New Holidays, By Year

Every year, dozens of new holidays are declared, both formally and informally on social media. This section documents new holidays, including weeks, and months, and can be useful for event marketers and researchers. Click on the sections below to see the full list of events for that year.

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Tips For Those Creating a New Holiday

Have a new holiday idea? Below are some things to consider:

  • If possible, select a date that is not crowded. Certain dates, like the 1st of the month, are so filled with competing events that it will be hard to stand out;
  • If possible, use a consistent date, such as "Every August 14th," or, the "Second Saturday in August." Irregular schedules that change annually increase the chances your event will be missed or overlooked by calendar editors;
  • Have a domain or landing page for your holiday, for example, or;
  • Get at least one social media account, such as Twitter, and promote specific hashtags such as #newholidayname and #worldnewholidayname;
  • Consider creating a downloadable logo or resource graphic, in standard formats, that can be shared on social media;
  • Work with a reputable Registrar who has experience promoting holidays;
  • Document the date the holiday was first celebrated on your "About" page (future calendar editors will thank you), and;
  • Don't forget to let EventGuide know, so we can get your event listed above.