List of New Holidays in 2010

265 holidays and events were initiated worldwide in 2010.

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Jan 1Manuary 
Jan 1National Train Your Dog Month 
Jan 14STIQ Day 
Jan 15Miracle on the Hudson Anniversary 
Jan 19Laura Ingalls Wilder Day (Wisconsin) 
Jan 21International Sweatpants Day 
Jan 24National School Choice Week 
Jan 25Community Manager Appreciation Day 
Jan 25National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week 
Jan 25Nuclear Science Week 
Jan 28National Day to Combat Modern Slave Labor (Brazil) 
Jan 29National Lady Gaga Day 
Feb 1Furmint February 
Feb 1National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month 
Feb 1Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 
Feb 4National Sweater Day (Canada) 
Feb 7National Marriage Week USA 
Feb 12Fuel Poverty Awareness Day (UK) 
Feb 12National Hump for a Day, Day 
Feb 13International Purple Hijab Day 
Feb 14Thinking About Sex Day (UK) 
Feb 17International Crumpet Day 
Feb 19International Day Against Homophobia in Football 
Feb 20National Handcuff Day 
Feb 24International EBM Day 
Feb 25Collegiate Day of Prayer 
Feb 25Dignity Action Day (UK) 
Feb 25National Conductive Education Day 
Feb 28World Living Conditions Survey Day (China) 
Mar 1Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month 
Mar 1National Sleep Awareness Month 
Mar 1Wear A Hat Day (UK) 
Mar 3World Read Aloud Day 
Mar 4World Evanescence Day 
Mar 5Cinco de Marcho 
Mar 7Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 
Mar 10Histotechnology Professionals Day 
Mar 10National Black Girl Day 
Mar 11World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film 
Mar 11World Plumbing Day 
Mar 15Denzel Crocker DaySocial Media
Mar 16World Theatre of the Oppressed Day 
Mar 19International Client's Day 
Mar 19National Day of Unplugging 
Mar 20French Language Day 
Mar 20International Day of Nowruz 
Mar 20Macaron Day 
Mar 20Recorder Day 
Mar 20World Head Injury Awareness Day 
Mar 20World Sparrow Day 
Mar 21Tsunami Awareness Week 
Mar 22Bihar State Foundation Day (India) 
Apr 1National Trombone Players Day 
Apr 4White Orchid Day 
Apr 6California Poppy Day 
Apr 6Feigenbaum Constant Day 
Apr 9Public Health Student Day 
Apr 10National Robotics Week 
Apr 12Wear a Star Day 
Apr 16Charlie Chaplin Day of Democracy (UK) 
Apr 16Foursquare Day 
Apr 16World Day of Entrepreneurship 
Apr 17World Circus Day 
Apr 18National Assistant Principals Week 
Apr 19Fibroid Awareness Week 
Apr 19International Day of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness 
Apr 19Screen-Free Week 
Apr 23UN Spanish Language Day 
Apr 24National Panchayati Raj Day 
Apr 24Sauvignon Blanc Day 
Apr 24World Corrosion Awareness Day 
Apr 24World Cricket Day 
Apr 25Day of the Circassian Flag 
Apr 26International Macaroni Day 
Apr 27Free Feral Cat Spay Day 
May 1Choose Privacy Week 
May 1Halfoween 
May 1International Fanconi Anemia Day 
May 1International Samoyed Day 
May 1National Teen Self-Esteem Month 
May 1World Maternal Mental Health Month 
May 2International Bereaved Mother's Day 
May 2International Permaculture Day 
May 2World Bloggers Day 
May 3National Clarinet Day 
May 4International Day Against DRM 
May 5National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (Canada) 
May 6Wishbone Day 
May 7Gamma Day 
May 7MayDay for Mutts 
May 8World Bonsai Day 
May 9Preservation Week 
May 10Asian Pacific American Mental Health Day 
May 10Saint Damien of Molokai Feast Day 
May 10World Day of Social Communications 
May 12National Speech Pathologist Day 
May 14International Chihuahua Appreciation Day 
May 17Hemp History Week 
May 17National Emo Day for Women 
May 19Personal Support Worker Day (Ontario) 
May 19World Family Doctor Day 
May 19World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day 
May 20Life Jacket World Record Day 
May 21United States Cyber Command Birthday 
May 22Bitcoin Pizza Day 
May 27Chardonnay Day 
May 27Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month 
May 30World Juice Day 
Jun 2World Day to Fight Myasthenia Gravis 
Jun 4National Unity Day (Hungary) 
Jun 4National Wear a Jockstrap to Work Day 
Jun 6UN Russian Language Day 
Jun 7National Goonies Day 
Jun 9Rockman Day 
Jun 9World Antiphospholipid Syndrome / APS Awareness Day 
Jun 10Beliebers Day 
Jun 12World Virginity Day 
Jun 14614 Day 
Jun 15Irish AIDS Day (Ireland) 
Jun 15Worldwide Day of Giving 
Jun 20National Goat Day 
Jun 25Cousteau Day 
Jun 25Day of The Seafarer 
Jun 26Crimean Tatar National Flag Day (Ukraine) 
Jun 26Shreya Ghoshal Day (Ohio) 
Jun 27National High School Mountain Bike Day 
Jun 27National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day 
Jun 28International LGBT+ Pride Day 
