence Day (Mongolia) 
Dec 30Falling Needles Family Fest DayChase's

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