People have a right to post and receive event information without the publisher tracking their every move.

EventGuide delivers such a platform, where people can both find and submit events online.


Before the Internet was widely available, the founder of EventGuide saw the opportunity to use the rapid growth of database technology to improve the delivery and accuracy of event listings and information. EventGuide calendars first appeared on touch-screen kiosks and on broadcast, interactive faxes in 1993 in Miami. Once the Internet became commercial, the service was ported to a website in 1995. The service has been in continuous operation ever since.

EventGuide is has grown into a "Network" of metropolitan areas, with Miami being the oldest, and a "Today" section which lists holidays and national days.


EventGuide's goal is to match readers with event content. We want our readers to be able to find events using simple lists and simple search. Event marketers and promoters can reach those readers by posting events. Advertising space is carved out, and contextual links to event tickets are provided. If the links are relevant, we consider them part of the content and not an interuption.

It is also critically important to us to avoid the kind of creepy programs where publishers keep tabs on everything their readers are doing (we call that the "publisher perv") and try to serve up an ad on your cellphone because you searched for something on a website. Ick. Now, that doesn't mean that advertisers and tracking services are not linked to, or available on, the EventGuide sites. People want social media sharing buttons to be available, for example, and those services have their own tracking programs and policies. If you use a tweet button to share a listing, obviously Twitter users would see where you have been, because you just announced it. You can use EventGuide, however, knowing that EventGuide is not following your every move.

The Future

We believe that there's a place for a platform that matches event promoters and event seekers and plan to keep providing this service for many years to come.