Holidays Beginning With D

National Day of Action on Syringe ExchangeMar 21
Day of Aragon (Spain)Apr 23
National Day of Awareness and Unity against Child Pornography (Philippines)Sep 28
International Day Of AwesomenessMar 10
National Day of Catalonia (Spain)Sep 11
National Day of Celebration of Greek and American DemocracyMar 25
International Day of CharitySep 5
National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust (Romania)Oct 9
International Day of CooperativesJul 1st Sat
International Day of DemocracySep 15
Day of DialogueApr
National Day of EncouragementSep 12
International Day of FamiliesMay 15
International Day of ForestsMar 21
Day of Freedom Defenders (Lithuania)Jan 13
International Day of FriendshipJul 30
Worldwide Day of GivingJun 15
World Day of GivingNov Last Sat
International Day of GivingNov
Day of Goodwill (South Africa)Dec 26
International Day of HappinessMar 20
International Day of Human Space FlightApr 12
Day of Humiliation (Canada)Jul 1
Day of Hungarian-Polish FriendshipMar 23
International Day of ImmunologyApr 29
Day of Innocent Children Victims of AggressionJun 4
Day of Inventors and Rationalizers (Russia)Jun Last Sat
Day of Islam (Poland)Jan 26
International Day of Italian CuisinesJan 17
Day of La Rioja (Spain)Jun 9
International Day of ListeningSep 3rd Thu
National Day of Listening
Day of Loyalty and Love for Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)Dec 8
World Day of Migrants and RefugeesJan
Day of Missile Forces and Artillery (Russia)Nov 19
National Day of MourningNov 4th Thu
National Day of Mourning (Canada)Apr 28
Day of Mourning and Commemoration (Estonia)Jun 14
Day of Murcia (Spain)Jun 9
Day of Music (Spain)Nov 22

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