Jun 28Tau Day 
Jun 30AMC Awareness Day 
Jun 30National ESIGN Day 
Jun 30Social Media Day 
Jul 1National Cucumber Day (Netherlands) 
Jul 4Independents' Day (UK) 
Jul 7World Day of Cacao 
Jul 9National Chicken Day 
Jul 11International Raw Food Day 
Jul 15National Respect Canada Day 
Jul 17Bladder Cancer Awareness Day 
Jul 17National Tattoo Day 
Jul 17World Day for International Justice 
Jul 18Perfect Family Day 
Jul 18World Listening Day 
Jul 21Free Queso Day 
Jul 21National Hoodie Day (Australia) 
Jul 24International FemDom Day 
Jul 25World IVF Day 
Jul 27National Chicken Finger Day 
Jul 29Don't Be A Dick Day 
Jul 30Gastroschisis Awareness Day 
Jul 30National Support Public Education Day 
Jul 31National Dance Day 
Aug 1National Wedding Day (UK) 
Aug 1World Day of Joy 
Aug 1Yaoi Day 
Aug 3Esther Day 
Aug 7International Alopecia Awareness Day 
Aug 8Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week 
Aug 8National Exercise with Your Child Week 
Aug 8National Oatcake Day (UK) 
Aug 8National Spirit of '45 Day 
Aug 8Top 8 Challenge Day (Australia) 
Aug 9International Coworking Day 
Aug 10Fupa Day 
Aug 16Surveillance Day 
Aug 17National David DaySocial Media
Aug 28International Cosplay Day 
Aug 28International Read Comics in Public Day 
Aug 29International Bereaved Father's Day 
Aug 31International Day of Obstetrics and Pregnancy 
Sep 1Ask a Museum Day 
Sep 1Blood Cancer Awareness Month 
Sep 1Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (Florida) 
Sep 3Wear Teal Day 
Sep 4World Freestyle Football Day 
Sep 4World Sexual Health Day 
Sep 7National Buy a Book Day 
Sep 12National Arts in Education Week 
Sep 18International Observe the Moon Night 
Sep 25Franco-Ontarian Day (Canada) 
Sep 26National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Week 
Sep 28National British Home Child Day (Canada) 
Sep 29National Previvor Day 
Oct 1National Potato Day (Ireland) 
Oct 1National Tyre Safety Month (UK) 
Oct 1National VHS Day 
Oct 1National Walk Your Dog WeekColleen Paige
Oct 1Progtober 
Oct 1Scary Movie Month 
Oct 1Vaccine-Injury Awareness Month 
Oct 1World Cocoa and Chocolate Day 
Oct 2Cadet Day (Nova Scotia) 
Oct 2National Family Fire Drill Day 
Oct 2National Ostomy Awareness Day 
Oct 2National Research Maniacs Food Day 
Oct 2Poodle Day 
Oct 3Fullmetal Alchemist Day 
Oct 3World Nature Day 
Oct 5IEEE Day 
Oct 7You Matter To Me Day 
Oct 8World Day of Botanical Gardens 
Oct 10Grandmothers' Day (Germany) 
Oct 10Mediation Week 
Oct 10Wear Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Day 
Oct 10World Homeless Day 
Oct 13International Day for Failure 
Oct 13International Suit Up Day 
Oct 13National Nude Food Day (Australia) 
Oct 14World Spirometry Day 
Oct 15Wear it Purple Day (Australia) 
Oct 15World Students Day 
Oct 16Fall Astronomy Day 
Oct 18Anti-Slavery Day (UK) 
Oct 19International Gin and Tonic Day 
Oct 20Information Overload Day 
Oct 20National Financial Aid Day 
Oct 20Spirit Day 
Oct 20World Statistics Day 
Oct 26Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day 
Oct 27International Day of Text Corrections 
Oct 28Global Champagne Day 
Oct 28World Paper Free Day 
Oct 29Education Communication Day 
Oct 30Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security 
Oct 30Walk From Obesity Day 
Nov 1Autistics Speaking Day 
Nov 1Medical-Surgical Nurses Week 
Nov 1No Nut NovemberSocial Media
Nov 2National BGV Day 
Nov 4National Non-Fiction Day (UK) 
Nov 4National Sex Toy Day 
Nov 7National Railway Day (Canada) 
Nov 12Chinese Language Day 
Nov 13International Red Panda Day 
Nov 13McHappy Day (Australia) 
Nov 13Neighborhood Toy Store Day 
Nov 15National Swag Day 
Nov 16National Entrepreneurs' Day 
Nov 17Wear Purple Day (Ontario) 
Nov 18Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day 
Nov 18National Rural Health Day 
Nov 19International Tracksuit Day 
Nov 20Day of National Sovereignty (Argentina) 
Nov 20National Day of Play 
Nov 23International Day of the Word 
Nov 27Small Business Saturday 
Nov 28National Big Time Rush Day 
Dec 1Antarctica Day 
Dec 1National Biliary Atresia Awareness Day 
Dec 4Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day 
Dec 4International Open Data Day 
Dec 4Pallister-Killian Syndrome / PKS Awareness Day 
Dec 5Celebrate Shelter Pets Day 
Dec 5Foreign Domestic Worker Day (Singapore) 
Dec 7World TTTS Awareness Day 
Dec 8Colorado Gives Day (Colorado) 
Dec 9Day of the Endangered Lawyer 
Dec 9Lady Gaga Day 
Dec 11Free Dentistry Day 
Dec 13National Popcorn String DayFoodimentary
Dec 16Stupid Toy Day 
Dec 17Australian Christmas 
Dec 18Gold Star Spouses Day 
Dec 21Short Story Day (UK) 
Dec 22National Day of Working Women (Pakistan) 

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